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Spectacled Duck Anas specularis by Neil Cheshire
From Neil Cheshire

Pareja patos de anteojos, Spectacled Ducks couple by Pabloskino
From Pabloskino

Pato Anteojillo, Spectacled duck by Pabloskino
From Pabloskino

Pato anteojillo, Speculanas specularis, Spectacled duck by ANTONIO EMN

Pato de anteojos by ramosblancor
From ramosblancor

Patos Anteojillos by ik_kil
From ik_kil

Speculanas specularis by jquental
From jquental

Pato Anteojillo by Sebastián Saiter V.
From Sebastián...

Pato anteojillo (Speculanas specularis), Spectacled duck. by pablo_caceres_c
From pablo_caceres_c

Anas specularis by Max Daigre Valdés
From Max Daigre Valdés

Spectacled Duck by 5thLargestinAfrica
From 5thLargestinAfrica

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