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Black-fronted Piping Guan by CedricBear
From CedricBear

Black-fronted Piping-guan_17-09-18_Pipile jacutinga by Langham Birder
From Langham Birder

Jacutinga (Aburria jacutinga) by Ivan Marques Campos
From Ivan Marques...

Black-fronted Piping Guan (Aburria jacutinga), Urugua-í Provincial Park, Misiones, Argentina by Daniel J. Field
From Daniel J. Field

Black-fronted Piping Guan (Pipile jacutinga) by Daniel J. Field
From Daniel J. Field

Pipile jacutinga by lotlhmoq
From lotlhmoq

Black-fronted Piping-Guan - Pipile jacutinga, Intervales State Park, Sao Paolo, Brazil, 2006_09_10_002.jpg by maholyoak
From maholyoak

Pipile jacutinga by Paulo V. F. Barradas
From Paulo V. F....

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