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Gallareta Andina - Fulica ardesiaca - Slate-colored Coot by Jorge Schlemmer
From Jorge Schlemmer

Gallareta andina, Andean coot, Fulica ardesiaca, Lago Titicaca, Lake Titicaca, Puno, Peru by Jaime Chang
From Jaime Chang

Fulica ardesiaca by jquental
From jquental

Fulica ardesiaca by jquental
From jquental

Slate-colored Coot/Tagua andina (Fulica ardesiaca) by Héctor Bottai
From Héctor Bottai

Carqueja-cinzenta (Fulica ardesiaca) - Juvenil by Cláudio Dias Timm
From Cláudio Dias Timm

Focha Andina, Slate-colored Coot (Fulica ardesiaca) by Francisco Piedrahita
From Francisco...

Slate-colored (Andean) Coot by uropsalis
From uropsalis

Fulica ardesiacaDFL AqpFeb10-2 by barbetboy
From barbetboy

Fulica ardesiaca2 by barbetboy
From barbetboy

Fulica ardesiaca1 by barbetboy
From barbetboy

Tagua andina (Fulica ardesiaca) by pablo_caceres_c
From pablo_caceres_c

Fulica ardesiaca by arthurgrosset
From arthurgrosset

Andean-Coot_2068 by peterdehaas2317
From peterdehaas2317

Andean coot, juv. (Fulica ardesiaca), Lago Chungara, Lauca Nat. Park by Niall Corbet
From Niall Corbet

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