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Culebrera Sombría by ik_kil
From ik_kil

Brown Snake-Eagle (Circaetus cinereus) immature by piazzi1969
From piazzi1969

Safari-81 by Davey6585
From Davey6585

MK3N9649 by

DSCF9271a by Unterwegsontour
From Unterwegsontour

Brown Snake Eagle, Tarangire by markus lilje
From markus lilje

if looks could kill.... by tdwrsa
From tdwrsa

Brown snake eagle by jcross70
From jcross70

circaetus cinereus by tdwrsa
From tdwrsa

Mørk Slangeørn - Brown Snake Eagle (Circaetus cinereus) by Søren Vinding
From Søren Vinding

Brown Snake Eagle by Pascal Bernardin
From Pascal Bernardin

Brown Snake Eagle by upperwinskill
From upperwinskill

Brown Snake Eagle (Circaetus cinereus) by 2mag7- I'm just busy being myself!
From 2mag7- I'm just...

Culebrera Sombría (Circaetus cinereus) Brown Snake-Eagle by Corriplaya
From Corriplaya

brown snake eagle by Donita Visser
From Donita Visser

#1 Brown Snake-Eagle by bsmity13
From bsmity13

Brown Snake-Eagle (Circaetus cinereus)  by Francisco Piedrahita
From Francisco...

Brown snake eagle, Circaetus cinereus. South Luangwa, Zambia   DSC_4965 by Jaime Chang
From Jaime Chang

Brown Snake Eagle (Circaetus cinereus) by Muchaxo
From Muchaxo

Circaetus cinereus by josealama
From josealama

Brown Snake Eagle - Circaetus cinereus by Craig Pitchers
From Craig Pitchers

Brown Snake-Eagle, Kakanda, DRC by Terathopius
From Terathopius

Brown Snake-eagle (Circaetus cinereus) by Arno Meintjes Wildlife
From Arno Meintjes...

Circaetus cinereus. Brown Snake-Eagle by Peet van Schalkwyk
From Peet van Schalkwyk

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