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Chuña Patas Negras - Chunga burmeisteri - Black-legged Seriema by Jorge Schlemmer
From Jorge Schlemmer

Black-legged Seriema (Chunga burmeisteri) by Daniel J. Field
From Daniel J. Field

Chunga burmeisteri by jquental
From jquental

Chuña Patas Negras, Black-legged Seriema (Chunga burmeisteri) by Francisco Piedrahita
From Francisco...

Black-legged Seriema    Chuna Patas Negras    Chunga  burmeiseri by Graham Ekins
From Graham Ekins

Chuña de Patas Negras by Ostrosky Photos
From Ostrosky Photos

Black-legged Sereima by fayesta
From fayesta

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