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Slate coloured hawk by ramosblancor
From ramosblancor

Slate-colored Hawk by Curcino, Alexandre
From Curcino, Alexandre

Leucopternis (Buteogallus) schistaceus by David Cespedes G.
From David Cespedes G.

Gavilán patirrojo - Gavilán pizarroso  / Slate-colored Hawk by Andrés Ceballos V.
From Andrés Ceballos V.

Slate-colored Hawk/Gavião-azul/Gavilán pizarroso (Buteogallus schistaceus) by Héctor Bottai
From Héctor Bottai

Gavião azul - Buteogallus schistaceus - Slate-colored Hawk by Thiago Orsi
From Thiago Orsi

Slate-colored Hawk (B. schistaceus) - Early Morning Canoe Trip on Tahuayo River - Jun 19, 2013 by Wayne W G
From Wayne W G

Manu Wildlife Center, Manu National Park, Paucartambo-Manu, Peru by Paul A Thomas
From Paul A Thomas

Gavilán Pizarroso by ik_kil
From ik_kil

Slate-colored Hawk by xrxss15
From xrxss15

Leucopternis schistaceusDFL sac12b by barbetboy
From barbetboy

Slate-colored Hawk, Muyuna Lodge, S of Iquitos, PE, 2006_12_28 085.jpg by maholyoak
From maholyoak

Slate-colored Hawk by chris.w.birder
From chris.w.birder

Águila Patirroja, Slate-coloured Hawk (Leucopternis schistaceus) by Francisco Piedrahita
From Francisco...

Leucopternis schistaceus - Slate-coloured Hawk by arthurgrosset
From arthurgrosset

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