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Great-billed Heron by myrontay
From myrontay

Great-Billed Heron (Ardea sumatrana) by Jerold Tan
From Jerold Tan

Great-billed Heron by Linda Bushman
From Linda Bushman

Great-billed Heron (Ardea sumatrana) by Francisco Piedrahita
From Francisco...

Cangak Laut - Great Billed heron - Ardea Sumatrana by joe_ask
From joe_ask

Great-billed Heron by myrontay
From myrontay

IMG_5892 great-billed heron by budak
From budak

IMG_2501 Ardea sumatrana by budak
From budak

Great-billed Heron, Tangkoko, Sulawesi by Terathopius
From Terathopius

Great-billed Heron (Ardea sumatrana) by piazzi1969
From piazzi1969

Great Billed Heron (Ardea sumatrana) by Suri JV (on and off)
From Suri JV (on and...

Great-billed Heron by marj k
From marj k

020010-IMG_6088 Great-billed Heron (Ardea sumatrana) by ajmatthehiddenhouse
From ajmatthehiddenh...

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