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Swan Goose by Aardwolf6886
From Aardwolf6886

Cygnano de Bergerac by Alex..H
From Alex..H

Swan Goose - Anser cygnoides - Хошуу галуу by tselmee
From tselmee

Anser cygnoides (Swan Goose/Ganso-cisne) by PriscillaBurcher
From PriscillaBurcher

Ánsar Cisne /Swan Goose / Anser Cygnoides by vic_206
From vic_206

Anser cygnoides (swan goose/ganso-cisne) by PriscillaBurcher
From PriscillaBurcher

Swan Goose by blueeyes_inoki
From blueeyes_inoki

Swan Geese by Alastair Rae
From Alastair Rae

Domestic geese (Anser cygnoides) by Luigi Strano
From Luigi Strano

Domestic Swan Goose by Foto Martien
From Foto Martien

Chinese Goose by jezgariepy
From jezgariepy

Swan Goose by stirwise
From stirwise

hey, where's the bread? by boondockstudios
From boondockstudios

Anser cygnoides by Alex Olshansky
From Alex Olshansky

swangeese by dscv
From dscv

Brown Chinese Goose by GustavoG
From GustavoG

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