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Silver Teal (Spatula versicolor) by GH Rancher
From GH Rancher

Capuchinos by Diego Kondratzky
From Diego Kondratzky

Pato Capuchino - Anas versicolor - Silver Teal by Jorge Schlemmer
From Jorge Schlemmer

Pato Capuchino. Anas versicolor. Silver teal by Daniel Sziklai G.
From Daniel Sziklai G.

Pato Capuchino by ik_kil
From ik_kil

Anas versicolor & Anas flavirostris by georgina e.s
From georgina e.s

Anas versicolor by jquental
From jquental

Marreca-cricri (Spatula versicolor versicolor) - Casal by Cláudio Dias Timm
From Cláudio Dias Timm

Anas versicolor by jquental
From jquental

Anas versicolorDFL Bol11-2 by barbetboy
From barbetboy

Anas puna by arthurgrosset
From arthurgrosset

Pato capuchino (Anas versicolor) by pablo_caceres_c
From pablo_caceres_c

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