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Besra Sparrowhawk - Accipiter virgatus by Roger Wasley
From Roger Wasley

Besra by David Cook Wildlife Photography
From David Cook...

Besra, juv. (Accipiter virgatus) Besrasperber by Werner Witte
From Werner Witte

20141028 雲科大 D7100_DSC4976(4X6裁剪) by dinos.peng
From dinos.peng

松雀鹰 Besra เหยี่ยวนกกระจอกเล็ก by somchai@2008
From somchai@2008

Besra (Accipiter virgatus) by prasanth2406
From prasanth2406

Besra Sparrow Hawk / Accipiter virgatus by André Vogelaere - 李安杰
From André Vogelaere...

เหยี่ยวนกกระจอกเล็ก Besra by somchai@2008
From somchai@2008

Big Guy by CharlesLam
From CharlesLam

Watching by CharlesLam
From CharlesLam

Besra - Accipiter virgatus by Michael Gillam
From Michael Gillam

Besra (Accipiter virgatus rufotibialis) by RON PUDIN

Besra by Chalto!
From Chalto!

Besra by Amit Mishra.
From Amit Mishra.

Sparrow Hawk by Amit Mishra.
From Amit Mishra.

Besra by cheer2
From cheer2

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