What is 'art'?

marj k PRO 10:55pm, 7 July 2008
I'm interested in others' ideas of what makes this group different from the hundreds of other bird groups.

Is the pool for photos of birds that go beyond 'documentary snapshot' to be artistic?

Or is any photo with a bird in it considered 'art'?
Meddaugh Photography 10 years ago
Now there is a loaded question... I tend myself to only post pictures here that would look good hanging on a wall as decoration. In other words, if people that aren't into birds would enjoy it for its own sake, it probably qualifies as "art" and not a documentary snapshot... but I don't think anyone especially cares either way.
John Stenberg 10 years ago
I wouldn't go so far as to say that 'documentary snapshots' are not art, but agree that just any old photo with a bird in it is not appropriate.
Birds in and of themselves are very beautiful, but photos posted here should attempt to display their beauty.
Joe Baker AKA Romeojo 10 years ago
i like to see birds as part of the art,but not all of the art; i don,t know if i,am explanning myself well. nature incorperated into the art form.
Meth Swanson PRO 10 years ago
....i fell that pictures of birds that "qualify" as art would be "different" than "regular" images; for example...softer edges, muted or contrasting colors, blurring, striking backgrounds etc...
ldmadeson 10 years ago
I believe a softness of color and bokeh adds to the art feeling
Joe Baker AKA Romeojo 10 years ago
hesitant cakes [deleted] 9 years ago

In my opinion, what makes a bird image art, is the capture of the bird's personality.
itchy rate [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by itchy rate (member) 8 years ago
I love the white Egret (seen above) wading in the water and find it very artistic. However I have to say that so many photographs seen in the group could hardly be classed as artistic - which is a shame.
There are other groups to which they would be better suited.
SteveJnerChicago PRO 5 years ago
If it makes you feel, think, question / ponder it qualifies as art. Also art is something that is created. Be it by us, nature / God or...? It is the element of creativity that makes it art. That's for me. Shooting birds for some time now I find it a matter of luck. You can do a few things like set yourself in a position to capture good light and / or a great backround / bokeh and surroundings. The Yellow Warbler image I just posted is a great example. I picked a spot with the sun behind my left shoulder and waiting to capture something in the blossoming tree. Other than setting a high shutter speed, for detail and final image brightness, there was nothing else I could do but wait and hope a bird would arrive. I had no hjand in him landing in a pillow of blossoms nor the bee being in the image field and at the right focal distance. So a bit of forethought on my part and a lot of luck.
David Renwald PRO 4 years ago
I see too many pics of birds in focus and properly exposed but perched in a tangle of branches
or weeds doing absolutely nothing.
trak_mac 3 years ago
I feel that birds are art. Art created by the Great Artist. I'm just trying to do the Artist justice with my pictures.
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