clean ring [deleted] 9:33pm, 28 November 2005
And no, I do not supply diff's. But the changelog looks like this:

* Added a new edit graphics
* Restyled the comment area a bit
* Made the search input 'text'
* Sidebar asides now show up on archive pages
* Smilies do not cut off characters in comments
* Removed styling of input and textarea
* Minor cosmetic surgery here and there
* Textarea is now disabled while posting an ajax comment

Let me know if it borks anything.
Where do we get the download and is there instructions somewhere on how to successfully complete an upgrade if you have tinkered with pretty much only the stylesheets from r118?
Ka-Meng Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Ka-Meng (member) 13 years ago
Oh, a panther's on the loose! Now dare I take the plunge yet is the question...

Masey: If you read between the lines, you'll know where to get it ;). Also, if you just messed with your stylesheet, you can put your css in the styles folder and point it to your own stylesheet in the k2 options panel (refer to K2's FAQ, bullet point 3 (Michael, you should number your FAQs for easy referencing ;P)
DavidBoles 13 years ago
Speaking of the Smilies issue -- that's great it is fixed inline with comments -- I also wanted to mention that if a Smilie [ the text version like :) and not the hard code WordPress version of 😄 ] was the first character on a hard returned new line (in K2B1-96) it would not fire into the Smilie, it would stay the plain text. Does that make sense? The old Kubrick would fire a Smilie no matter where or how it was called even if it was a hard return to start a new line.
elifoner 13 years ago
Michael: I'm surely not the only one eager to test! Long live k2 ;)
centvues 13 years ago
Everything seems to work fine so far... And the edit styling is *really* a nice visual touch!
Funky Larma 13 years ago
Cheers Michael, will be trying once I remember what I changed in 118.
Why can't I just learn the reason for commenting the easy way.
clear volleyball [deleted] 13 years ago

There masey :)
Am about to try it out soon. :)
elifoner 13 years ago
Ka-Meng: I didn't even see between_the_lines until now ;) Nice..
Ka-Meng 13 years ago
LOL, I thought it was painfully obvious. But Amit's now gone and steal my thunder :P
elifoner 13 years ago
Maybe that's why he's covering his eyes in his avatar, disappointed at the lack of observation of others? :O
J. Smith 13 years ago
Michael... I'm checking r125 out and the "edit" buttons aren't formatted properly in the latest version of Firefox on the Mac. Hope thats the kind of thing you're talking about when you say "borked." Otherwise, looking great!
clean ring [deleted] 13 years ago
Sorry guys, I actually forgot to change the download link before I went to bed.

Ka-Meng, I've changed the FAQ to numbers :)

UrbanSemiotic, that may be due to the left padding on the smiley; go to your styles.css and do a search for 'wp-smiley' and set the padding to 0 on all axis. Does that help?

J. Smith, can you supply me with a screenshot?
anatman 13 years ago
Is the AJAX commenting working fine now?
Ka-Meng 13 years ago
clean ring [deleted] 13 years ago
Nope. That's up to Chris to fix, and he's bogged down at the moment.
clear volleyball [deleted] 13 years ago
lol@Ka-Meng and Eli
CheckWeb 13 years ago
Sorry if i sound like a n00b (which i actually am) but is there a way i could upgrade without overwriting all of my existing files, or atleast only the required onces.

I translated all files in Dutch and it would be one hell of a job to do it all over again...

weiran 13 years ago
Great update, everythings seems a bit more polished :).

Just one thing,
* Textarea is now disabled while posting an ajax comment

That doesn't happen for me?
calm show [deleted] 13 years ago
Just a small suggestion.

I noticed that if you're still logged in on your website and you have the access to edit a post you get the new edit button which looks way more better than just the edit text. However, on custom pages you create that you have access to edit and you see the edit text, I think it would be also a good idea to add this new grey edit button there as well.
Giles Hitchcock 13 years ago
CheckWeb: Localisation got discussed in this thread. You might find something useful in there, but I don't think you'll find anything particularly easy, I'm afraid.
CheckWeb 13 years ago
Thanks i'm off to investigate! ;-)
andre.costa 13 years ago
Bah, now that i thought i had some "free" time for school work, you go and release this. I hate you :(

:P Just joking :)
titanav 13 years ago
Is there still a problem with the sb-latest versus the sb_latest, depending on whether you are on the frontpage or archive? I'm still having an issue.
gregbd 13 years ago
125 works great! There are some funky font changes that happen when viewing a post on it's own page in Firefox on a Mac. Anyone else see that or solve it? It is not consistent. One time the style is applied and the next time it is larger.
andre.costa 13 years ago
about the localization, that will be hard, cause you'll also have to "translate" some of the plugins.

it's doable, i might even do it for my blog, but it's cumbersome cause when there's an update to k2 or a plugin, you have to "redo" everything again.
Paul Stamatiou 13 years ago
Another release, awesome. I'll have to find some time to find out what I changed from the last update.
Jack Pearce 13 years ago
Love the new Edit button. Real handy.

Again, great work Michael.
Alexander Ipfelkofer Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Alexander Ipfelkofer (member) 13 years ago
the aside text entries are not properly styled in the css.

i.e. on the main page they are OK but once you click on an Aside entry and view it, the text is very light grey and too big.

see here:
binarymelon 13 years ago
There seems to be an extra space trailing the smilies in posts now.
junomat 13 years ago
Excellent upgrade Michael... The "edit" button is a fancy touch...

Is anyone still having the problem with the number of asides to show reverting back to "1" after saving the change? Or is this an ongoing issue?
There goes Chris Posted 13 years ago. Edited by There goes Chris (member) 13 years ago
Nice work, Michael!

Minor note: Using an apostrophe in the livesearch box adds three backslashes to the search query.
clean ring [deleted] 13 years ago
ihad, the styling is supposed to be that way.

About the livesearch... Yeah... Ehm... Mwaidunno :)
There goes Chris Posted 13 years ago. Edited by There goes Chris (member) 13 years ago
Maybe it's just my installation, but the K2 Options page continues to display the "There is a K2 update available" alert at the top of the panel. Anyone else experiencing this? I do like seeing that Fade Anything technique everytime I open the panel though :).
Alexander Ipfelkofer 13 years ago
oi! but but why? :) Asides on main page - smaller headers, same text size and color. Asides on main view page bigger than regular entries and different color. :|

I guess I best override the css then in the custom styles. Thanks! ;)
J. Smith 13 years ago
Michael... For reasons unknown to me, K2 r125 is working fine in FF on OS X. The edit button alignment is as it should be. The only change I made was to upgrade Extended Live Archives this morning. When I checked it on the Mac, the formatting problem was gone.

RyFi 13 years ago
Nice! Like the edit button.
Alexander Ipfelkofer 13 years ago
hmm, anyone else also get a too long search bar when using IE? It expands beyond the width of the blog. Looks OK in firefox, though.

living change [deleted] 13 years ago
Doesn't look like Firefox supports !important. My edit link image was showing a border until I got rid of the !important from the border aspect.
living change [deleted] 13 years ago
Also, when viewing my asides permalink, the text is a light grey instead of the standard black.
David L. Koen 13 years ago
if i remember correctly Steve, that was part of the design.

i tried upgrading to r125 but the sidebar kept dropping down below the text in IE. i know it is because of my pictures that are 500px but they work fine in r118. i don't remember changing any css when i first installed it, so what is so different that it won't work now?
clean ring [deleted] 13 years ago
Don't use images that're wider than the main column. It's just not a good idea period.
Allen P. 13 years ago
Will we possibly see the edit button implemented for pages and maybe comments as well?
David L. Koen Posted 13 years ago. Edited by David L. Koen (member) 13 years ago
michael, thats my problem, i didn't think they were in my current layout. i thought the main column was 500px and the .primary img was set to 100%. like i said, it all works in r118.

i just updated everything except the header, sidebar and style.css. everything seems to work nicely.

thanks for the update.
@davidbabylon 13 years ago
Great work Micheal.
humorous meeting [deleted] 13 years ago
i'd love to see the edit button implemented everywhere that's editable. and what about a matching rss button for the sidebar h2's?
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