toksuede 9:17pm, 26 December 2019
Well, you don't have to deal with the elements on this one. Stay indoors, but use the indoor lights well.
drjonathon 1 year ago
Billy's big air deck-grabSwindon skate park indoors, electric lighting with a little natural light catching him+ Good lighting and we'll framed- needed some other action on the frame, in another out of focus shot he was going over the top of the dad of an by drjonathon

My submission here
My question is about how to freeze the action, ISO 3200 F2.8 1/200 - do I go for a 6400 and 1/400 and risk the fuzziness of the 6400 or use a flash and risk spoiling the light?
I had some similar issues shooting cyclocross in Belgium last week with a 20-35 at F8 auto ISO max 3200 shutter priority 1/800 - high shutter speed because of the speed of the cyclists and F8 for a bigger DOF because of so much going on
Bob Dahlberg Posted 1 year ago. Edited by Bob Dahlberg (member) 1 year ago
I was hoping to make creative use of the mixed lighting sources at Palo Alto High Gym (daylight, fluorescent, HID warm, HID cool) . Literally across the street from Stanford University, this venue is known by local athletic directors and photographers as the worst lighting on the Peninsula.

On the other side of the freeway from San Francisco Airport is Burlingame High School. BHS has set up a single light above their wrestling mat. My first time for me there was last week:
@kevinsousaphoto 1 year ago
bairdog 1 year ago
Tournament in poorly lit convention center. Working with the light on the blank wall.
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