toksuede 10:13am, 18 February 2019
Symmetrical things. For more information, please listen to our latest podcast. But in general it's a shot of the left and the right side (or up and down, if you prefer) being equal. So make sure you get those horizons straight and plan the shot accordingly.
michaelmolzar 23 days ago
ok. so I try. shots weren't planned but I saw it and tried to use the opportunity. both don't have action in it but happened besides sport events.

20170104 Erste Bank Eishockey Liga - UPC Vienna Capitals vs HC TWK Innsbruck
michaelmolzar 23 days ago
Beach Volleyball - Major Series Vienna
Welter Weight Spanish Championship
Dachiko 17 days ago
Бокс командный чемпионат России
@kevinsousaphoto 12 days ago
Tiger waiting
reboundphoto 2 days ago
Groups Beta