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CLOSED Assignment Desk EP76: Colours (for the love of god, the last time)

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toksuede is a group administrator toksuede says:

You didn't do it last month and the month before and we are asking you to do it again and again. It's basically a step before being expelled from BLFS. We expect EVERYONE to participate.

Not in living colour, but colours.
Make your sports photograph zing and zang with colour or colours. BW is also an option as long as it's a good use of black and white. Good luck.
6:05AM, 5 December 2018 PST (permalink)

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Simon_West says:

London Welsh vs Ealing_07-11-15_068
Originally posted 12 months ago. (permalink)
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reid.neureiter says:

12 months ago (permalink)

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Scott Stokhaug says:

Wauk South_20181221_-693
12 months ago (permalink)

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Alvaro Campo Photography says:

Derby Day

Derby Day

I prefere this one: flic.kr/p/2dHyPBL
But maybe it doesn't have the same context than the other one because of the team bus.
11 months ago (permalink)

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Dave Devlin says:

3rd time's the charm
Originally posted 11 months ago. (permalink)
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Tremain Focused says:

11 months ago (permalink)

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ferlin sov says:

10 months ago (permalink)

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reboundphoto says:

9 months ago (permalink)

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