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Simon_West 9 months ago
Matt commented somewhere that he cleans his camera sensor every day before a shoot. is that normal / recommended or down to shooting dusty rodeos?
Michael Kaye Posted 9 months ago. Edited by Michael Kaye (member) 9 months ago
Just to keep a daily flow of good pictures and ideas, I attempted to sign up for a Facebook group for, "Professional Sports Photographers."

To join, one has to answer a simple question: "Do you ever shoot for free." As I am an "official photographer" for the Special Olympics in my State -- and an honest type -- I answered, "Yes, for the Special Olympics."

Predictably, perhaps, I was not accepted into the group ... I'll be damned if I'm going to BS anyone over a volunteer gig for the SOs, which I do 2-3 times a year to support family and friends involved with this great organization.

Do you guys ever volunteer your skills -- and if so, what is your criteria for doing so? Does volunteering your time make one less than "professional."

(Sidenote: It would be interesting to do a segment on photographing Special Olympics athletes. It is a rewarding and tremendous experience -- my favorite work all year.)
reid.neureiter 9 months ago
How do you go about getting media credentials for bigger events? World Cup, Olympics, NFL or big time NCAA games? I am now shooting for a very small monthly neighborhood newspaper in Colorado, but have managed to get media credentials for high school games, and some pro matches (soccer, rugby). Is getting credentials as a freelancer even a possibility?
slimshodi 9 months ago
You're not missing out on much. A lot of the so called professionals in that group are stuck up their own asses and they argue like they're still in kindergarten.
slimshodi Posted 9 months ago. Edited by slimshodi (member) 8 months ago
Whilst listening to the your old podcasts, I came across the first question I ever asked back in Dec 2014. Basically I asked do I need a high end camera and glass to shoot for an agency. You guys said yes.

Anyhow, I slowly, gained experience, upgraded my gear and have shot for agencies for a couple of years now. But I must say the pay as a on spec freelancer fucking sucks. When I do get a publication I can get anything from a 5 cents to 100 bucks. My ambition is to shoot sports photography full time.

My question is what other options do I have to make at least some money from sports. I know I will never get rich from it and there's hardly any money in our industry nowadays but I would at least like to make enough to live on even if that means a minimum wage.

Also I'm based in the UK so shooting college sports doesn't really exist over here. And trying to shoot kids in their sports would only get me arrested.
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