toksuede 10:12am, 18 February 2019
If you pledged us money on Patreon, you can ask us questions here and we will answer them during the next podcast. Please ask away.
michaelmolzar 14 days ago
Questions, OK, here is one:

Kevin posted a photo from the juve VS athletic game and asked how it was made. I would be interested in your opinion?

@kevinsousaphoto 14 days ago
MirrorlessTech - Are any of you guys making the switch? Recently tried out the Sony A9 and it was pretty sweet but not there yet in my opinion to make the switch.

2nd Question - Do you know of any workshops besides the one Matt puts on about sports photography? Worth while? Matt, when is your next workshop?
Scott Stokhaug 13 days ago
As a yearly subscribed Patreon pledger how do I go about getting the critical beatdown on my 'portfolio'?
Bob Dahlberg 12 days ago

On your best 2018 "#3 Belgium" you say "I realised before the match started that the Belgium team was huddling right next to the bench. I snuck in, aimed the camera between the legs of one of the player and shot away." Is there any more to your background story (planning ahead? relationship with players? etc.)

Bob D
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