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This is where you submit your photos to have them critiqued by Ryu Voelkel and Matt Cohen. Just a reminder that this is an adult show. Therefore there will be mature and colourful language used to describe your photos. The result of your critique will be shown on Youtube:

Big Lens Fast Shutter Training Ground Videos.


BLFSTG201510 and make sure that in your privacy settings, "Hide your stuff from public searches" is switched to "no". To do the slideshow that we display on the Training Ground video, we simply search for all pictures with the BLFSTG201510 tag. If you have your pictures hidden from public searches, they will not show up and will not be a part of Training Ground.

Please limit submissions to 2 per person.

1. Upload your image to your Flickr account.
2. Share your photo and select a Medium size.
3. Copy the code and paste it into your post. See screenshot below for example:
Instructions for Big Lens Fast Shutter

Finally, tell us in 10 words or less what the condition of the particular shot you are submitting. "My first rodeo", "Assignment to shoot pee wee football", or "You made me do it, you bastards!".

It's a description and NOT an excuse. We will rip it apart regardless of the circumstance, but we are just giving you some solace in the bottom of the abyss.

Anthony Mazur 6 years ago
Football Playoff Game.
Anthony Mazur 6 years ago
Volleyball Playoffs.
Hi Matt, here's the sh*t you invited. A quick background, go to this charity/trackday event but leave the 120-300 and 400 f2.8 at home and shoot the whole day with the CSC I take on holiday. I had some good fun, even though someone said 'what's that toy your'e using?'

Simon_West 6 years ago
Simon_West 6 years ago

London Welsh vs Ealing_07-11-15_063
Anton Mukhametchin 6 years ago
jrash168 6 years ago
Alvaro Campo Photography Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Alvaro Campo Photography (member) 6 years ago
Canada v Honduras
Trying to show as much info as possible to describe the 'empty net' moment in a game:

Vancouver Giants v Kamloops Blazers
TomBearyPhotography 6 years ago
TomBearyPhotography 6 years ago
Diego Mola 6 years ago
Dan Kneen. Ulster Grand Prix 2015 UGP
Scott Rathke 6 years ago
Scott Rathke 6 years ago
R1ku Exposures 6 years ago

Slow Shutter Slapshot.
slimshodi Posted 6 years ago. Edited by slimshodi (member) 6 years ago
Dream Leagues - 16th Dec '15
slimshodi Posted 6 years ago. Edited by slimshodi (member) 6 years ago
Dream Leagues - 16th Dec '15
Dachiko 6 years ago
Being subjective to my own pictures always bugs me.
Хоккей ВХЛ финал Плей Офф Ижсталь - Торос.
@kevinsousaphoto 6 years ago
Elbow sandwich!
reid.neureiter 6 years ago
Charlie Franks of Denver East High School (sophomore).
reid.neureiter 6 years ago
Big spray getting the photographer.
MOD 6 years ago
We're overdue for a Training Ground, get your entries in in the next few days.
Timothy J. Ritter Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Timothy J. Ritter (member) 6 years ago

Another attempt at a slow shutter photo. This time being sure to not crop off any appendages. ;)
Timothy J. Ritter 6 years ago

Working on shooting non-action photos. This particular coach is quite . . . expressive.
eddiethink 6 years ago
Fakie wallie stalefish
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