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Post your sports photo for critiquing in this discussion.

Please limit submissions to 2 per person.

1.Upload your image to your Flickr account. 2. Share your photo and select a Medium size. 3. Copy the code and paste it into your post. See screenshot below for example:

Finally, say whether you want Constructive or Destructive comments!

(but keep in mind that we will probably say constructive and destructive things)

competition instructions for blfs
Ken Reabe Jr PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Ken Reabe Jr (member) 5 years ago
Click on the photos if you want to read the description of how I shot these.

Franklin Regional vs Plum  - Boys Varsity HS Basketball - 021012

Buzzer Shot

Guys, I posted the second one more because of the circumstances for shooting it than for artistic value. With a potential game tying or winning shot like this, is this the best setup... going wide and catching everything at once? I figured this is a must have, play it safe shot if you are shooting for a media outlet so I treated it as such. Does it work?
Chris Gouge 5 years ago
Understand what you are saying about getting off track shots and I will try to upload some in the future once the motorsport season starts again. However, I'm trying to establish how I can make my on track action shots stand out and unique from the photos everyone else stood around the track are taking. These 2 are two of my most recent where I was trying to achieve something a bit different to the standard stock photos. Hopefully this is a bit more in the right direction?


KEEVVIINN [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by KEEVVIINN (member) 5 years ago
Junior Hockey

Junior A Hockey

Destructive comments.
Do you guys use custom white balance such as a gray card when shooting? Or do you just use the options to what's in your camera?
bencullen 5 years ago
Fate and Fortune
I'm unsure about this photo, and would love your opinions-rip it apart please!
Does this alternate crop help or hinder it?
runner (cropped)
jkorn Posted 5 years ago. Edited by jkorn (member) 5 years ago
Cruel and unusual please.... :)

Radek Stepanek

Milos Raonic
Elroyofderovers PRO 5 years ago
2012-02-18 Unit 23-69

2012-02-18 Unit 23-18

Both on both please!
sportsflair2000 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by sportsflair2000 (member) 5 years ago

Any critique would be appreciated
escepg 5 years ago

Both Constructive or Destructive comments
stevanbt 5 years ago
basehorhonda 5 years ago

sportsflair2000 5 years ago

All critique good or bad would be greatly appreciated
carlina999 PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by carlina999 (member) 5 years ago

Playing w/ a Fisheye during warm-ups for something different.

Alfiepics PRO 5 years ago
Llanelli AFC v The New Saints AFC
Alfiepics PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Alfiepics (member) 5 years ago
Was asked by Matt to post this here, this is the first football match I've covered so this is new ground for me!
Alfiepics PRO 5 years ago
Llanelli AFC v The New Saints AFC
stolle_ Posted 5 years ago. Edited by stolle_ (member) 5 years ago

Constructive and Destructive comments are fine with me
sportsflair2000 5 years ago
duncolm 5 years ago
Bashar Alshabi [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Bashar Alshabi (member) 5 years ago
Hudson Post 180 v Adrian Post 275

Hudson Post 180 v Adrian Post 275
thechangingman PRO 5 years ago
<a href=""
thechangingman PRO 5 years ago
title="Kent Under 20's by thechangingman, on Flickr">Kent Under 20's
A Shot Of Sport 5 years ago
James Stewart leads pursuing Boards
Make it Hurt!
Vancouver Whitecaps vs. UVic Vikes
Pitchside Photo PRO 5 years ago
Bradley Bubb at speed

Trying to improve so constructive and destructive most welcome. I think i know which one it will be :)
photo_enthus78 5 years ago
IMG_9886 by photo_enthus78

IMG_9943 by photo_enthus78

Please critic these photos..thanks
MOD 5 years ago
Sunday Feb 26th is the deadline, so you have a little over three days to get in on Training Ground for this month.
...traveler 5 years ago
"Texas Roughstock"

Let er' rip guys!
ClaudioFrancoFoto Posted 5 years ago. Edited by ClaudioFrancoFoto (member) 5 years ago
Both constructive and destructive as usual.


bobd2h 5 years ago
Definitely "say constructive and destructive things"

Menlo Park Sparks at 2011 Zone Championships

Menlo Park Sparks at 2011 Zone Championships
MOD 5 years ago
Last call for Training Ground entries. We'll be recording Monday AM (US) and this thread will be closed.
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