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Over 5,000 amazing images! Keep them coming.

Folks: It's a simple group. Headbadges. Viewed from the front. If it's a profile shot of your bike, I'm gonna remove it without comment. It gets nuked from orbit. Thanks.

If you have any questions, contact me.

Limited to five (5) submissions per day.


  • Search not working

    Tried to search for "Raleigh" and got nothing. Guess it's a flickr/yahoo proble...

    rickpaulos31 months ago4 replies

  • Headbadge book available

    If you like my headbadge pictures, there is a book that includes 400 of them ava...

    Jeffrey Conner31 months ago6 replies

  • Coventry eagle head badge wanted

    Hi all, I am currently restoring a coventry eagle and am trying desperately t...

    bennylepa3353 months ago2 replies

  • Coventry Eagle

    I am looking for a replacement as the paint shop lost the head badge from my 195...

    dmhammond4453 months ago0 replies

  • New Headbadge Manufacturer!

    Hi! Sorry for the spam, but it seems very appropriate to share this information ...

    jacobsjacobs53 months ago0 replies

  • Looking for a headbadge maker

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to find someone who would make a headbadge (or actually...

    danielaberson5153 months ago3 replies

  • newbie

    Just found this group, some really great badges here! 2 questions: Do you th...

    aasmitty75768 months ago1 replies

  • Mr Pinnarello spaming the group.

    Please remove the side shots as decreed in the group description. thanks

    rickpaulos68 months ago0 replies

  • Dall'Orso head badge

    Can anyone please help me find the Dall'Orso head badge. It is from Genova and I...

    danielaberson5169 months ago3 replies

  • Mounting

    Hi, I just posted my new custom metal head badge which will be mounted on my cus...

    LONGHAULTRUCKER73 months ago2 replies

  • Help with Identifying?

    Hi everyone! I was hoping someone might recognize this headbadge on an old bike....

    beanfreebie73 months ago0 replies

  • can anyone help identify this head badge

    Hi all could anyone help identify this head badge possibly kerry stratford londo...

    mercman6276 months ago0 replies

  • Please rename your images to the brand of bike

    FYI, you can search this set but that only finds images that are named after the...

    rickpaulos76 months ago2 replies

  • looking for info on this head badge

    I'm trying to find any info on this head badge I know the bike was manufactured ...

    murrayeliminator77 months ago1 replies

  • help on my bike and badge date

    phillips head badge by burperusmaximus
    phillips vintage bicycle by burperusmaximus

    burperusmaximus84 months ago2 replies

  • Help with ID

    UNKNOWN BIKE HEADBADGE - PLEASE HELP!! Need help identifying this bike. Anybody? Thanks, Pete

    fixedgear102 months ago0 replies

  • Best Bicycle Head Badge?

    Kalavinka has my vote

    Steel Lugged115 months ago10 replies

  • Crown WF 14

    I found bicycle with stamp picture crown and "WF 14" letter? are you know mean...

    tkurniaages ago2 replies

  • Can anyone identify this frame?

    Hi - wondering if anyone out there has any idea of the manufacturer of this old ...

    diaadeages ago6 replies

  • replacing my head badge (help!)

    while my bike was getting powder coated, they lost my 80's trek head badge. it ...

    mearseages ago1 replies

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