cyclotourist PRO 4:23pm, 27 May 2007
Have you checked out the new photos added by s_sgore? I had no idea Minneapolis had such dedicated infrastructure for cyclists. Amazing! OK, Zakka, I know you're not all that impressed, but for North America, this is really something special.

What with global warming and all, this might be a right-nice town to move to!
s_sgore PRO 10 years ago
Thanks for those kind words. It is a nice place to live...just don't tell anybody....fer sure there hey you know whatever.....yah betcha.
s_sgore PRO 10 years ago
I put them in a set
that way people don't have to sift through my kids soccer game to find the Minneapolis bike friendly shots.
Hey... I am always impressed with progress on bike infrastructure! :-)
Especially in North America! Great to see Minneapolis on the right track.
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