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ChrisGampat 2:13pm, 1 August 2011
Hi everyone,

We've noticed a trend in the Flickr group: you all love your pets and animals! Since you love them so much, we'd love to hear from you. So:

- Embed your single best pet/animal photo in this discussion thread.

- Tell us about what makes it so special.

We'll gather up some of the best photos and responses and feature them in a Flickr Round Up on BHInsights.

If you're just getting started in pet portraits, check this out: www.bhphotovideo.com/insights/blogs/photography/seven-beg...

If you feel your a bit more advanced, take a look at this: www.bhinsights.com/content/puppy-portraits.html

Have fun!

-Chris Gampat
Lead Writer/Flickr Admin
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blaneyphoto. Posted 7 years ago. Edited by blaneyphoto. (member) 7 years ago
Here's a couple for you. I've got 7 cats... each with their own distinct personality... quite a bunch!

This is a new behavior for my cats. They've adopted my sock drawer as a hangout. If I'm getting dressed, there's at least two cats in there - sometimes more fighting for spot!
ChrisGampat Posted 7 years ago. Edited by ChrisGampat (member) 7 years ago
Hi Blaneyphoto,

These are all wonderful! Especially the one of the cats in the drawer (my personal favorite)

Can I ask you to please narrow it down to one photo though and tell us some more about it?

Thanks :)
Travis Lawton PRO 7 years ago

The Pug
MrDAT Posted 7 years ago. Edited by MrDAT (member) 7 years ago
This is Sasha. She is a rescued Doberman Pinscher who was found wondering the streets of Fort Worth when she was about 6 months. She's now 3 years old and an amazing dog.

I like this photo because of how the Vega 90mm 2.8 lens on a Kiev 60 created this look on the "new" Kodak Ektar 100 film.

Sasha on Ektar 100 by MrDAT
-ytf- PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by -ytf- (member) 7 years ago
cat5 by -ytf-

The company I was working for at the time was editing a web based "reality" show starring cats. They asked me to shoot a few stills one day. This girl really caught my eye. Perhaps it was the sound of the shutter, or her surprise at having a stranger in the house, but she had such a look of curiosity and interest. The cats were to be adopted at the end of the series. I wanted her, but she was spoken for. I hope she has fared well. I settled for adopting her as my icon.
delightful popcorn [deleted] 7 years ago
ChrisGampat 7 years ago
Hey everyone,

Can you please tell us a bit about what makes that one photo so special the way MrDat did?

Thanks everyone!
jkardysphotos PRO 7 years ago
This parrrot, an African Grey, lives at the Jungle Gardens in Sarasota Florida. He watched me walk round him, posing the whole time. He stopped only after I took his picture. He did not sign a release. ;)

Jungle Gardens Bradenton - -198 by jkardysphotos
Bryan.Formhals 7 years ago
Some great stories thus far. Keep them coming!
t-funk911 7 years ago
airmanflames 7 years ago
Merlin 1
Merlin the cat Who does not know how good he has it . Spoiled Cat.
terribleone1one1 7 years ago
abject self [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by abject self (member) 7 years ago
Thank you B&H. I love my Canon 50mm f1.2 because I can get great shots like this of my Bruno. :)
Bryan.Formhals 7 years ago
@airmanflames: Has Merlin starred in any films or commercials? He looks like the type of cat who'd take his craft very seriously.
WHPiersonJr 7 years ago
I couldn't decide on one, so I decided to post 2 and let someone else decide...

Merlin is an awesome dog - very intelligent and a great friend. He'll usually lay with his front paws crossed... Why? Not sure, but when he cracks a half-smile, it's hilarious. He also attracts attention with his eyes - one blue, one brown. Quite a unique character.
Find The Apex PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Find The Apex (member) 7 years ago
Scarlet Badis (Dario dario)

This is my newest addition to my tank. He is a Scarlet Badis (Dario dario) and won't get too much bigger than that. Lately it's been hard to get your hands on these fish. I'm really happy to have these little guys in my tank.

Taken with a D90, Tokina 100mm macro and SB-700 off shoe
Bryan.Formhals 7 years ago
@WHPiersonJr: I like the second one! He does look like quite the character.

Plus, we know have Merlin the cat and Merlin the Dog!

Great thread guys. Keep them coming.
S.Mshots 7 years ago
syd by S.Mshots

This is Sydney, it was taken a few weeks after we got him and i saw him sleeping a decided to snap a photo and this is what i got!
Josh Teal Photograhy 7 years ago
Gozer the Gozerian Cat Silhouette

This is Gozer my white cat. You can't tell because it 's a silhouette shot, but it's one of my favorites.
meabbott PRO 7 years ago
8531-1 Bird by meabbott

I came across this bird while exploring around Fort Armistead's gun battery. I was surprised that it let me get so close until I discovered it was tagged and probably accustomed to human contact. I didn't try to touch the bird as the photos were enough for me.
-ytf- PRO 7 years ago
I had a similar experience in New York. He was in excellent condition and very well cared for. I was able to get very close. There was a huge gala for a clothing designer being set up on a nearby rooftop. After a few minutes he flew down to it. I surmised that he was part of the entertainment and had stepped away for a moment for some peace and quiet before the big show.
Bryan.Formhals 7 years ago
Anyone know what type of bird it is?

This is my Oreo. She was 13 years old and very stubborn. I took this shot about a month before she passed away this past May. She ended up having a Heart-A-Tack in my arms. ; ( I miss her very much, but this image tells so much about her personality.
Oops. Hope this works.

_DSC3934 by K.G. Creative Photography
-ytf- PRO 7 years ago
sgbofav 7 years ago
This is our Queensland Healer Tuffy. He does a great job of keeping intruders off of our ranch. He loves to harass our horses.

Blue Heeler
Bryan.Formhals Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Bryan.Formhals (member) 7 years ago
@-ytf: Thanks!

@sgbofav: He looks mischievous :)

@K.G. Creative Photography: Great eye contact with Oreo.
meabbott PRO 7 years ago
-ytf-: Interesting!
Titanfan PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Titanfan (member) 7 years ago
Cloud Spotting

Gracie has been the focus of a lot of my pictures. I remember taking her to the park and being glad I finally had a camera that could keep up with her. She was always a willing model for me until I got flashes, and then not so much.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are special creatures. They are the most loving, fun, and smart dogs I have ever been around. They thrive in the winter and we are out every day skiing or snowshoeing together. This is brother and sister looking for their "great job getting in the car" biscuit!
sylvia guardia 7 years ago
This is Sámara, my daschund puppy. I took this photo the day my Nikon D300s arrived. I was so excited to finally buy it! I was outside on my balcony reading the manual, and playing with the settings, when I noticed Sámara was sitting just a few feet from me, paying close attention to what I was doing. Inmediately after, I took this photo. Only seconds later she ran to lie next to me.
My Firebelly Toad

My Dog Sam
Sam's First Photo Shoot
Bryan.Formhals 7 years ago
@MasterTaker: Do Sam and the toad get along?
MrDAT 7 years ago
As long as Sam isn't French.
sylvia guardia 7 years ago
How can I post a larger sized photo? I can only seem to post it in thumbnail size...
Matt Gundy PRO 7 years ago
Serious face
This here is Captain, or Cap for short. This is the face he makes after I've taken too many consecutive pictures of him.
ღ KimberImages ღ Posted 7 years ago. Edited by ღ KimberImages ღ (member) 7 years ago
Putty's Portrait

BoBo's Portrait

Both photos were taken with my Canon T1i purchased from B&H Photo
Shineylewis 7 years ago
Fred & Pablo

Pablo's mean. Very mean. You would never know it from this photo, but of course the only time he's not mean is when he's sleeping :)
It's amazing how many people don't believe me when I tell them "Stop... he bites!" until it's too late...
Spring.Break 7 years ago
i want this..!! it's mine!!

this is Chubby, she's my sister's owner. yup, she's the empress at her house! she can get a "little" crazy sometimes, especially when i take away her favorite toy. when people look at her they're like "awwwww" but they don't know her for real. that's why i uploaded this video >> youtu.be/1qABMOeGiDY she could go on like this forever. seriously.
heartfulimages 7 years ago
Bailey May! by heartfulimages

Eye Contact! Bailey May, my sidekick.
jjglowacki PRO 7 years ago
Ivy Means Business

This is our Dachshund Ivy. You wouldn't know it from this photo buy Ivy is extremely laid back and quiet. She hardly ever barks. Sits on the sofa or climbs up on a chest and watches the world go by out the front bay window.

But if you give her any toy with a squeaker in it she becomes possessed! Her mission is to destroy that toy in a matter of minutes. And she will!
Bryan.Formhals 7 years ago
@tipper *: I hope she doesn't start becoming self-conscious about her image!

@Shineylewis: I'm having a tough time imaging a mean Pablo from that photograph :)
Rich Frollini | www.codaphoto.com Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Rich Frollini | www.codaphoto.com (member) 7 years ago
I would say it's a tie for me...


I thought the horse blowing raspberries was priceless ....

Nap Time

My little boy loved the sleeping Mandrill at the Pittsburgh Zoo. He kept yelling "Wake up monkey !!!"
chivalrous mitten [deleted] 7 years ago
Yep, it's Jack.(again)

he loves everyone.
Bryan.Formhals Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Bryan.Formhals (member) 7 years ago
We've posted a selection on our blog. Enjoy!

And thanks for contributing. It was a fun thread. We'll do it again some time :)

# Your Best Pet/Animal Portrait
Rocket resting in his bed.

Sharon Pire PRO 7 years ago
I have taken tons of pics of our Jack Russell, "Zeke", but I think this is my favorite. I just love the light.
Casey Myers Photography Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Casey Myers Photography (member) 7 years ago
@bryan, sorry for the late reply!
Yes the get along quite nicely as long as Sam stays out of his pond! ;-)

But Sam does not get along with my Leopard Gecko named Lucky.
I rescued Lucky from a not good home awhile back and he has been doing really well with me for a few years now. He is licking his lips after eating a Cricket.
Mmm Mmm Good!
yellowdawgphoto 7 years ago
Sometimes it's not about the animal, but the situation. Here, my daughter is practicing guitar--with an audience of one. Not a technically great photo, but still one of my favorites.

Her master's guitar by yellowdawgphoto
OSidPhoto 7 years ago
This is an up-close and personal portrait of "Tabby", our fabulous and lovely cat. I always wonder how it would be if these cats were the size of a Lion ; )). On this portrait, I have tried to capture "The Lion Within" Tabby. Hope you like it.

Taken with the Legacy Olympus Zuiko 50mm f/1.2 manual focus OM System Lens at f/1.2, mounted on a Lumix GF1, at 1/200sec, ISO 100.

Zuiko 50mm 1.2 -20101009-P1050632
This is SPOCK (yes the Star Trek reference to the Ears).
He is a very logical Great Dane.
We got him a couple months ago from a Great Dane rescue. My wife has always wanted a Dane and with the passing of our long time family member Golden Retriever,, it was time.
We visited a number of dogs in our search, from local pounds, not so local rescues, web sites and various listings... We we went to visit Spock,, He was a VERY BIG BOY,, Over 175lbs and came running out to meet us. Went directly to my wife and seemed to pick her right away...
That was it,, He came home with us later that day. Loves to go for walks but is nice and protective of his yard. We were told he does not play,, BOY were they wrong,, He loved to play catch, keep away and has his group of favorite toys. Danes are very logical, seem to really think through what they are doing and seem to think they are lap dogs are they will walk over, turn around and set on your lap.
He he 4 yrs old now, when he was rescued he weighed only 119 lbs
He is one of the best mannered dogs we have seen and very appreciative of everything from Dinner to play time.

Meet Mr. Spock

tipper* PRO 7 years ago
I love this pic of my dachshund looking at herself on my computer. She always gives me a profile shot when I'm trying for a face forward portrait. This looks so natural because she is so curious about everything.
Back On Flickr
jenniferwilson1 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by jenniferwilson1 (member) 7 years ago
Here's my German Shepherd/Rhodesian mix...

Sasha 2
Geoffrey Kroll PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Geoffrey Kroll (member) 7 years ago

I get a sad feeling looking at him through the fence. His eyes seem to say, help me escape.
MrDAT 7 years ago
Déjà vu
MarlaPorter 7 years ago
Thank you B&H. Now my mommy can take fabulous portraits of me with her 85mm f/1.2L. ~ Miss Lucy

Lucy by MarlaPorter
Isidro Urena . 7 years ago
This is Holly, she likes to sleep belly up all over the apartment, sometimes we feel like she behaves more like a dog than a cat.

Holy taking an afternoon break.
CoasterMatt PRO 7 years ago
This is my dog Ethel. It gets really hot out in the San Fernando Valley, but she knows just how to cool off.

Ethel Stays Cool
rob_valine 7 years ago
Bowie Knives and Corn Snake

Okeetee Corn Snake Headshot
Greenruby 7 years ago
Jparisisrq 7 years ago
Argh I found this topic late. Its a good thing though, my dog is an attention addict.
shutterbugmelb 7 years ago
My uncle's dog... the man who would never have a pet caved as soon as he saw this furry face :)
 by shutterbugmelb
Rachel Houghton PRO 7 years ago
This is our youngest cat, Cleo. She automatically flops onto the ground after she's done something wrong and we've caught her at it - the good ol' "If I do something cute, I can erase the bad thing I just did from their memory" trick.

Cleo by Rachel Houghton
P Squared Pics 7 years ago
Peek A Boo
JCNixonPhoto PRO 7 years ago
jimgrayimages.com PRO 7 years ago
My dog, Cracker, letting me know that he's had enough of the speedlight already!
Cracker covering his eyes
Originals by "E" 7 years ago
Sepia 013
This is Emma. We adopted her from a shelter 4 years ago. They told us that the owners couldn't leave her in the house alone and that she was left in a laundry room during the day. We have never had a problem with Emma. She is loving, good with children, and loves the water. Thunderstorms, now thats a different story.
Here is my cocker spaniel name Mika

Mika by Jose Abraham Sanchez Aguilar
MrDAT 7 years ago
It's probably because the previous owners didn't give Emma enough attention and she tore up their place. Dogs get bored too. Idle paws are the devil's playground.
Wandy Sosa 7 years ago
his name is Jake (DSC_6910)
Photo Walker 7 years ago
Seagull (Sigma 50-500mm)
christian.senger PRO 7 years ago

Urban Predator
@amarulero Posted 7 years ago. Edited by @amarulero (member) 7 years ago

My cat is a photographic gold mine :)


DONDO and my wife sleeping together.
Otra siesta!!! Quien dijo que mi mujer malcría al perro?
lindseyannee 7 years ago

This is my puppy Clyde. He was dumped on the side of a road during a blizzard back in December when he was just 2 months old. I'm still wondering how anyone could do such a thing, especially to a dog like him. He's such a character. Not the brightest, but a wonderful personality. One of the most entertaining dogs in my life! And I have a lot! : )
Jelly Brain 7 years ago
Singing in the Rain

My Gray Treefrog, Waldo. I've had him for about 2 years now. Even in captivity and generally used to people they are often shy about calling in front of an audience- an instinct that helps keeps them alive in the wild. Not Waldo. Just about every time I'd mist his cage, he'd puff up and boldly trill away, making it much easier to grab a shot of him in action.
proud spot [deleted] 7 years ago

Daisy & Duke
335. PRO 7 years ago
IMG_0636 by 335.

IMG_0659 by 335.

IMG_0654 by 335.
Dwayne Spandel Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Dwayne Spandel (member) 7 years ago
Spandel_Dwayne_Project4_Shot4 by Dwayne Spandel
Thomas Beckner PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Thomas Beckner (member) 7 years ago
Sconnie2-37 by Thomas Beckner

This is Bjorn. He's 5lbs, but thinks he's 50. I love this shot because I caught him panting at just the right moment! What a little rascal.
robertojeda 7 years ago
inajeep 7 years ago
so blue
jeminichronicles 7 years ago
Dandy Day by jeminichronicles

This is the ever curious Sgt. Pepper. I love this shot of her after she got into a dandelion patch. : )
.M*A*K. (OFF) 7 years ago
Sunny , hand raised Sun Conure Parakeet :)

Sunny !
Rawbert A. Wagner 7 years ago
chuauaua looks stoned by Rawbert A. Wagner

I woke him up, and he looked stoned to me, so i took a picture
expensive card [deleted] 7 years ago

Channibal at least for the mouse
Conrad Kuiper PRO 7 years ago
I like the attitude of this llama. He seems to know just how good looking he is. He was guarding a herd of cattle, and when I started snapping photos, he seemed to pose for me.

alert lock [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by alert lock (member) 7 years ago

<3 Julie Bear <3 She is such a cute dog I love her to death and she's funny!
Sonja McG Photography Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Sonja McG Photography (member) 7 years ago
Marie, Sept 2011

My dog Marie,
This photo was taken 4 days before we had to put her to sleep. We didn't know it at the time, as she showed no signs, but she had either a tumor or canine auto immune disease. (I never knew such a thing existed). This was the last photo I took of her. She had 12 great years with us. We will miss her.
Peterzpham PRO 7 years ago
ancient rate [deleted] 7 years ago
This is Patch when he was younger. I was on the floor taking photos, looked up and saw him sitting on a chair watching me.

hey, that looks like fun.
Naturecamhd PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Naturecamhd (member) 7 years ago

This red-tailed hawk landed about 15 feet from where I took the shot. I'll never forget when he looked at me with those beautiful yellow eyes. Only when I looked at the image at home, did I notice the blood on his beak from an earlier kill.
jclarenbach 7 years ago

This squirrel was sitting on a stone at the Monterey coastal promenade observing the vibrant tourist scene.
morozgrafix PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by morozgrafix (member) 7 years ago
shot this one with my phone on the way back to work from lunch. may not be the best shot, but I think it has something to it. I titled it Waiting

paulo007 PRO 7 years ago
Took quite a few tries (and attacks on my person) to get this one:

Pissed off Robin...
Randall Pugh PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Randall Pugh (member) 7 years ago
I couldn't help myself. He he

A real pet
Conrad Kuiper PRO 7 years ago
Dober Man PRO 7 years ago
deziner2005 7 years ago
How do I add a photo to this topic?
-ytf- PRO 7 years ago
Read this.
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