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sandra-blau September 8, 2010

Featured Artist and our new Admin: PETER SCAMMELL

Take a look to their great images!

Group Description

Featured Artist : PETER SCAMMELL

Take a look to the pool before posting.I think that´s enough to understand this group description.
Ok,,,maybe is not enough :).

Here are welcome all artist that express their art through high quality images.
Images from inside not from outside,perfection in imperfection,reality in the fantasy,fantasy in the reality....
This is an eclectic and fine art group for all artist and photographers that are photography and art lovers.

We are not interested in a big group just one with quality and friendly menbers.
Menbers that doesn t post will be deleted.And of course,the group will be open to them if they want to come back

Please, no pornography, children images, flowers,pets or family photos.

If we turn your work down for inclusion into the pool, please do not take it personally.We try to keep the pool in line

If you wish to link to the group,copy between the lines :

<a href=>Beyond the Sea<a>

Group Rules

2 fotos por día, serán examinadas por los administradores antes que salgan en el grupo. Las fotos también pueden ser descartadas, te pedimos disculpas, no es por la calidad de las fotos , pero podría, por ejemplo, interrumpir el equilibrio entre una imagen y otra.
Por este motivo, el tipo de foto depende mucho del gusto personal de los administradores.

Gracias por su participación.

We reserve the right to delete any photo they may not find appropiate for the group.Please don´t be offended,maybe is not for the quality image,only that this isn´t in line with the other images on the pool.
Thank you and welcome.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
Groups Beta