Tiffany Joyce PRO 8:27pm, 24 February 2013
Post your contributions to the "Your Best Macro Shot" photo contest here! Contest runs through March 8th and the winner will be announced March 11th. The winner will receive a copy of Scott Kelby's Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers.
The PixelBoy PRO 5 years ago
Hi Tiffany!

I've two contributions for the contest:

365 - D325 by The PixelBoy

365 - D60 by The PixelBoy

Hope you like it! :)
tenthousandsouls 5 years ago

#bug 2 by tenthousandsouls
How do you post to the discussion group?
terriporter2011 PRO 5 years ago
These are my two contributions to the contest. It will be fun seeing everyone's entries!

Emerging Gerbera Daisy by terriporter2011

Cactus in the Rain by terriporter2011
the__edge 5 years ago
I consider these to be the best Macro shots I've taken up till now.

Having a Drop

Up or down... or just stuck in the middle
umijin PRO 5 years ago
My Macro submissions are here

Pink Eyed Lady by umijin

Yellow Fellow by umijin
Sue McB PRO 5 years ago
Hello All, I'm new here and happy to share a couple of macros - my favourite form of photography.


Trapeze Artist
Sue McB PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Sue McB (member) 5 years ago
The former Madame Suzuki!!!:

Click on your photo, click the tab "Share" Copy the HTML code and paste that into the comments.
mensch7 (Dennis) PRO 5 years ago
Taken with my Sigma 150mm 2.8 macro lens. Processed in Lightroom 4 and Nik software.

Bzzzz Crop (Halictid Bee - Agapostemon virescens)

Halictid Bee - Agapostemon virescens
Jim.J.H 5 years ago
Tiffany Joyce:

Wow.. so many great entries. I'll be checking back to see what other excellent shots get posted. Here is mine:

Flower Macro
thebiblioholic PRO 5 years ago
Teleguy19 5 years ago
Tiffany Joyce:

Hi Tiffany. How do I post a pic here?
Mike DeJong 5 years ago
3 Entries for me:

Christmas Tree Light

Glowing Embers

Morning Dew
Tiffany Joyce PRO 5 years ago

Hi, as another contributor helpfully explained, click on your photo, click the tab "Share" Copy the HTML code and paste that into the comments.
funky_helper_monk 5 years ago
I see red
Margo Dolan PRO 5 years ago
jaccir57 5 years ago
Here are three of my photos.


K and R Productions PRO 5 years ago
Lev-pentaxt K5 02--4-13-15.jpg
K and R Productions PRO 5 years ago
Lev-pentax 5 02--23-13-123.jpg
madmat01 5 years ago
umijin PRO 4 years ago
mensch7 (Dennis):

How did you use NIK to process your halictid image?
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