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Personal Expressions Challenge

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Tiffany Joyce is a group administrator Tiffany Joyce says:

Post your contributions to the Beyond Megapixels Personal Expressions Challenge, which was announced in this article on the BMP website. Don't forget to tag your photos (something like "Personal Expressions Challenge" is good).

Choose one of the following topics to aid in your inspiration, or choose your own creative avenue.

- Use a photo effects or enhancement tool such as Picnic, Big Huge Labs, or textures, to do something fun and unique with your photos.

– Get creative with the use of light. Use reflective surfaces, capture reflections themselves, angle a single light source in a dramatic way, use filtered sunlight, etc.

- Photograph the views that you see every day. Take shots looking out your back door, your front door, a window of your home, your office, or your car (safely!).

– Write your favorite inspirational phrase on a piece of paper, and photograph it in a setting that lends support to that phrase. Create it to look upon as your source of inspiration when you need a little boost.

– Create a self portrait, as simple or as fancy as you want. We photographers spend so much time behind the camera that we never end up in any photographs, and we deserve to be chronicled as much as anything or anyone else. When you post your contribution, tell us a little about yourself.

Tell us about your creative process, how taking the photo made you feel, and what you do to inspire yourself. Post as many as you'd like, as often as you'd like. And please give your fellow contributors the positive feedback that they so richly deserve.

Above all, have fun!

- Tiffany
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