Tiffany Joyce PRO 3:29pm, 1 February 2010
Hello friends! The February 2010 Photo Challenge Subject is "motion", and the Challenge Technique is "long exposure". Remember to tag your contributions with "February Photo Challenge", and let share some feedback here in this thread!

Have fun!

ksuwildkat PRO 6 years ago
Love the challenge

This was during the recent storms in California

big wave spray

I took this today in Big Sur
First fall

I got lucky that the shade from the trees meant I didnt have to use a ND filter.
mawa_73527 PRO 6 years ago

Took this in Zurich train station!
tonymangerie PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by tonymangerie (member) 6 years ago
Dance-17 by tonymangerie

This was taken during the Yuletide International Dance Championships on New Year's Day.
AlisVolat 6 years ago
Ocean Shores 15

Taken during a photo walk near Byron Bay, Australia.
gracust PRO 6 years ago

Grand Union Canal, Buckinghamshire
Alex Rensen PRO 6 years ago

taken indoors ;)...

Taken it when driving in a car at 70 mph....
Pixel Predator 6 years ago
This challenge has finnaly given me the motivation to try one of my favorite photo techniqes. This was my first time trying it which was fun yet i got to stand in 50*F water in the Jupiter Florida inlet for 1 1/2 hours, but I will do whatever it takes to get the shot as i am not afraid to drag a tripod out into public while getting some weird looks. Thanks for the challenge and I will be submitting a few more that i took with my film camera as I do both film and digital photography.
tomdabom007 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by tomdabom007 (member) 6 years ago

So how does one go about getting their actual image to post along with your text comments?

This has benn a VERY frustrating experience...

BTW: This linked photo is my February Photo Challenge entry.
Vivica Shade 6 years ago
Driving Down Forest Park Parkway by Vivica Shade

Taken the other day while driving down Forest Park Parkway in St. Louis, MO. I didn't think the photo came out right until I uploaded it to my computer.
Pixel Predator 6 years ago
here is another motion water photo that i just took today
Lino Steenkamp 6 years ago
Spanish Train? by Lino Steenkamp


Love the challenge, Shot before work at Rondebosch station close to Cape Town

Ianmoran1970 6 years ago
Possibly not long enough to be truly 'long' exposure, but long enough to get speed blur...

Pepsi max big one, Blackpool
mensch7 (Dennis) PRO 6 years ago
Getting Out.

Just for fun
AusCowDog 6 years ago
Exposure Time = 2"
F Number = F4.5
Exposure Program = Manual
ISO Speed Ratings = 200
~~Lou~~ PRO 6 years ago
We don't see snow very often in Georgia, but when we do, the kiddos sure know how to make the most out of it....

I love this shot, but it was taken around noon and the sun was out in full force, so what was left of the snow is bright, bright, bright

Michael Fiyalko 6 years ago
Hmmm ok. This is my first time posting to a group on Flickr. Lets see if I get it right.

1. Here is my motion picture;
Passing a castle by Michael Fiyalko

2. Here is my long exposure picture. Poor model (friend) had to stay still for at least 10 seconds;

puliarf PRO 6 years ago
Long exposure, the stream below Nojoqui Falls, northern Santa Barbara County, CA
Nojoqui Falls Stream by puliarf
puliarf PRO 6 years ago
Motion: Popularly viewed panning shot of Lance Armstrong during the 2009 Amgen Tour of California cycling race, Solvang, CA
Lance Armstrong -2009 Tour of California by puliarf
♥ JJ [deleted] 6 years ago
ksuwildkat PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by ksuwildkat (member) 6 years ago
One last one for the challenge

Which one?

This is a 10 second exposure just before sunset. I processed it in Lightroom with Matt's Sin City to highlight the "sinset" :)
Edward E. Gardner 6 years ago
February Photo Challenge.

Watermill by Edward E. Gardner
Sharon LuVisi 6 years ago
February Photo Challenge

40/365 by Sharon LuVisi


Ferris Wheel by Sharon LuVisi


Whirligig by Sharon LuVisi
UGPhotos 6 years ago
Here is my entry for the February "motion" challenge. I took this while driving through King's Canyon. This is my first entry but I'm looking forward to many more.

Driving in King's Canyon by UGPhotos
a6a6 6 years ago
Hello all.
My first post.
My first photo entry.
Here is my entry.
It was taken in Hell's Kitchen.
Total Noob.
Welcome to all constructive criticism and any tips anyone has to offer.
thanks .a6a6

Shai Y Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Shai Y (member) 6 years ago
Hello all.
I am a long time reader but a first time poster. :D

This was taken in the underground car park at the Venetian Hotel Resort in Macau.
It was nice and dim with sporadic roof lighting. Perfect to try out a moving long exposure.

1 second exposure

Great to finally get in to the community
Any thoughts and suggestions on any of my photos are very welcome.

Murffyp 6 years ago
Light Trails:

Beyond MegaPixels February Submission by Murffyp

Taken February 8th 2010 from the roof of my building. If you're really perceptive, you'll notice one of our two suspension bridges in the distance.

10 second exposure using remote shutter release/tripod
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