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STICKY 9+ Level 3 awards? -- post here to get your invite to Level 4

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Pat's Pics36 is a group administrator Pat's Pics36 says:

Do you have 9 or more of the valid Level 3 awards (shown below)?

Awards received at Level 1 and Level 2 do not count for Level 3.

This is the valid award icon:

Congratulations on making
Better Than Good - Level 3

...and post your photos here
for your special invitation to
Better Than Good - Level 4

The banner will look like this:

Please post to Better Than Good - Level 4

Click on the blue Accept invite button to send your photo to Level 4. Then click on the link in this invite to take you to Level 4 so you can award at least 5 other photos immediately after posting your own photo.

Once your image has received an admin invitation to Better Than Good - Level 3, it will be removed from this thread.

Note: Photo MUST be in the group pool in order to receive promotion to next level.

Images that do not qualify will be removed without warning or notice.
Incomplete awards--those that do not show the group logo image--do not count. Sometimes this is a Flickr-related problem and you may contact the member who left the award and ask them to replace it--again, awards MUST be complete to count. Thanks

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Joanne-V is a group administrator Joanne-V says:

PROMOTION STATUS (time posted in EDT):
April 15 @ 9:47 am (jv)
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Fernando Ortiz Verdu says:

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maurosnaier says:

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