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Anthony Will photos 4:49am, 9 April 2008
Please post any q&a here
moemoechi 9 years ago
wow! I didn't know that we can already post videos here

thank you so much
Twitchietai 9 years ago
It was only a matter of time! This is really cool
RaffWizard in Wonderland Posted 9 years ago. Edited by RaffWizard in Wonderland (member) 9 years ago
I joined this group but I think that Flickr must be a site for photos ONLY.
There are many other sites dedicated to videos so this is a way for Yahoo to enter in competition with them...
We have already billions of photo to watch that one's life it is not enough...

novus2007 9 years ago
I've recently signed up to You Tube but I'm not really into "real videos" - my videos are more like slideshows. Thanks for the invite, Anthony. I've just learnt how to upload videos on Flickr. I will have a go in a few minutes.
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