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Greetings to all!
I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Elaine and I live near Chicago, Illinois in the USA. I have 2 dogs; Annie, my sweet german shepard and Dallas, my cutie pie cocker spaniel! Looking forward to being a part of such a nice group!
Katalin Réz PRO 7 years ago
Hello Elaine!
Welcome in our group!
Use free this group and comment codes... enjoy well her.
Regards and Flickr hug to Annie and Dallas too (: :
from Budapest: Kati
from Pécs (beautiful city in Hungary too) János
Hi everybody! My name is Lili and mu Golden retriver 's name is Dana, a three year old female who makes my life so enjoyable.
We live in Argentina and it is a pleasure to share this group with you.
Thanks a lot for your invite!
Katalin Réz PRO 7 years ago
You are wellcome!
Enjoy here well! (:
Kati and János from Hungary
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