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Steps for posting picture
1) Select the picture in the photostream for which you have received the awards
2) Click on the "All Sizes" icon above the picture
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4) Just below the small sized picture, you will find "Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage" which has a textbox with the HTML code.
5) Copy this code and paste it in the Photo award thread.

You are the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER .. Congratulations ..

Best of Nature - 6+ Award
joeyjoe1 8 years ago
Thank you to everyone!!

The face of a dragonfly
Tarique Sani 8 years ago
Thanks everyone - my first in this thread :-)
Papilio demoleus
chetty3 8 years ago
Thank you
On One Leg!
Blue Iris Macro
joeyjoe1 8 years ago
Thank you very much to all
gemmamio PRO 8 years ago
Thanks everybody!

Natural Bridges Beach #1 [Santa Cruz]
Sri ..... !! 8 years ago
Deep Red Millipede - Curled Up
~♥~Kandy~♥~ 8 years ago
After The Rain X2!
wwwtorres 8 years ago

Sunrise - Nahuel Huapi Lake
Julezwerg PRO 8 years ago
Sky Fox Photography 8 years ago
Thank Y'all so much! XOXO

Decent of the Male Osprey
pfüll 8 years ago
Thanks for your nice comments.
Giraffe :-) by pfüll
Tharangini 8 years ago
Pretty Pink
whatUthinkin Posted 8 years ago. Edited by whatUthinkin (member) 8 years ago
Thanks again everybody

Frog by the Pond by whatUthinkin
Sri ..... !! 8 years ago
Thanks everybody... !!

Tabernaemontana Flower
nikmd [deleted] 8 years ago
Sri ..... !! 8 years ago
Thanks everyone..!

Aged Battered Tailed Jay (Graphium agememnon menides) Butterfly (Pale wings indicate that)
dagutzyone  8 years ago
lily kissed by lite
pawprints 8 years ago
thank you so much everyone
butterfly beauty by pawprints
Musickscapes Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Musickscapes (member) 8 years ago
2009-09-27 dewdewdewdew 199w
Thank you so very much! WOW.
Sri ..... !! 8 years ago
Yellow Cosmos Flower
Autumn-Sky by Hot Shots Sports Photography

Thank you all!
kenjonbro PRO 8 years ago
Synchronised sleeping

Thanks for the awards!
Sri ..... !! 8 years ago
Thanks everyone...

Water Lily
Sri ..... !! 8 years ago
Thanks again..

Sunbird feeding on Ants
notes-on-vision PRO 7 years ago
On The Wing
CarreraCaballo  6 years ago
Thank you for the highly appreciated invitation :-)

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