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Contest Purpose
The purpose of the EOL Image Contest is to contribute to human appreciation for biodiversity and to have fun with your pictures while doing so. Competing with other photo-nuts adds to the excitement of this momentous undertaking, and it's fun to see what people come up with for the different contest topics.

This is also a place for all of us to improve as photographers and naturalists, so feedback is highly appreciated and encouraged. Please leave your comments on the photo pages themselves, not in the contest thread. That way they will stay with the photo and keep the thread clean.

Periodically, generally on Mondays evening Eastern US Time (GMT-5) an administrator will announce the contest for the following week, which will be based on a theme or technique. There is only 1 contest open at any point in time, in its own discussion thread on the Encyclopedia of Life Images homepage. All members vote to select the photos that should go to the Best of EOL Images pool.

Members will have until the following Monday evening to select and submit their image. Members may submit ONE (1) entry into the competition.

When submissions are closed, we will open the competition for voting. Members will be able to vote until the following Monday evening (1-week) when we will close the voting thread and count the votes. The winner (and runner-ups) will be announced afterward.

Conditions for photos competing in the weekly contest:
• You must be a member of the Encyclopedia of Life Images group
• Your image must already be in the EOL Images pool (after all that's still the focus of the group)
• Your images must conform with EOL Images protocol. That means they must have an accepted CC license (no “All Rights Reserves” or NoDeriv please) and must bear at least one machine tag. See the group homepage instructions (scroll down) for more information.
• See Submission Instructions for details on submitting your image.

• You may only vote once, and the photo with the most votes is the winner.
• When the voting week has closed, an administrator will change the thread status from VOTE to CLOSED.
• See Voting Instructions for instructions on voting.

• It bears mentioning that there are SO MANY excellent images in our pool that you should not be disheartened if you don't win. Try again, and keep posting all images to our group, regardless of prize-worthiness! :-)
• Winners will be invited to post their winning image to the Best of EOL Images group.
• Winning images will get a prominent display on the front page of the main Encyclopedia of Life Images group and they will be posted to the EOL Facebook page.
• See Winner Instructions for instructions on what to do once you have won a contest.
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