Larry_Rothfeder 11:41am, 27 July 2010
I realize I'm a bit out of my league in this group. I just wanted to thank all the great photographers here who let me play in your sandbox and provide respectful and very helpful critiques of my work. This is a terrific learning experience and also a lot of fun!
Adam Clutterbuck 6 years ago
I'm really glad you feel that way - and don't underestimate the value that you yourself are adding with your thoughtful critiques!
BigFuzzy PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by BigFuzzy (member) 6 years ago
yeah, thanks for your comments on my photos, it's always good to see another perspective... even if I disagree haha! That's the fun of it! Glad you're getting something out of it!

PS by replying, I'm in no way saying I'm a "master photographer" by the way haha.
Jakob Tragardh PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Jakob Tragardh (member) 6 years ago
Hi Larry, it sounds like you are leaving the group? If so Iam asking you to stay around and keep on commenting with your likewise »helpful critiques«. We are all in the same sandbox here and then some, the 100 best get in there, but even the contenders get a lot of comments, meaningful critique etc. Regards Jakob Tragardh
Larry_Rothfeder 6 years ago
Hi Jakob

Just noticed this response. Thanks for the encouragement, and, no, I'm not leaving.
Matt Madd PRO 5 years ago
thanks to Adam for keeping this grp alive....!
Mamooli PRO 5 years ago
Actually i have to say , this is only group that the comments are helpfull and I can learn a lot from the people here.
Thank u Adam and other users for the comments :-)
Si Withington 5 years ago
Here here.... spread the love :)
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