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  • Vi lunchbox, the first foldable lunchbox

    Hello everybody!! We are a group of 3 students from Rome and we are creating t...

    Vi.Lunchbox16 months ago0 replies

  • I have Bento Boxes!

    I love Bento but hate plastic, so I found the premier box maker in Japan and ask...

    finulamccaul@gmail.com35 months ago0 replies

  • shopping for bento in NY/NJ area?

    all this talk of shopping for bento IRL has me jealous! Anyone know Fort Lee ...

    for Joke!41 months ago11 replies

  • Hello BENTO fans!

    Hello. I am now producing a TV program, called “BENTO EXPO”, which will be a...

    mocoz47 months ago0 replies

  • Call for new admins of this group

    This is Matthew from the Community Team at Flickr HQ. With all the recent cha...

    Matthew Almon Roth55 months ago1 replies

  • Swap

    Hi anyone like to swap bento goodies??

    fauvevanmaanen57 months ago1 replies

  • Why do you bento?

    Just curious to find out why we all make bento. How did you start/find out ab...

    mamichan62 months ago13 replies

  • Disappearing Photos

    The last few days when I log in I can't see any of the photos in the communities...

    gfbentomom68 months ago0 replies

  • What's happening?

    I've been doing bento all by my lonely self here in Texas for about 3 years. I'm...

    veggiebento70 months ago14 replies

  • Newbie to packed lunches.

    Hello there, I'm Marcus and I just started working in an office, and if possible...

    mchangin73 months ago4 replies

  • Hi! I'm a new member!

    I started doing boxed lunches- pinoy style for the last 3 months. Pinoy or Filip...

    A Mother's Bento74 months ago2 replies

  • Hi there~

    I´m a german Bento-loving girl with a japanese husband and two kids. I love co...

    long way to japan75 months ago0 replies

  • Hello Everyone :)

    Hi, I'm a UK based bento danshi (bento guy). I have been making bento for just...

    Kiisu2377 months ago1 replies

  • looking for bento supplies

    Im in Brampton does anyone know of any bento supply retailers in my area?

    foxylady1378 months ago2 replies

  • Introducing new bento product for kids - Yumbox

    Hi guys, I want to introduce our new bento inspired product, Yumbox. I will b...

    MaiaNeumann84 months ago0 replies

  • Hi everyone! I am new.

    Hello everyone, Every bento looks so yummy~~~~~~!! I am very happy to look at ...

    Bento Journal84 months ago1 replies

  • Hi, everyone

    I am a new member here! nice to meet you all ^^

    Ae-K86 months ago0 replies

  • Hi everyone, new here! Any bento stores in Indiana??

    Hi everybody, I can't get over the pretty photos. I just recently made my first ...

    bentoaddict86 months ago7 replies

  • Hello! Newbie here!

    I think that this is a great site where we can share our Obento ideas. I am half...

    morihime86 months ago0 replies

  • Ohayo!

    I love how bentos are made.

    hugsandpistachio87 months ago1 replies

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