CreativeMommy / SherriWhite 8:40am, 29 October 2007
I know most of the members from those I invited from my contacts - but alot of you that I invited are new to me

So here goes

I'm Sherri
30 years old - Mom to an almost 2 year old Daughter
who of course is my inspiration
Love photography and being Creative in any way I can
Trying to plow into the Photography Business one step at
a time - loving every minute of it and excited about where its
all going

Anyway I loved painting my Belly while Pregnant -
especially since I love to paint -
I think everyone should try it atleast once - it was
a wonderful experience
Since I'm not pregnant now - nor plan to be anytime
soon -LOL - I will be painting my daughter's belly for
the time being
- which she LOVES for me to do

I am doing this mostly for fun but also for practice
since I plan to offer Belly Art as a part of my Maternity
Sessions once I start my Biz

Anyway your turn to introduce yourself . . . .
ajnphotography 10 years ago
Hi all,

My name is Anthony. I am a photographer specializing in Newborn and Pregnancy photography. I am based in Vancovuer, Wa but will travel to Porland, Or on accasion.

I found this group and have wanted to find out more about this fun and exciting addition to my photography offering. I am here to get ideas and gain any insights.

Currently, I am a stay at home dad to my 5 year old daughter Zoe and hope to be a "famous" photographer someday....haha. ;)

Okay now for the shameless plug :) for my photography business:
Welcoming NEW members

Just added 30 something new members today
michaelazeng 9 years ago
Hi my name is Michaela Zeng. I´m a bodypaintingartist and live and paint in Lampertheim, that´s in the southwest of Germany . I´m painting bellies and full bodies. But painting a pregnant woman is always a wonderful experience. In the future I will show more photos of my works, my photoarchive is full with bellypaintings.
Always happy painting
Welcome new Members !!
Art Bellies [deleted] 8 years ago
Hello - Michael and Paola here of Art Bellies - a new take on Belly Art.

We use the pregnant form to create art prints - using the pregnant silhouette as the theme. This is meant to compliment traditional pregnant photographs and belly painting/ belly tattooing.

We would love to hear feedback and if anyone is interested in more information, please visit us at:
AmericaninDeutschland Posted 8 years ago. Edited by AmericaninDeutschland (member) 8 years ago
Hello Im Stefanie. I live in Germany but was born in America. I used to work for all of the Florida theme parks doing face painting but now that I live in Germany I just do some free lance belly painting when I can. Just had my first baby January 2009
Hello there :)
I'm Anika, 28, mother to 2 crazy little monkeys, a military wife, german and living in the US and a serious photography addict :)
I'm just starting out and I love CC and learning from all of you guys!
Here's my blog
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