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**Natasha L** 7:08pm, 28 July 2006
Hello new members,
feel free to introduce yourself here and maybe you'll even make new friends!
Thanks for joining us!
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NatashiaLee [deleted] 5 years ago
Hi all, I'm Natashia. I started Photography around mid 2011, I'm mostly into macro and portaits! I also do digital art and you can find me on Deviant Art.
colonelsanders1 5 years ago
Hello, My name is William. I got my camera around mid 2010. I am like the abandon building pictures
cooperfl 5 years ago
My name is Cooper and I just got a new camera in January, and have just started taking photos. I'm interested in taking a class and am looking for any tips/pointers/criticism
jdr23 5 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm Judz from the Philippines.Our family just got a Canon EOS 600D DSLR Camera Twin IS Lens Kit. Hope we can learn from each other here...and explore the wonderful & exciting world of photography :)
Jaylin W. 5 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm Jaylin from Florida. I just started taking pictures October 2011 and being a photographer is one of my goals in life. I can't wait to learn more about photographers and share some of my pictures with others. :]
The_TokkO 5 years ago
Hi! I'm Will from Germany.
Nice to meet all of you.
Xiao Din Dang 5 years ago
Hi! I am Yao Wen from Singapore. I started photography on 2010 December. I take photography as my hobby.
123sreein 5 years ago
hi friends i am sree from India,i am new in photography.
Kaduk_an 5 years ago
hi just to share my photo.
Just learning..
Thiago A Pereira 5 years ago
Hello, my name is Thiago and I'm from Brazil...

I'm also a new photography learning and doing the basics of it.

Hope to see good pics and learn something here =)

Thank you
Autumn Hoang 5 years ago
I'm Autumn and I got hooked on photography a few months ago :) After yearsof staring in awe at people's photos, I finally decided to take up photography myself and actually produce sth. My photos are not of great quality of course, but I shoot for the sheer fun of it :D
Towkir 5 years ago
Elo! Myself Towkir from Bangladesh.

You people must have heard my name :P.
If not well then here I am.
Jokes apart,pleasure meeting you all
Riff Renton 5 years ago
G'day I am from Australia
I have always had a passion for photography but only ever had basic point and shoot cameras.
In the last few months I have purchased a DSLR and have been reading a stack of articles and browsed thousands and thousands of photos to get my ball rolling.
G'day and nice to meet you all.
JasonTraynor 5 years ago
Hey, my name is Jason and i'm from Northern Ireland, i'm pretty much a beginner but I love it! I want to learn everyday and take more and more shots and share my experiences along the way.
CYWongX Posted 5 years ago. Edited by CYWongX (member) 5 years ago
Hello everybody my name is Henry n I'm from Illinois USA. I started around summer. I just started posting pics on light graffiti n other random pics this month. I'm trying to post at least 3 good pics a week.
Now to talk about my self, I"m between 14 years old n have huge interest in photography. I recently got my first camera on my birthday. Although I got a Canon t3i even though I wanted to get the Canon 5d Mark II. But now the Mark III is out I'm glad I make the dessicion to get a T3i.Even though I'm still a kid please don't under estimate me ;).
O-JD 5 years ago
I'm Debjyoti from Mumbai, India.
I'm a rank beginner and have been learning using a Canon Powershot Compact camera. Just recently have I acquired a DSLR.
WezD PRO 5 years ago
Hey Im Wez,

Quite new to photography. Bought a cheap bridge camera last year and it just wasnt giving me the results I wanted. Ive recently got a Nikon d5100 so really getting into it. Looking for like minded people to share experiences feedback.
stillwakingup. 5 years ago
Hello everyone! I'm new to this group, just joined.
My name is Gabby, I'm 13 years old & have a passion for photography! I'm using a Canon EOS 600D camera. I'm hoping to get more experience & travel to London & Paris when I graduate from school, to attend the photography school in London. :)
taspiras 5 years ago
Hello everyone! I'm new to Flickr and this group. I'm relatively new to photography, and would hope to become a much better photographer. I'm currently starting a 365 day project and would like to share my photos and passion for photography.
amywimpee 5 years ago
Hi, all. I'm amy. yes, another newbie and would appreciate any feedback and direction. super inspired by the great photos!
NEEREN2012 5 years ago
Hello guys

My names Renoy Ghosh . I'am an engineering passout interested in photography and editing . I use mobile phone cams / digital cameras to take pics . and use photoshop/picnik to edit them as needed . Do check out my photos if you can and support my page in afecbook if you dont mind :))

Please support my page in facebook

David-J-Ferguson 5 years ago
Hi all,
Im a novice in photography (using a Nikon L120) and im very keen to learn the tecnical aspects to improve my shots before upgrading. I would appreciate any constructive feedback on my images... ;)
Spam7304 [deleted] 5 years ago
Hi everyone,
I am a complete beginner but very keen and enthusiastic. Any advise given will be greatly appreciated.
I am living in Blyth, Northumberland so expect lots of pictures of the coast.

chr1smael [deleted] 5 years ago
Hi!!! I'm Christine Mae, I`m a Filipino-Canadian and I'm new to Flickr.

I guess you can say I'm a beginner at photography. I have always love it, even when I only owned one of those point and shoot cameras.

When I was in Grade 12, I took a photography course at school (Film Photography). I really enjoyed it, and it lead to me getting my first DSLR.

Nice to meet you all!
fstoaldo 5 years ago
Hello! I'm Flávio and live in Brazil.

I'm just starting in photography, looking for information in every kind of source. Bought a Rebel t2i and start shooting with the kit lens (18 -135).

I'll be thankful if my photos receive any kind of critics, good or bad, I just want to increase my skills and help you all in any way that is possible.

Thank you all!
Boab Skinner 5 years ago
Hello all,

I'm Boab from Scotland,

I've just been bitten by the dslr bug, please rate my added pics.

More to come,

ClickKen04 5 years ago
Hi Natasha,
my name is Ken from Ireland, not sure you know me :D or any of my Photos :D or any comments I may have left on yours :D but one of these days I will get round to it..........

You are a Dark horse, a moderator of a group no less....mmmm...
You kept that quiet, lol

Can I join, can I submit......can I comment... so many questions......lolol

Well done to you!

robertdickinsonphoto [deleted] 5 years ago
hi im robert
im from Leeds UK i study multimedia at leeds met university final year for me i have a big passion for photography and joined back with flickr to get my photos out there, also decided to get a pro account for the extra benefits.

anyways hope u like my images that will post and feel free to visit my blog :)
Classebruun 5 years ago

I'm new to photography and would appreciate some advice on my pictures. My pictures are maybe not the most artistic ones, i'm trying out different tips and trix i get.

Karl, Denmark
James M. Wood 5 years ago
Hey peoples,

I'm James, Brit living in Spain and I am a beginner. Had my SLR since January and viewing some of the photo's you guys have up here makes me think "Y'all are beginners?!" lol Anyway, I look forward to viewing your photographs and hopefully, getting some free advice along the way!

Toodles for now!
AmongTheBlessed PRO 5 years ago
I new here and new to DSLR photography - learning as I shoot and having so much fun!

I'm from the Midwest, USA
riqwammy 5 years ago
Hi, I'm Renee. I have owned a digital point and shoot for years. My 18 year old son got into photography a couple years ago. This past Christmas he upgraded and I got his Nikon D3000! So I am very new at taking photos with a "real" camera. My photography is mediocre, but I think I am improving! I just purchased a Nikon 40mm lens so I am excited about being able to get macro shots!
**Natasha L** 5 years ago
Welcome everyone!!!

@Ken: lol! been an admin here for a while now, it says so on my profile!! :-D Good to see you here!
srinathpoduri 5 years ago
Hello everyone this is srinath from india,like u guys i'm also very passionate about photography.....
JoeSnoop PRO 5 years ago
Hello everyone, I'm Jose. I'm from New York, currently in Japan. I'm new to DSLR, and I'm enjoying every aspect of it. Looking forward to looking at some images.
Keinch91 [deleted] 5 years ago
Hi I'm Marc

I'm from a town in England called Aylesbury and am a enthusiastic beginner to photography. This group is just what I need to kickstart my flickr experience and start mingling with the flickr community! :) Looking forward to it all.
Andrea del Mancino 5 years ago
Hello everyone! I'm Andrea and i'm from Pisa, Italy. Nice to meet all of you! ;)
the_orange_girl 5 years ago
hi, everyone! I'm Orange from Indonesia. Still need a lot to learn. This group seems to be a very friendly group
coops4551 (Andrew) 5 years ago
Hi everyone.... I'm Andrew from Yorkshire in England. Only been taking photos for 2 months and loving every minute of it....... Any tips or comments about any of my pictures would be really appreciated. Thanks.
Sweet Key'z 5 years ago
Hi everyone, i'm Chris from London in the UK.. haven't been taking picture long at all and still trying to learn the foundations of photography but love just going out and capturing the world through a lens.. would love some feed back on a few pictures i have put up, new to flickr but will be looking round and asking for advice an tips on everyones creativity skills if thats ok?! Thanks
Achintha Dahanayake 5 years ago
Hi Everyone.. I,m Achintha from Sri Lanka and I'm a biginner to the photography.. Nice to meet you all and hoping to learn from you guys. your tips and comments would be really really appreciated. Thank you
Luckynash 5 years ago
Hey guys! I'm Nash from Philippines! Nice to be here in this group. :-)
johnmcd1234 5 years ago
Hi, I am John. I am new to DSLR. Learning as I go. Please feel free to comment and critique my photos. I only want to get better.
Meeelinda 5 years ago
Hello everyone! I'm Melinda, I own a DSLR I got it as a gift almost a year ago. Just recently I decided to pick it up and start using it. I took a DSLR class and learned a little about it and I know there is much more I need to learn. Please do share your tips and comments I would really appreciate it :).
Fez- 5 years ago
hellow peeps! Fez here

newbie to photography but i love it with passion and plan to polish my skills well, i live in the city of Los Angeles, CA
just turned 19, freshman in college and uhm yeah thats pretty much it! i'd love to make friends on here
skydog123 5 years ago
Hi everyone mike here new to this picture taking lark, love it so far but need tips and lots of critique of my efforts, all recived with thanks as i see it as the only way forward
cadetlok 5 years ago
Hi I'm Matt.. I'm pretty new to photography and I'm really interested in black and white photos. Hope I can learn a lot from being in this group..


Any feedback would be much appreciated
jtcollings 5 years ago
Hi, Im JT, im completely new to photography, always loved art and drawing and wanted to take up a new hobby and learn something new. I have been so inspired by other photographers on here and I know there is alot I have to learn so any comments, tips etc. would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys
Víctor Parra 5 years ago
Hi! Victor from Spain here, hoping to learn as much as I can from all of you ;)
Mavs96 5 years ago
Hey!! I am Mavy from Maldives and I am 15! I decided to take up a new hobby and well photography was what i chose..!! =)
I'm hoping to learn as much as possible from here!! =D
Gedas14 5 years ago
Hello! My name is Gedas, I'm from Panevėžys, Lithuania.
Just taking pictures and having fun ;)
Phederico 5 years ago
Hola Amigos
Ciao a tutti
Hi everyone!! I'm Federico from Rome. New entry in this group.
I hope you all like my photo. I'm gonna take a look at yours.
See u.
Sarah Louise Kirkup 5 years ago
Hello All,
My name is Sarah, I have recently bought a Nikon 3100D and am having lots of fun. I don't own any photo editing software but hope to soon.I am just starting to find out how varied and wonderful photography can be, feel as though I have a lot to learn. I would appreciate any feedback or advice, especially with regard to food blog photography and exposure settings. x
RANKS 1970 PRO 5 years ago
Hi peps i am RANKS 1970 and i live in Tottenham in the UK,new to this i have a nikon d5100 and its the best thing i have done in a long time.
Ricky Dyer 5 years ago
Hi all im Ricky from Warrington, England. Im currently using my Panasonic Lumix G3 but im new to photography so im still getting used to things. Hopefully you'll enjoy some of my shots
potato_k 5 years ago
Hi , I'm Kota and from Japan. Recently I'm so interested in photography. Hope to share photos and learn about photography more and more.
Nice to meet all of you!!
Ade T Photography 5 years ago
Hi, newbie that is doing his best, so be gentle with comments but I do like honesty so please tell me if I could have set the camera settings better, thank You hope you enjoy my Pictures and please leave lots of comments :)
newqgirl 5 years ago
Hi, I like this discussion!

I am Michelle, from UK. I've been taking photos for years but i've only recently started to think about what makes a good image and how to improve the quality of my own photos. I'm getting married in South America this summer and would love to have some amazing pics so please do be critical, I'd love to hear what you have to say! (",)
kirstenvdnoordaa 5 years ago
Hello! My name is Kirsten, I'm from Northern Virginia, USA. I've always loved traveling, photography and beautiful photos, but budget has always limited my camera options. But I make do with my small digital cameras, and I think I still end up with some pretty good shots :) I'm hoping my parents will catch my hints and maybe (cross your fingers) I'll get an SLR camera for college graduation next month!
MateusLopes 5 years ago
Hello everyone, i'm Mateus from Brazil, i have been taking pictures for sometime already with my P&S camera, hope to get an upgrade to an DSLR soon, just trying to take some good pictures, learn good tricks and stuff and have fun with photography. :)
jandlphotos [deleted] 5 years ago
Hi...Linda & Jerald here...Just wanted to introduce ourselves! We are newly married and have started a new hobby together.. Hope you enjoy our pictures. Nice meeting everyone! -J&L
KarMaGoBlue 5 years ago
Hi I'm Karli! Studying engineering in Ann Arbor, MI. My older sister is a professional photographer and sparked my interest in photography as a hobby. Looking forward to improving/developing skills!
HD Lofton 5 years ago
howdy, just starting out and learning. happy to be here. if someone has time look through my set and give me some feedback.

nikjpenny 5 years ago
Hi I'm Nicola from the UK. Took up photography as a hobby at the beginning of the year. Absolutely love it. I am eager to learn, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers x
villageidiot118 5 years ago
Hi, I'm Matt. Student based in Portsmouth during term and Durham when it's not. Just getting into photography again after a year or two break from it. Just looking for some feedback and making a few friends along the way!
stevenr4y 5 years ago
Hi, I am Steven, from Saga Japan. Just discovered an interest things in photography and want to learn more.
zannakos1989 [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by zannakos1989 (member) 5 years ago
Hi I am Ramon, from the Netherlands. Currently living in Denmark. I am new in photography and i am gonna buy my first DSLR in 2 weeks ! I am really excited to take, and share my pictures with you guys!
kathleenn75 5 years ago
Hi, I am Kathleen from North Carolina. I bought a camera awhile back when I became interested in photography. I have been taking pictures since I was a little girl, but now I want to learn how to really photograph. I really enjoy looking through others pictures as well.
Yolix71 5 years ago
Hi I'm from the UK but living in Italy. Finally bought my DSLR and learning photography. completely obsessed with it..... any feedback would be very useful.
Treesha Duncan 5 years ago
Hi , I am Treesha from Texas. Look forward to viewing and learning along with everyone else.
Chop_Suey_Stuey 5 years ago
Hi all, I'm new to photography...and Flickr...and Twitter for that fact, so please bare with me! I bought a Fuji Finepix S4240 bridge camera last week - love it! would like to upgrade to a DLSR eventually when I've learnt more. Just thought I'd say hello, it would be great to get to know a few people on here, don't be shy! hope to chat soon.
StephanieZPhotography [deleted] 5 years ago
Hello, I'm fairly new to flickr. I have been into photography since 2007. I am still learning. I am self taught.
abhi.gupt4 5 years ago
Hello, I am Abhi from India. Nice to meet you all!
foreign_amateur 5 years ago
Hi, I am Jane from Russia. A few months ago I bought my new camera Canon 550D. I like photography since I was a teenager. Now I really would like to learn more about photography. I am looking forward to any feedback and making new friends.
Leo Kuranaga 5 years ago
Hi I'm Leo Kuranaga from Tokyo Japan.
I've just started taking photos about a month ago.
I don't know much about photography but I'm enjoying taking pictures.
Nice to meet you all!
country bond 5 years ago
Hi all, I'm Rob from Devon but am in the amazing city that is London. Am new to the photography scene and have seen some great stuff on here so will hopefully be able to contribute - feel free to drop me a line and I would welcome any comments (even mean ones if they are helpful)
iijzgte 5 years ago
Hi everybody, I'm Hussam From Bahrain. I'm new to digital photography but very interested to improve myself i joined this group to participate in this learning process to be a better photographer. I always welcome any comments so feel free to comment.
Hi Guys, Im Rob from South Wales,

I am reasonably new to photography of any sort, so I started a couple of months ago with an old Kodak Bridge camera and just upgraded to my first SLR, I would welcome any comments, criticisms or tips you can give me, I am trying to learn
E_Dilla 5 years ago
Hello everybody!

I'm Ed from Cebu, Philippines. I'm a photography enthusiast, planning to make it as a second course after finishing architecture. Any comments or tips you can give me are very much welcome! Great photos from the group BTW. :)
SebastienBachelet 5 years ago
Hi everyone, I am an anthropology student from France/Scotland who has just moved to Morocco to do some research, I am trying myself at digital photography in my spare time (so the things I try to capture are not really related to my work, it is mostly to think about other things and enjoy myself). I am a beginner so criticisms (good and also/especially bad) are more than welcome. Cheers. Seb
The Wandering Jen 5 years ago
Hey guys,

I'm Jen from Germany. I just started getting into photography 2 months ago when I arrived in this beautiful country (Finland) and wanted to capture its awesomeness to show friends and family. Any tips and comments are highly appreciated :-)
Andrew M Gilmore PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Andrew M Gilmore (member) 5 years ago
Hello. New-ish to both photography and this group. I'm a journalist and editor based in Ireland, but I'm about to go back to University to do a Master's in Politics.

If you're short of contacts add me! I'll add you back :)
Caroline Laj. 5 years ago

I'm Caroline from Canada. I'm new to photography and really enjoy it. I don't enjoy the frustration of trying to keep all things working together for the best shot (ie, ISO, aperture, shutter speed....and on and on...). For the time being it's a hit and a miss. :) So I'm hoping to get some good advice here. One day it will all make sense. :)
J Plentl 5 years ago
Hey y'all! I'm new to flickr, but have been in love with photography since a young age. I am also hoping to get some good advice here. One of these days I would like to be a professional photographer but I am taking it one day at a time. :)
iShaqawi 5 years ago
Hello everyone,
This is Abdul. I'm Saudi living in Ohio. I'm very interesting in Photography. I just joined flicker to learn, watch, and share. I'm willing to hear from you so I can improve my photos. I think we will have FUN.
Amanda RaeS Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Amanda RaeS (member) 5 years ago
Hi everyone,
I'm from Florida. I'm new to the group and photography. I'm trying to learn and upgrade from your every day snap shot. So far I'm having lots of fun. It's funny how you start to see simple things differently with a camera in your hand. I would appreciate any imput on my pics that can help me grow as a photographer.

If u need contacts please add me, I'll add back :)
Wpardue777 PRO 5 years ago
Hello, Wayne from Louisiana, USA.. somewhat new to photography, in a serious sense I should say.. Am looking to grow as a photography and better my skills.. so far so good,but feel I need more guidance.. thanks
~CJ Campbell 5 years ago
Hello everybody. I'm CJ (and I'm from Kentucky, USA. I joined the group hoping I could pick up some tips and become better at photography. I also love looking at others photos! My name in flickr is Rileah'sMom. Rileah is my Golden Retriever and one of my photographing subjects :-)
Arlene Merida [deleted] 5 years ago
Hi guys, I'm Arlene, also a newbie in the art of photography. I hope that we can learn a lot from each other, as well as gain new friends with the same hobby :)
Hi Folks I am Rachid, amateur/enthusiast. Owned in the past a canon Eos 1000D with 18 - 55 kit.

Then moved to 60D with 50mm f1.8 and tamron wide Angle, planning to get a wicked 70-200 f2.8L, I mostly shoot outdoor portraits, sports, and wildlife
Chriz.LY 5 years ago
HELLO ! I'm chris from bavaria - germany. love lookin at other photography & love to shoot with my nikon d90. lookin forward to get some advice and inspiration.regards to all !
well uhh... PRO 5 years ago
Oh Haiii Todd,
ahaha well uhh...
whaddup :)
Minh-Chau Doan 5 years ago
hi, i'm Minh-Chau from the U.S. I am a beginning photographer with a sony h9!
Tyseen 5 years ago
Hello all ..Tyseen here .. just got rebel t3i . looking forward to your advice
Vaibhav_N 5 years ago
Hello everyone, im Vaibhav from New Delhi.
**Natasha L** 5 years ago
hello!! welcome everyone!!
Jon The Picturer Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Jon The Picturer (member) 5 years ago
Hi Everybody! I'm Jon, but my nickname is FelsenPhoto, but I'm not always sure if this nick is the best, and I sometimes change it... but I am always the same! :). I like especially Urban photo but I take pictures of anything.
Thanks to everybody and to administers.
islenskr 5 years ago
Hello! I'm fairly new at photography, but love it to bits. I bought myself my first nice camera this spring and have been having a lot of fun learning how to use it. I hope to get lots of feedback on flickr so I can learn more.

Thanks so much!
Green_Hair 5 years ago
Hello!! I'm Lhaira alias Eleonora. I took my nickname from one of my pg in wow, my memory is terrible sometimes and so I use always the same nick! xD I'm from Italy!
I'm happy to have found this group, I love photography and I try to do my best with a common camera xD my parents think that something like a reflex is completely useful if my current camera works T.T ..But it is not so wrong ;) I hope to learn something from this group and I will grateful if you comment or criticise my photos! ;)
Happy to be here! :)
Stephen_Holt PRO 5 years ago
Hi, im Steve from Dewsbury, UK. Just started with digital photography and finding it really enjoyable.
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