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**Natasha L** 7:08pm, 28 July 2006
Hello new members,
feel free to introduce yourself here and maybe you'll even make new friends!
Thanks for joining us!
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**Natasha L** 10 years ago
Hi Chris, welcome to the group! I checked out your photostream, you have some cool pictures! Do post some photos in the group's pool to get more comments and you can also post in the "want more comments" thread!
coreywashing10 10 years ago
Hey Everyone , I'm Corey from Charleston SC. I'm a beginner and I just bought me my first digital camara the canon sd630. Any tips or help is greatly appreciated. I'm very impressed by this site.
Shermeee 10 years ago
Hey Sherman here! I'm 18 this year and i just started photography a while back. Just gotten my first DSLR a month back. Still getting used to it though! Cheers!
♥MaRiViC♥ Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ♥MaRiViC♥ (member) 10 years ago
Hi COREY! Welcome to BDP and the world of DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY!

Congrats on your new cam, not bad for a first one! ENJOY, EXPERIMENT and just keep on CLICKING!!! If there is anything you need to ask---just start a topic and you'll be amazed at the amount of help/tips that will flow in! (">)

Hello SHERMAN! Glad to have you join us here at BDP! My pleasure to welcome a fellow Pinoy (">)

18 and with a DSLR already?!WoOoW! You're one LUCKY GUY! I checked out your photostream and you have a couple of interesting shots...keep on going!there is so much your cam can do---make the most! Have a great time with the group! (">)
Aya :) 10 years ago
Hello everyone. I'm in Kyoto, Japan.
I just got my new camera. My photos and English skill is not so good.
But I wanna learn more!
Jamie and Greg 10 years ago
Hi my name is Greg. I am new to photography and anything artistic for that matter. I am a medical student and have spent my life in math, science and anything tangible. I decided to jump into the deep end, and I recently bought a nikon D50, a couple lenses, and an Ansel Adams book.
!!Kelly!! 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Kelly...I am new to the group....I am new to the digital world of photography so I have alot to learn....Hoping I can get some tips from you all.....Have a nice day....
dukematthew2000 10 years ago
Hi Greg. Nice to know I am not the only one in this group who is not an artist. Engineering school did not prepare me for this. I think you have come to the right place. Lots of helpful people in this group
dash - [deleted] 10 years ago
hi everyone!!!! i'm daksha from india.... great to find so many ppl here!!! hope i'll learn a lot!! :)
Alastair Kerr 10 years ago
Hello, I'm Alastair. From Aberdeen, Scotland. I've always liked taking pictures and messing around with cameras but have never done anything too serious. Hope to learn lots of useful things and get some constructive criticism.
♥MaRiViC♥ Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ♥MaRiViC♥ (member) 10 years ago
Hello KYOTO! Welcome to BDP!

Congratulations on your new cam! I see that your a big fan of Macro Shots and Flowers!You have some interesting shots there! By the way---you have real cute cats that can pass for great actors!he!he! Keep on going and enjoy your stay in this group!

Hi GREG! Thanks for joining us here at BDP!

Wow! Another new cam---Digital cameras seem to be selling like hotcakes these days!Phew!I feel like I am being left out with my old one!he!he! But seriously, Nikon D50 is a great cam...I am sure you will have a great time experimenting especially that you bought a couple of lenses with it already Congratulations on your new purchase and Enjoy the world of Digital Photography! It's a totally different one from the "Medical World" you have been used to but they can actually go hand in hand...and create a fusion of the two if you want to---Photography is so flexible! You'll love it---that's for sure! (">)

Hey KELLY! Welcome Aboard the BDP group and to Digital Photography!

If you have any queries---just start up a topic! you might also wanna read through other existing thread especially the ones provided by the topic : "A thread for that single consolidated source of information!" (">) Enjoy!

Hi DAKSHA! Thanks for joining us here at BDP!

I am sure you will learn alot! People here are so helpful! (">) Just participate in the discussions or start a new one if you have a concern that you feel hasn't been covered yet! We will all be glad to reply the best of our knowledge! (">) Enjoy!

Hiya ALASTAIR! Welcome to BDP!

You have some nice outdoor shots! Left a few comments...If you want more we have a thread you might want to participate in : " Want MORE comments!?!? POST HERE!!! (read rules)!" and join in the discussion for an exchange of ideas and knowledge! Have FUN!
BajanKoolaid 10 years ago
Hi. I am Kolade, from the island of Barbados in the Caribbean. look for amateurs like meself tips and points. Photography seems to be my next great hobby lol.
♥MaRiViC♥ Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ♥MaRiViC♥ (member) 10 years ago
Hi KOLADE! Welcome to the group!

You have some real nice shots there! Lovely place to be in huh? glorious sunrises/sunsets, great beach, beutiful flowers...wow! my mind is now wandering off!he!he! keep on clicking and share the beauty of your place! (">) Join us in the discussions and read through---I am sure you will learn more tips than you hoped for!he!he! (">)
Baron Von Aaron Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Baron Von Aaron (admin) 10 years ago
Vic beat me to it, but welcome to the group everyone!
♥MaRiViC♥ 10 years ago
@Baron Von Aaron : he!he! I am now lost for words! (">)
Cindy's World 10 years ago
From New Brunswick, Canada on the east Coast
G.Davies Posted 10 years ago. Edited by G.Davies (member) 10 years ago
Hi every1 I'm from West London UK

Just here to show off my photos and hopefully get some feedback.I have only been really interested in photography since early last year so i am still learning!
Cant think of a name......


sigurgeir 10 years ago
Hello, im pretty new to this.. im from Iceland and i got my first DSLR last summer and i have been taking some pictures since and always learning new things, it would be good to see comments from you and see what you think?
**Natasha L** 10 years ago
Hi taketime111, welcome to the group! You have some cool pictures in your stream, do post some to the group's pool!

Hi Gufman davies, welcome to the group! the sunset picture is really beautiful! And there are some cool graffiti shots in your photostream too! Hope you'll like the group! Enjoy!

Hello sigurgeir82! thanks for joining the group! Well you have some really good photos, nice portrait shots and black and white photos! feel free to post some in the group!
liquidindian 10 years ago
Hello, I'm looking to improve from taking snapshots to actual photography. I feel my attempts so far have been pretty poor. Maybe joining a group of beginners and doing some reading will help.
lito.lapida 10 years ago
M1894 10 years ago
Hi all, My name is Phil, and I don't have a clue about taking a photograph.
This site is intimidating, even here at the beginer forum.
I've just pointed and shot whatever I wanted a pic of.
I hope to grow beyond that by hanging out and watching here.

Martina07 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Martina07 (member) 10 years ago
G'day all I'm Martina an Irish girl brought up in Australia.
i got my first digital camera last July after my 40 b'day so I guess you could say I'm a late starter.
I have three beautiful daughters who are sick of posing for me, I live in a small town north of Adelaide on a half acre block (which every inch I think I've photographed). My children have also caught the photography bug from me you'll see some of their pics in my contacts (It would be really special if you could visit their page and leave them comments - they only like check twice a day to see if anyone has visited their photo's poor souls, they are big mac17, claire bear, and thisiserin)
Anyway if you have a few moments check out some of my pics and leave me some constructive comments.
I would really like to experminet with some HDR, I only have two lens' but would love to some micro work. oh gee I've talked allot, thanks for dropping by.
Martina (Marty)
jamiehewitt 10 years ago
Hey everyone, my name is Jamie. I'm 18 and I live in Glasgow, Scotland. I've never done photography before, I'm actually a musician and a sound engineer! But I recently bought a Panasonic Lumx DMC-F27 and I would like to learn a bit more about how to use it. Feel free to talk to me :oD

jamie x
**Natasha L** 10 years ago
Hi liquidindian, welcome to the group! You have some cool pictures...I think practising is a good way to improve! so keep snapping!

Hello roy, thanks for joining the group! you have some good pictures in your stream. you can post some in the group's pool!

Hi Phil, welcome to the group! I've checked out your photostream, there are some good snowy pictures! I thought this group was friendly, not intimidating! well feel free to ask if there's anything you'd like to know,we'd be glad to help!

Hi Martina, thanks for joining the group! There are some good pictures in your photostream! It would be a pleasure to leave some comments on your children's page if you give me their flickrname(it will be easier to find their pictures then). HDR photos are awesome, you'll love them! Keep shooting and do post your pictures in the pool!

Hey Jamie, welcome to the group! You're in the right place if you want to learn more! If you go through our past threads, you'll find some interesting stuff! However, if there's anything you'd like to know, just ask!
almostheRENI [deleted] 10 years ago
Hello everybody!!!! I have just joined the group. I live in Hong Kong and bought my 1st DSLR end of last year. I am glad that there many like me here:)
letsplaydeadd_x [deleted] 10 years ago
Hii everyone. Name is Ashley, I just turned 16 and live in Wisconsin.. I just got into photography really in the passed year. As a birthday present for my 'sweet sixteen,' my dad bought me an Olympus c-2100. I've been teaching myself everything really, and hope to learn something new from everyone.

j_wijnands 10 years ago
Hi almosthereni Welcome, you offer a nice view on Hongkong, interesting to see that. Some very good nature pics as well.

Hi letsplaydeadd_x' for an absolute beginner there's some nice pics there already. Just remember to continue to review your own work.
nulikka 10 years ago
...heyda, everybody!
for this being a 'beginners' - group, i've already seen many great pictures here. this is for sure a great place to learn! i'm in!
...i'm actually challenged by how to outsmart my digital compact to make the pictures look the way i want them to and not being fooled by my camera. we'll see who's the more clever one...
radray 10 years ago
Hi ,Im glad I found a place for newbies, I hope to learn alot more about my newest hobbie. Im am in central kentucky and theres plenty of interesting photo opportunities here. I hope to be able to share with the group.
petelewin Posted 10 years ago. Edited by petelewin (member) 10 years ago
Hello everyone,
I'm always of the opinion that we never stop learning. Looking at the contributions made on this site and within this group, there is a huge learning curve ahead of me. I look forward to conversing, discussing, and looking at the excellent contributions made here.
I have rediscovered photography in my latter years. It is like being a child again always looking for challenges and trying to satisfy the curiosity. Exploring through the lens to capture a moment in time is like trying to define immortality.
I live in Alberta, Canada, a retired graphic and visual arts teacher, an avid fly fisherman and have countless other interests to pursue. Photography appears to be taking a place at the very top of my list and wish to participate very extensively into this world of image making. I look forward and wish to thank you for the opportunity of sharing my work with others here on Flickr.
photosbytandy 10 years ago
Hi all.... I took a photography class in college, using the traditional 35mm manual camera. I've since then have upgraded to digital. Olympus C5500 and a Kodak Z612. Someday I would love to have myself a true DSLR.

I look forward to takin' in everyones pics and I look forward to any comments in regards to mine. I always say there is room for improvement.
mikefielding 10 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm Mike. I'm 16 and like most new comers, I'm after some advice and positive criticism on my photo's. I am currently studying Media, Art and Graphic Design GCSE's planning on doing the same for A-levels and a degree in photography at some sort of level. would be great to here from anyone. thanks x
Deia Silva [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi everyone,

my name is Andrea and I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I really love photos and I'm a beginner so I'm very glad that Flickr has a group for us...

Thanks...and good photos to everyone!!!!
♥MaRiViC♥ Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ♥MaRiViC♥ (member) 10 years ago

Nulikka :I am sure with constant reading, practice and experimenting you will be able to take full control of your cam!he!he! (">)

Radray :you are very lucky to be in a place with so many photo opportunities, make the most out of it! feel free to share it with the group---join our thread " Want MORE comments!?!? POST HERE!!! (read rules!)"if you want your pic to give extra attention!he!he!

Petelewin :I can't help but agree with you when you said---it's like being a child all over again!ha!ha! I am with you on that one! (",) what's great about photography is irregardless of how many interest you have it can go hand in hand with it whatever it may be---it's that flexible!so I guess with that being said---there is no stopping for all of us anymore!he!he!

Photosbytandy :I share your wish of having a DSLR someday!he!he!he! If you want more comments just like I mentioned to Radray earlier---we have a thread "Want MORE comments!?!? POST HERE!!! (read rules!)"...you might also want to expose your pics to other groups that are dedicated to giving constructive crticisms (like PLUS-MINUS Comments, Rate My Photo...)

m-i-c-k-e-y-f :wow!you're so young!I wish I can be 16 again...ha!ha!seriously, I checked your pics and you seem to be having lots of fun---he!he!he!that's a good start!left a comment or two in your photostream.

Deia :It always feels good to know that we are not alone in this ever changing world (">)

I hope you all enjoy your stay with the group, we are always happy to have new members join us! feel free to post a topic, join discussions, post your pic or if you have any suggestions---just approach any of the admins or moderators---anything for the betterment of the group is welcome! enjoy everyone! (">)
Penny T PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Penny T (member) 10 years ago
Hi there
I've already posted a few pics in a few of the comps/themes that are running at the moment...
I LOVE taking pics....am still trying to figure out how to take good shots manually...and want to learn more about lighting...
Also LOVE Flickr : ) spend WAAAYY too much time here!!
SO many talented people ....
See you all around..
photosbytandy 10 years ago
Thanks for the heads up on that Vic. I'll check out those groups as well..
BigBlonde 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Jill aka BigBlonde. I found this group through URLINE. Excited about being a member and learning! I'm pretty clueless right now......I appreciate any and all constructive criticism =)
**Natasha L** 10 years ago
Hi Penny! welcome to the group! I really liked your photostream, there are some great pictures! Do post some in our group's pool so that others can have a look too!

Hey Jill! well, you have some awesome pictures too! All the photos of the little girl are great!! And congrats for all the pictures you have in Explore!! If there's anything you'd like to know, just ask!
Penny T PRO 10 years ago
thanks for the kind comments on my photos : )
pit_1410 [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm Piotr from Poland
uponfreud 10 years ago
hi everyone I am mel from London. I am signed in as uponfreud or that is where I keep some pictures. Also some on my website. This site looks good ,many interesting photos. looking forward to sharing ideas. My personal interest is people. It is amazing how simple yet at the same time it is incredibly difficult to take what I want in a photograph. I suppose the cliche of a thousand steps is appropriate
craighagan PRO 10 years ago
Howdy, I'm Craig. I'm hoping to improve
my technique rather than playing the game I'm playing now which is shoot lots, then shoot more, and perhaps one will be good.

I've got a few cameras including a DSLR, but, I think that
the equipment is secondary to the fun. Some of my best
shots were taken with my worst camera.

If anyone browses my photostream, realize that it is crowded
with many things unrelated to my pictures and/or what i consider
keepers, so beware!
svenstorm 10 years ago
hey guys! I'm Josh from Rhode Island, new to the group. I've always had a love for photographs but have recently been pushing myself to really learn about photography and recently bought a Nikon D-40.
Tawelwch 10 years ago
Hey all. Nice to have found your group. I am Amber from Oregon. I look forward to seeing everyone's styles and hopefully to get (and give) feedback to help us become better photographers. Have a good day!
LladyYas PRO 10 years ago
Hi, I saw the link in a comment on someone's pic and decided to toss my hat in :)

I'm Angie, from Rochester, NY. I love taking pictures, and sometimes I even try to be artistic about it :) I've had a Kodak CX7430 for about 2 years and am slowly learning the "right" way to take pictures... my most recent experiments are from an Orchid Show last weekend

i've been loving the pictures i'm seeing here, and quite frankly a little sheepish about showing any of mine; but i'm definitely looking forward to learning!

0331 058 0331 056 0331 050-adjusted
**Natasha L** 10 years ago
Hi Poitr, Mel, Craig, Josh, Amber and Angie, welcome to the group!!!
I've had a look at all your pictures and they are really good!
Craig, from the number of the bottle of wine's picture i could say that you're either a collectionist or you just love wine!
Mel, there are some good pictures, but the size is too small and it's hard to see them in details!
Angie, these flower pictures are really beautiful!

I hope you'll all like the group, if there's anything you'd like to know feel free to ask! And do post your photos in the group's pool for others to see!
Keep shooting!!!
jpongskie 10 years ago
hi im epong. im from philippines.. i just started photography, so feel free to say anything about my pictures. it helps a lot.
knascar 10 years ago
Hey everyone. I'm Danielle and new to the group and my camera. Just trying to find a way to take more interesting pictures.
♥MaRiViC♥ 10 years ago
Hello EPONG! Glad to have you join us here at BDP! I am happy to welcome a fellow PINOY! (">)

I checked your photosream and you have some great shots for a starter! I hope you enjoy your stay in this group! Feel free to join our discussions and share your pics to the pool...Mabuhay!

Hey KNASCAR!Welcome to BDP!

I like the idea of the "365 days per Month" (">) I left some comments on your photostream! Thanks for joining our group, we hope you like it here! (">)
andylangworthy 10 years ago
Hi all, I'm Andy.
I'm 22 and from the UK. I've been interested in photography since GCSE's where I actually took an exam in the subject and failed horribly and I've really only just got back into it in the last year.
Currently just enjoying experimenting and building up the "toy collection" :)
Mainly joined the group for (hopefully) some constructive criticism and inspiration as recently I've been totally stuck for ideas!
debbb 10 years ago
Hello! Im Dev from the Philippines. Im new to the group!
I just got hooked on taking pictures when I moved to Wyoming USA last year. I got my new Nikon D40 and Im very excited about it! I really dont know much about photography though so im just experimenting it right now and read more regarding photography on books, magazines and internet!
Im glad I found this group!
skellek [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi im Franki,
46 year old guy whos learning digital photography, I dont have an eye for artistic pics or would ever no when ive taken a good pic.
So hopefully with the aid of u lot here, u might be able to guide to -see the light- and give me the guidance i need.
The Photomaton 10 years ago
Hi I'm Percy, new at the group, flickr, photography... all around rookie! jeje. I'm from Costa Rica and I hope to meet you all. I started with a R707 and this picture who made me won a M417 in an internal contest as an honorific mention (I work for Hp at the CR site)

3 old friends

and here I am! I sold both cameras and bought a Panasonic DMC-FZ7K -pls don't tell anyone at work I bought a Panasonic ;) - and this is my hobbie now.

Will appreciate any feedback or comments to my pics, please stop by!
♥MaRiViC♥ Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ♥MaRiViC♥ (member) 10 years ago
Hey ANDY! Thank you for joining BDP!

I checked out your photostream and you have great shots! I left a few comments...If you want more, join our thread : "Want MORE comments!?!? POST HERE!!! (read rules!)". Honestly, I feel the same way you do at times---"stuck for ideas" as you call it.he!he! What I do---I go through magazines, look for stunning shots that I hope to have somewhat my own version of someday...and then when I start visualizing it's one idea popping after the other! sometimes though due to certain limitations I am not able to bring it all to "life" right away but the idea is there! Another thing I do is I go around the house---outside, inside...look for what may be an interesting subject and try to "experiment" (">) I hope this helps, enjoy!

Hi DEB! Welcome to BDP! Another pinoy onboard (">)

You have a great cam for a start, I can just imagine how excited you are! experimenting is a really great way of discovering things your cam is capable of doing. Just like you I am also learning about photography through reading books and surfing the net---gosh! it's one click after the other! You might wanna check out our thread "A thread for that single consolidated source of information!" for informative links! I hope you enjoy the group, we are glad you found us! (">) Mabuhay!

Hello FRANK! Nice to have you join us here at BDP!

I checked your photostream and you have a couple of shots that interests me...I am sure you have heard of the saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"---there is no certain guidelines set to make or break a shot although there are tips that can help it be more appealing, artistic, eyecatching, etc, etc, etc...Join our discussions and make friends with other members, I am sure you will find what you are looking for sooner that you expected! If there is anything at all that we can help you with just send us a flickrmail or post a topic! (">)

Hola Percy! Buenvinida a BDP!

Congratulations on your winning! It must feel so great to be recognized right away at a field you started discovering...and Congratulations on your newly purchased cam too!(">) don't worry---I won't tell a soul that you bought a panasonic, this is just between you and me!ha!ha!ha! BTW, cheers to your new hobby! I hope you like it here in BDP!
avarith Posted 10 years ago. Edited by avarith (member) 10 years ago
ehm...hi...just found out that there is something like 'groups'
perhaps this one is already too big to get some feedback, but why not, first try, first miss (perhaps^^)...

so...i'm stefan from germany, 20 years old, just bought the canon 400D/ rebel xti this january...

hope to make some good photos in the future...


ps:....ahh yes ...happy easter (to all of you who celebrate it^^)
acied 10 years ago
hi all...

i'm Acied from indonesia...

i'm just buying my EOS 350D last month after a long long long time im dreaming about that camera...

thank u for allowing me join this group..

Rob Hickey 10 years ago
Hi Natasha,

Just begining to use my new Fuji Finepix S5600 camera. I hope to add more better quality shots as I get used to it. Your pictures are very good and I enjoyed browsing very much.

Take care and happy shooting.

*connie* 10 years ago
My name is Connie and I'm from Texas. I've started using a Digital Rebel XT with no experience AT ALL.....I would love to learn as much as I can to improve the quality of them.
**Natasha L** 10 years ago
Hi Stefan, welcome to the group! the rebel xti è great camera and so are your photos! You're right the group is big but i'm here you'll get some feedback if you post your pictures in the group's pool and in the discussions!! Wish you a Happy Easter as well!

Hi Acied, we're glad to have you in the group! I've seen some awesome pictures with that camera, use it to its full potential! Good photos in your stream!

Hey Rob, welcome to the group! Thanks for checking out my pictures, glad you like them! Your pictures of the British Countryside are really good! Do post some in the group's pool!

Hi Connie, thanks for joining the group! That's a pretty good camera, you'll get great shots with it! I could see from your pictures that you like talking pictures of the kids, there's one I particularly like (the little girl smiling)...keep trying, I'm sure you'll see the results soon!
Kricket.tip 10 years ago
Well Hello, my name is Lauren. I recently joined Flickr, after using DeviantArt for several years and finding very little quality critiquing and just general support for the photographic community.
I hope to improve with the aid of the Flickr community and this group seemed like a nice place to start.
I use a Canon Powershot S3 IS, not a fancy DSLR, but I like it.
♥MaRiViC♥ 10 years ago
Hello LAUREN! Welcome to BDP!

I am thrilled to welcome someone with an S3---because I have the same thing!ha!ha!ha! (">) I hope you like it here, the people are so friendly and helpful and if there is anything at all---just send us a flickrmail or post a topic...for constructive criticisms you can join our thread " Want MORE comments!?!? POST HERE!!! (read rules!)" and there are other dedicated groups for that too! I hope you enjoy your stay and Happy Easter! (">)
alexhall168 10 years ago
Hey all,

I'm Alex, I live in Manchester UK, and after using a digital compact for some time I have recently bought a Canon 350D, which I am trying to get to grips with...
hugamuffin 10 years ago
hey I'm lauren. i live in the us and started digital photo in september when I was put into a digital photo at school and have been improving every day. maybe one day i'll post some of my begining stuff so you can see how much i have improved.
**Natasha L** 10 years ago
Hi Alex! Welcome to the group! Oh that's a great camera!! I had a look at your photostream, you have some cool pictures!! Keep shooting!!

Hi Lauren!Thanks for joining the group! You have some good pictures in your stream and some many pictures created with dumpr.net! You've been following a course so maybe you can teach us something!!
Dazzie D 10 years ago
Hi everyone! Mt name is Darren, I'm 35 and I live in the West Midlands, UK. I work as a web/graphic designer and IT Technician at a school. It's a job I totally love.

I upgraded to a dslr (Nikon D80) at the end of November 2006 although I've been playing with a digital point-n-shoot Kodak for around 3 years. I finally got to the point where I knew I wanted to take my photography to a better level of skill and quality.

Looking forward to learning new stuff and hopefully helping others.

So there you go, that's me.

A STUNG Bee Keeper [deleted] 10 years ago
Hey, I'm in Iowa!!
whitezenki 10 years ago
Hey! I'm from New Jersey, using a Canon 350D!
eren {sea+prairie} Posted 10 years ago. Edited by eren {sea+prairie} (member) 10 years ago
I am reluctantly introducing myself. I live in Wisconsin, but will be moving to Virginia Beach in the next few months. I am a complete amature, but really looking forward to learning a lot...surely I can, Im starting at the bottom. he, he.

I have a Nikon CoolPix L1 (a Christmas gift from hubby). I also do lots of crafty things like sewing, embroidery, etc. But mostly looking for some tips on taking better photos of my 3 boys. Man, they move quickly!

Thank you and please be gentle with me...
*connie* 10 years ago
Thanks Natasha....I love taking pictures of my kids and nature. Alot of times it just depends on the mood i'm in.lol. I could use any advice anyone has to offer on everything about photograpy. I know very very little. I just play and try to have fun. You have wonderful pics on your site. Did u start out that good.lol
amieamieyo Posted 10 years ago. Edited by amieamieyo (member) 10 years ago
Hello! I'm Amie from San Francisco. So glad to join your group! Just got my very first digital camera two weeks ago (nikon d40). Looking forward to learning how to use it =).
petarpav 10 years ago
Hi! I'm Petar from Sydney Australia
Hi All
the blonde bomber 10 years ago
I am living in Los Angeles and learning to use my Nikon D50. I love the camera, but I am still trying to figure out how to frame my pictures. I look forward to learning more about the possibilities! Right now, most of my energy is on pictures of my little ones. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
kristineinindonesia 10 years ago
Hey all you crazy photographers :)
I am not actually that new to this group, but i havent introduced myself yet, so here goes - I am kristine, Norwegian but living in Indonesia, as you can see from my name & the vast majority of my photostream. hope to have many interesting, fun and useful chats and feedback interactions with many of you.
Jennie Anderson 10 years ago
Hi I am Jennie, I live in Staffordshire UK and only took up photography December 06. I use a Konica Minolta Dimage Z6.
Looking forwards to learning new things and meeting new people.
eibo.richter 10 years ago
Hello everybody! I'm Eibo, I'd like to show you my photos introducing myself as a new member of this group. I live near Düsseldorf, Germany, with my wife Michaela and my newborn son Luis. I'm uploading photos showing my son or showing some cities where we went. I'll be glad when you make some useful comments. My aim is to make photography to my favorite hobby.
lalootka 10 years ago
Hallo, I'm Alice aka Lalootka, and I'm new at the group, photography at all, and flickr!. But I like to learn so I will watch carefully as much as possible and read your posts to learn how to make good pics.
Post-Easter greetings to everyone :)
kristenandjon2 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by kristenandjon2 (member) 10 years ago
Hey, this is the Jon half of my name...My wife and I are Aussies living in Washington DC for work at the moment. We both love travelling and have just decided to bite the bullet and upgrade from P&S to a full DSLR as we also have a passion for photography. Its a learning experience for sure! We are using a 400D with the kit lens and a old sony cybershot. While we mostly use our photostream as a pictoral travel blog for our freinds and family, there are several pics in the Fav's folder there I particularily like. I look forward to your feedback!
abadawi 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Ayman from Egypt.

Hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy yours :)
nicolemariedev PRO 10 years ago
my name is nicole, i live in california, and am new to photography. i have been on flickr a couple of months, and it has quickly become an obsession. i just want to get better at photography. i have a canon power shot A700. i think it has capabilities beyond what i know. i hope to meet lots of new friends here so i can quit nagging my husband to look at my pics. thank you, and i appreciate all comments and feedback.
*connie* 10 years ago
Everyone of you guys are good at taking photos. I'm just excited to be able to learn anything when it comes to taking pics.
jeremyvillasis PRO 10 years ago
hello i jeremy. im from manila. still very new to digital photography, hope to learn from you guys in here :)
Alexandros_ 10 years ago
Hello everyon! I am Alexandros, from Piraeus - Greece. I am new to digital photography and I want to learn how to use my new camera!
Hooot 10 years ago
Hello everyone, my name is Ed, I'm from the States but live in Canada now. I'm new to photography and flicker and would like to have some insights on what can be done better with the pictures I have taken and anything else I can learn from this group.Thank you all and hope to hear from you.
j_wijnands 10 years ago
Hi Darren, Welcome, nice variety of subjects in your stream.

Hi Iowa, some nice looking butterflies there, welcome!

Hello Whitezenki, nice to see those bright colors cars in a pale surround, makes 'm stick out.

Welcome thisvintagechica, you might wanna try to overexpose your snowshots slightly, will make the snow look whiter.

amieamieyo, your pics don't show that you just got your D40. Welcome!

Hi Petar some very impressive lighting shots there, good work on your timing!

the blonde bomber I've met in another topic already. Nice family shots there, welcome!

Hey KRistine Lovely country to live in to judge from your photos. Welcome.

Welcome Jenny very nice nature shots in your stream.

Hello Eibo Obvious to see who's your favourite model. Cute shots there, perhaps you should also join some of the children's photography groups?

Hallo Alice Nice eye for patterns you have there, welcome!

Hi Jon I see a clear improvement in the pics with your Canon, welcome to the group.

Welcome Ayman, some very cute portraits in your stream.

Hi Nicole, you're a bit of an explorer I see. Keep practicing on your indoor shots!

Welcome Connie, I see you're already exploring DoF, well done!

Hi Jeremy, you seem to be very good at animals, welcome!

Welcome Alexandros, nice variety of shots there, one tip, try crouching down a bit when doing street photography.

Hi Ed, welcome to the group, nice zoo shots there.
DaylandS 10 years ago
Hi folks, I am Dayland and I am in Arlington Texas. I have always enjoyed photography, but I got out of practice since I had to put my hobby on the back burner while I raised my kids. They are teenagers now so I am ready. My wife just bought me a Canon Powershot S3 which is my first digital camera with any bells and whistles. I hope to start practicing this weekend. The shots I have posted so far have been done with our point and shoot Kodak Easyshare C310. I hope to add many more in the weeks and months to come. I also am enjoying seeing everyone elses work. I hope it inspires me.
denbote [deleted] 10 years ago
hello pips! im dennis, a neophyte in photography. im a Filipino currently working in Africa. I feel im blessed with the place im with since i am being presented with cool subjects to capture. best regards to all, also plz visit my page and send some comments!
petelewin 10 years ago
Hello, Just wanted to express my delight in seeing so many new members on board in this group. It is very evident there are many photographers out there who are extremely creative and this is why I want to be a part of this group. I have lots to learn! I look forward to becoming involved in the sharing of ideas and techniques and opening up dialogue between our members.
ms.ianne2 10 years ago
hello!! i'm ianne from davao city, philippines.. it's good to join a group for beginner's.. i'm hoping i can learn a lot here..
robcrawshawphoto 10 years ago
Hi everyone! i'm Rob from Bingley, in Bradford UK. I have just had my D40 for over a month now and am getting on well thanks to groups like this. I have now taken over 700 pictures and am looking forward to progressing my skills and think this group will be a good contribution towards that.


♥MaRiViC♥ Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ♥MaRiViC♥ (member) 10 years ago
Hello DELTAMAN811! Welcome to BDP!

Congratulations on your new camera! I have the same thing myself and I am very happy with it! I don't see myself buying another one unless if it's a DSLR already!he!he! Well, looking forward to more of your shots!

Hey DENNIS (a.k.a. DENBOTE) and MS.IANNE2! Glad to have 2 more KABAYANS join us here at BDP---Welcome!

You guys have a couple of real great shots on your stream, can't wait to see more!

Dennis,I am sure there are tons of interesting subject back there in Africa! (">) We would love to see more of it's beauty!

Ms.Ianne2,that "cheesecake" was mouth watering!he!he!Keep em coming!

Hi ROB.C,Thank you for joining us here at BDP!

There are lots of discussions/threads in this group that are more than just informative, please feel at home and browse through and if there is anything at all---just send a flickrmail or better yet post a topic for everyone to throw in an idea or two! Have fun being in the group! (">)
Franck_ PRO 10 years ago
Hello everyone!

I am Franck from Chester, UK. I've also got myself a D40 (Hi Rob!) as a first DSLR. And reading this thread, I am after the same thing than lot of other members.

Would this be the right place to reverse engineer a few shots I am very proud of but am not entirely how they came so good (imho)?

Best example is: Water lilly (botanical_garden_03)

I had no idea it would turn so well, but if I wanted to repeat this, what should I be looking for? Where did I get this sharp but yet not so sharp background, and why are the colours so colorfull?

On the other hand, could it actually have been better ? Here is another shot putting it all in context : botanical_garden_02. I tried playing with the yellow lilly in the background but the angle was awkward.

I have a few more like this, so this kind of exercise would be useful.

In the mean time, I am going to go through all the info threads and add a few of my shots to the pool.


PS: sorry for the long post!
Merdichesky 10 years ago
Hello!! I´m wring from Madrid Spain, I´m an absolute beginner and I hope learn a lot together. I´m 42 and I will take good pictures and speak good english when I am old ;).
Saludos a todos desde Madrid
HappyMaddison.pro 10 years ago
Adreniline controls my life and the thrill of life pumps my adreniline. But i am not addicted to adreniline but i am addicted to the joy of life. I don't understand people who have no drive in there constant persuite of happiness. Everyday i wake i feel the need to do something over the top to make me smile on the inside and share my joy with those close to me. But most of all i suppose i'm looking for a differance in a constant routine run existance of everyday life.

my yang of ying
check out ma work so far leave comments but please go easy just starting. cheers!
**Natasha L** 10 years ago
hi Franck, welcome to the group! I've had a look at both shots you posted above and I like the first one more than the other...the colour is really beautiful:-)
If there are other pictures you'd like to have an opinion on, do post your picture in our discussion "want more comments, post here!!" or if there are many pictures, feel free to start a thread!

hi wring! Thanks for joining the group! I really liked the first picture of the Eiffel Tower, it was quite different from the ones I usually see! I hope you'll learn something from all the members here!

welcome to the group HappyMaddison.pro! I've had a look at your work and found some cool shots! I hope you'll find something interesting in the group! Enjoy...
Franck_ PRO 10 years ago
Thanks Natasha, you are one busy admin!
insert something clever, 16 characters or less [deleted] 10 years ago
HI, I'm pretty new to photography, I've been snapping shots for about the past 3 years with the same Kodak Easyshare 2mp point and shoot ( that will explain some of my pictures) but Id like to get into it more, (especially since the little guy didn't survive my last caving trip) share what little I have and get some feedback, as well as see some awesome photographs! Thanks!
hello... just joined the group. Looking forward to getting feedback!


jozephine 10 years ago
Hello, I'm new to Flickr and fairly new to taking photos for fun. Would love your feedback. I just point and shoot with my Kodak Easyshare and am using Picasa2 for cropping and tweaking. Glad I found this group. Some of the others are a bit SCARY!
jan isaac 10 years ago
hi everyone! :-) i'm jan isaac!
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