greensparrow21 2:36pm, 8 April 2012
Hey everyone!
Recently got a canon T2i and I've been messing around with it. Any suggestions or advice on the pictures I've already taken would be really great! I always try to get a good composition, but I feel I'm always falling under the "symmetry" rule, and tips on how to get out of that habit.

day 8 by greensparrow21

day 5 by greensparrow21

day 1 by greensparrow21
Femme In Orbit PRO 5 years ago
It is hard to get into the habit of using the rule of thirds if you're used to symetry in your photos.

On your third photo of the construction site, I don't care for the bars in the foreground which detract from the main subject. Just my opinion. The first two photos are very symetrical. It's not as aesthetically pleasing, and I think it fits more for documentation of a technical sort.

You'll get some great advice from this group. Glad to see you post.
I think you have exposure problems in all three photos. The first is over exposed down the pipe, the second has too much contrast from shadow to light and the third looks over exposed in the areas you chose to make B&W.
Ingrid 24 5 years ago
Hello greensparrow 21, I like the symmetrical aspect of number 2. I love the composition of number 1 but I agree with the comment about over exposure on number 1, unfortunately it detracts from the sign itself. I think environmental portraiture is so important, showing what is going on in our local area is important to the history of our communities. I had a look through your photostream and I love the photo chasing birds. Fabulous motion blur and clarity on the doors. It's a great shot that tells a story.
Charlotte90T Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Charlotte90T (member) 5 years ago
Hey there, I'm a beginner as well but I'd just leave some opinions in case it might help =)

The other talked about symmetry so I'll just continue in the same line. The first photo is quite symmetrical so I'd suggest making it even more symmetrical - putting the hole right in the middle of the photo, because i think it's slightly to the left right now?

I think the 2nd one is good... it's symmetrical and symmetry in itself is one kind of photography. The sky is a little bit too blue for me... I'd do some post-processing if I were you but then processing depends on personal liking so I'd say 2nd on is just fine.

I see lots of potential in the 3rd photo. I'd move the yellow thingy more right and up to be put at the point of interest according to the Rule of Thirds. And if you would just increase the Aperture (decrease F number) and make the bars blur, it'd be terrific!

Hope it helps a bit =) Keep up the good work! =D
Gabriella Corrado 5 years ago
congrats on the new camera! I acutally just got a cannon rebel t2i last week and im loving it. I like the first two images the best. The composition is really nice.
To get out of the "symmetry" thing, force yourself to shoot subjects that don't lend themselves to such compositions. Sports, concerts, and anything else that involves people doing stuff and you frenetically trying to photograph it will help you to loosen your compositions a little.
M J Barry 5 years ago
Hi there. I have a suggestion for the thirds problem. I have a Canon 600 D which is similar to yours. In the live mode you can go to the menu and choose to put the Grid on. This grid may help you to compose photos that are based around the third quadrants or the intersecting points of the lines. Good luck . Look forward to seeing some non symmetrical photos.
Frank Lindecke PRO 5 years ago
Another proposal of getting rid of centred symmetry is using another auto focus points. I am using a Canon 600 D as well, and i think on your camera it is also possible to use a different focus point than the centred one.

You have several features to be used for composition; perhaps might help to improve your skills in a way you like more.
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