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The best beer ever

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lev270 says:

Full Sail Top sail porter
Bourbon Barrel Aged is no doubt the best beer i've ever had.
good luck finding it. Its very hard to get.

The best Beer You will ever have
6:52PM, 1 February 2008 PDT (permalink)

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DaveAFlett says:

Most unwise to say there is one beer that is 'best'. Horrified to see some of the dismal, bland, factory beers that some people regard as 'best'. In particular the person, American I hope, who thinks Boddingtons is good. Either the stuff exported to America is different to the dismal British rubbish or mass market American beers are even worse in comparison! Boddingtons used to have a very good reputation - but nowadays a cynical multi-national makes it in a factory from cardboard and old socks....
86 months ago (permalink)

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-CONK- says:

Stella Artois glass and bottle © all rights reserved


Pliny The Elder
86 months ago (permalink)

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DaveAFlett says:

Never come across that Pliny the Elder. Whatever it is it has to be better than Stella Artois - the ultimate example of style over substance. Stella is a bog standard poor mans beer in Belgium. There must be about 5,000 Belgian beers that are better....then a slippery multinational got its hands on the brand. Awful word, ''Brand". For years it Britain they pushed it as an upmarket beer ("reassuringly expensive"...no, just expensive actually). Then they noticed Stella was getting a bad reputation because of its strength and the sort of riff-raff who were drinking it. If you pour 8 pints of Stella at 5.2% alcohol down your neck chances are you'll end up having a fight with someone and throwing up in the back of a police van. Not terribly up-market....So now they're pushing Stella with added water. I think they call it Stella 4% or some such. Never mind, InBev, being a true multinational, can just move on to a new market in another country and convince some new punters they are buying something special. When they aren't.
86 months ago (permalink)

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Craig John* says:

Three Floyd's Vanilla Bean Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout. ...it's like eating super creamy ice cream with 15% alcohol. It's sinfully delicious.

86 months ago (permalink)

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Paul-Whittingham says:

Lol to the STELLA fan above, it gets my chav lager vote!!
On that note, is anyone going to distinguish beer from lager, being quite a differing brew process and vast difference in characters. I'm also dissapointed that most seem to push bottled beers as their favourite.

On the whole, there are some fine examples of bottled beer above, but:
1. The filtering process removes far too much yeast from most bottled beers so any condition goes out of the window, and they become very sterile in taste.

2. Those that are 'bottle conditioned' sit on a shelf for far too long and are way past top form by the time they are consumed.
86 months ago (permalink)

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Bim Bom says:

I was very, very thirsty.
82 months ago (permalink)

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ChrisPentax says:

My favorite domestic beer is 'Augustiner'. Best when you get it fresh from the wooden barrel in a Munich beer garden :)
Another great beer is 'Forschungsbräu' / St Jacobus, also from Munich. I will need to take some pictures...
81 months ago (permalink)

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La Trappe Blond by CAMPOS FLORIDO"S"

80 months ago (permalink)

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Isle of Sam says:

Two words: Beer Lao
79 months ago (permalink)

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k_n_u_f says:

Matuška 13°

78 months ago (permalink)

cledry [deleted] says:

I'm now drinking Saison Dupont and it is very, very good.

Anyone that can narrow it down to one beer as the best though is limiting their choices. It is like choosing the best cheese in the world; we all have styles we like, so better to say what is the best cheddar or what is the best brie.
76 months ago (permalink)

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Ebbs2 says:

This is a hard question, if I had to pick it would be Rush River Unforgiven Amber Ale, but Fulton Sweet Child of Vine is a close second.
76 months ago (permalink)

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Sverker Ahrent says:

An ale like lager or a lager like ale: Give me an Anchor Steam or any Kölsch. Wonder why...
75 months ago (permalink)

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Viejito says:

Ratebeer.com just put out their new list of favorites:
Originally posted 75 months ago. (permalink)
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Basse911 says:

Belgian Trappist beers are divine although a good porter can make your day also. And on a hot day more "bulk" beers like Corona, Olvi lager and A Le Coq can be great!

My favourite beer by Basse911

73 months ago (permalink)

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Suspect the usual. says:

There's plenty good beers going around in Beergium ...ehrm... Belgium. I like Duvel and Delerium Tremens, and almost any kind of tripel.

Last weekend i discovered another favourite, Bon Secours Ambrée.
Also tried the Tripel Hop brewed for the television program about Belgian beer "Tournée Géneral", and liked it. It has a bitter, sweet and sour taste and also verry refreshing.

You can see clips here. Part of it is in English tourneegenerale.canvas.be/

Still have to try Hoegaarden Verboden Vrucht, Hoegaarden Grand Cru.
Originally posted 73 months ago. (permalink)
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Viejito says:

Ratebeer put Westvleteren 12 on top again — where it belongs...;-)
63 months ago (permalink)

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Chris Sorge says:

Black Creek Porter is my favorite

60 months ago (permalink)

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Flytipper says:

I'm with @ChrisKx this is my favourite way to drink beer.

Viele Helles
60 months ago (permalink)

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hv_bean says:

Midtfyns/De Molen's X Porter. Very difficult to find, but one of the best imperial stouts I've ever had. Do also try other porters and stouts by Brouwerij De Molen and Midtfyns Bryghus, they're very worth drinking!

Midtfyns Bryghus X Porter by hv_bean

Originally posted 58 months ago. (permalink)
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Viejito says:

World Beer Awards 2012
55 months ago (permalink)

Hakuna Matata Crew [deleted] says:

Me and my friends like this beer most. Stauder Pils!
Brewed in Essen, Germany.
53 months ago (permalink)

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