sonci PRO 2:32pm, 16 June 2008
my last apartment became infested with bed bugs, thankfully after i had taken my entire wardrobe out and sublet it. i'm trying to keep my new apartment bed bug free while still rescuing some items from the hell hole.

i had some bites manifest days after i visited the infested house and freaked out super hard. i didn't know it could take bites days to manifest and thought i had introduced them to my boyfriend's house. i'm terrified to deal with some of my belongings now and will probably just throw away thousands of dollars worth of stuff. no one owns a single item that is worth dealing with bed bugs.

anyway just wanted to sort of introduce myself. i know is an amazing resource and you don't need another discussion group here, but maybe it will help other noobs in the bed bug scene besides me.
lovemybeamer325 10 years ago
Welcome to the group. I joined the group this year after experiencing bed bug bites in May 2008 in Mexico. Recently I experienced bed bug bites again but this time it was ifrom the mattress in my husband's semi truck. The weird thing about it is that they did not do any harm to my husband. He's been sleeping in the mattress for a couple of weeks now.
Hi Lovemybeamer,

You know some people don't have reactions to the bites. I have heard lots of stories, where one partner is really suffering from the bites and the other partner show no signs of being bitten. This does not mean that they are not being bittren, just that they have no reaction to the bites.
bugseatingmealive 10 years ago
Hi, I am new to this group and to the bed bugs. I just noticed them a few days ago. I thought my rashes where an allergic reaction to my new medication. Then, I saw a few bugs on my couch. I told the landlord and they are going to do something next week. Do I have to get rid of all my clothes?? I have expensive clothes and now I am not working and I cannot afford new clothes. What should I do????
nobugsonme 10 years ago
You do not have to get rid of clothing. See the FAQs here on dealing with bed bugs in your stuff:
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