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CenVincent ADMIN December 22, 2011
Hello and welcome. Please feel free to post whatever you wish, however, keep in mind the main purpose of this group is critique, or constructive criticism. Any photos in the pool or forum should be considered open for critique.
Constructive comments encouraged. Comments like "This sucks" or "You should give up photography" will not be tolerated in the forums. Individuals are expected to handle comments like that on their own photos, but please report offenders.

Group Description

This group is about critiquing photos so that you the person doing the critiquing become a better photographer and the person who's photo you are critiquing learns from your critique. What a mouth full.

What I am hoping for is that those who join the group will critique.

When you critique you should be talking about,

Composition, Technical/Camera stuff, post processing and impact.
Critiquing is not just saying, "nice job" and then handing out awards.
There are plenty of group on Flickr for that.

If you are going to critique you need to be polite but honest in giving out your opinion. The person who photo is being critiqued should not take the critique personal. If you are the sensitive type this group may not be for you.

I do not want to restrict photos being posted, but what you posted should be tasteful. Photos deemed to be offensive to a majority, or, let's be honest, to the administrators, will be removed.

Members can post up to three photos per week.

Please comment on three previous photos. So much the better if you comment on three different posters. As the group membership grows, this rule will be altered to the following:
*Post one, comment on the three previous photos. Violators may be removed without warning.

We want you to critique photos just as we want you to post photos to be critiqued. Please make your comments meaningful. Comments like "This is Nice" are not acceptable alone. Substantiate it with additional comments. Tell why you like the photo. It doesn't have to be a professional critique, since most of us are not professional critics.

Comments that are purely negative, as opposed to constructive (This sucks/Give up photography) are not acceptable at any time.

This is an opportunity to learn how to become a better photographer. Learning how to critique another photo is one way to do that.

*Rule not yet applicable due to low group membership at this time.

Comment Code pending.
For now, until I figure out how to add code without making a live link, if you want to go to this site, you can download an add-in that will allow you to auto-comment on any photo. I use Google Chrome, it works for me, it should work for everyone.

If you wish more information on how to critique, you can do a quick web search on how to critique a photograph. Some pages available include:

ehow: How to critique a photograph

Guide to Photo Critique

Photographer's Toolbox: How to Critique a Photo

Please feel free to suggest additional resources.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each week.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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