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Tatters ✾ ADMIN June 28, 2018
If you keep posting non-flowers, non-trees and/or unidentified tree photos to this group, I will have to BAN YOU!!!
Direct link to Database of Flowering Trees Index

Only identified TREES WITH FLOWERS in the pool!

Group Description

This group is a resource containing photos of about 1800 species of trees in blossom. We build an online Identification Guide of the Flowering Trees of the world.
All submitted images should be tagged with correct scientific name of the tree.
NO Images of flowering trees of less than 5 metres in height when fully grown.

You can view all the photos of any particular species by using our Database- hyperlink indexes. These are alphabetical lists of trees names and by clicking on the name you will see all the photos we hold of that species. They are arranged alphabetically, either by scientific (Latin) name, common name, genera name or colour of the flower. Click below to go straight to an index:

SPECIES- Scientific (Latin) name index
GENERA GALLERY- one photo per genus
Family index

Common names index:
----Genera common name in English
--- Species common name in English
--- common names in Portuguese
--- common names in Russian

Colour of the flower index

Galleries of photos from the group:
World's most spectacular Flowering Trees TROPICAL species
World's most spectacular Flowering Trees TEMPERATE species
Best Flowering trees misc.
Best African flowering trees
Best Brazilian flowering trees
Flowering Trees of the Brazilian Cerrado
Australia's Best Flowering Rainforest Trees

It is ESSENTIAL that every photo submitted is tagged with its scientific (Latin) name. Failure to do so will mean the photo will not be found when using the Hyperlink index and may result in the photo being removed from the pool.

Please TAG your flowering tree image with its:
- FAMILY (if you can)
- COMMON NAME (if applicable)
- COUNTRY the photo was taken in, or geotag.

IMPORTANT: To be consistent, we use The Plant List or GRIN Taxonomy. Please check your plant name there for taxonomy, synonyms and spelling.
For Brazilian native flora use Flora do Brasil .

NO Images of flowering trees of less than 5 metres in height when fully grown.
Hibiscus, plumeria and other smaller trees/shrubs/climbers will not be accepted-with apologies.
Please do not post palms and conifers.

If you do not know your tree’s scientific names, try to post the image to ID HELP
Photo mosaic of the most spectacular flowering trees of the world

Most beautiful flowering trees of the world
Click on number to see the photo
1, - 2, - 3, - 4,
5, - 6, - 7, - 8,
9, - 10, - 11, - 12

the same trees close-up flowers:

Most beautiful flowering trees (close-up)
Click on number to see the photo
1, - 2, - 3, - 4,
5, - 6, - 7, - 8,
9, - 10, - 11, - 12

Or click on the tree name to see more photos of this species in
Field Guide: Flowering Trees of the world group
1. Jacaranda - South America native
2. Cherry (Prunus)
3. Flamboyant, or Poinciana - African native (Madagascar)
4. Ipê-roxo, Pink Trumpet Tree- American native
5. Horse Chestnut - Europe native
6. Ipê-amarelo, Golden trumpet tree - American native
7. Magnolia
8. Canafístula, Yellow Flame Tree - South America native
9. African Tulip Tree - African native
10. Silk Floss tree - South America native
11. Paulownia - Asia native
12. illawarra flame tree - Australian native
View group's most interesting photos on Flickriver:
FIELD GUIDE: FLOWERING TREES of the WORLD - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver

Since Oct 2015
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While every effort, within the knowledge of the administrators, is exercised to admit only correctly identified images to the pool administrators accept no responsibility for the accuracy of species identification on this site.

Group Rules

This is the identification group for Trees in bloom (with flowers).
Please be aware that the Field Guide to Flowering trees acts as a database that sorts according to the tags on your photos: Database of flowering trees images.

Admins will may add identification tags to your photos.
These tags will simply be the correct scientific classifications.
Your assistance in tagging your photos is greatly appreciated.

Please read the group front page what and how to tag your photos.

If you do not want tags to be added, then this is not the group for your photos.

Any photos of non-tree, or non-flowering tree, or tree without ID will be removed.

Thanks for reading it and Welcome to our group

Todas las imágenes que envíes deben estar etiquetadas con el nombre científico correcto del árbol.
Es INDISPENSABLE que cada foto que envíes esté etiquetada con su nombre científico binomial (en latín). De lo contrario, la foto no se podrá encontrar cuando se utilice el índice de hipervínculos y puede dar lugar a su eliminación del banco de imágenes.

Por favor, agrega a tu imagen del árbol los siguientes etiquetas (tags):"NOMBRE CIENTÍFICO"

Todas as imagens enviadas a este grupo devem ser tagueadas com o nome científico correto da árvore em questão.
É essencial que toda fotografia enviada ao grupo esteja tagueada com seu nome científico (em Latim). Caso a imagem não seja publicada com seu nome científico, esta não será encontrada quando quando o índice de hiperlinks for utilizado e isto poderá resultar na remoção da foto de nosso pool.

Por favor, tagueie sua imagem com: "NOME CIENTÍFICO"

本群組的資料庫以你提交的照片上的各種標簽來分類。 本群組的管理人在需要時可在你提交的照片上加上適當的學名標簽。 謹此謝謝你在標簽方面給我們的幫助。

希望你不會介意我們給你的照片加上適當的標簽。 請再參閱前文有關給照片加上標簽的方法。 所有非樹木或不開花樹木或沒有附上標簽的樹木照片都會從本群組中被删除。


Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 15 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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