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  • names

    What are some black cat's names?

    Southernmommie6 months ago163 replies

  • Why Did You Choose a Black Cat?

    I found my Kitty when he was an older kitten, playing in a parking lot with his ...

    Melody.loves.you12 months ago168 replies

  • white cats in our Brigade

    how do so many white and yellow cats end up in a group titled Black Cat Brigade?...

    InnAtElmwood31 months ago1 replies

  • Moderators???

    I'm seeing images of people, Buddha statues, and other non feline photos! I im...

    Juan-Calderon31 months ago2 replies

  • Is your Black Cat talkative?

    I am curious if black cats are more talkative than other colors. My kitty, Pirat...

    DebRue32 months ago62 replies

  • Photographing black cats...

    Any tips or tricks? My boys are notoriously difficult to get to resolve well on ...

    bitogoth77 months ago28 replies

  • Who is the meanest of them all?

    Say Cheese! by Jenks.

    Jenks.78 months ago0 replies

  • Black Cat Photo Tips - DSLR

    I'll create a "digital compact" thread later today. However, given the trouble ...

    sfroehlich112179 months ago3 replies

  • white lockets

    I've noticed that many black cats have white "lockets" ranging from a few tufts ...

    VRohe83 months ago1 replies

  • Halloween

    I hope all of our members made it through another Halloween safely. The toughest...

    alydar_197893 months ago2 replies

  • I really wanna know the meaning of a BC

    what do you think about this?

    Charlotte❤95 months ago1 replies

  • Food people in this group feed their cat

    I feed my cat Purina ONE. what does the group think? Caned Dry homemade

    jcrump1288101 months ago10 replies

  • Do you think black cats are better in B&W ?

    Sometimes I think they are... not always... but, they do seem to lend themselves...

    Maureclaire103 months ago6 replies

  • Black Cat Photo Tips - Digital Compact

    Unlike the DSLR thread, I'm not in a position to start this out with lots of thi...

    sfroehlich1121110 months ago0 replies

  • Jack


    strong push111 months ago1 replies

  • My Beautiful Izzy Has Gone

    Last week my cat Izzy was diagnosed with nothing more than a case of worms. Yes...

    outofmytree116 months ago6 replies

  • Hi I am new here!!!

    Coco was found by the Colonial Vet Hospital in Navan, ON. She along with her bro...

    Coco Paradise119 months ago0 replies

  • An "homage" to my black cat...

    Ok, this isn't a "cat" picture.... but since my black cat Buddy (who went blind ...

    hauntbetty119 months ago0 replies

  • Hi, new here. I have 4 black cats

    Hello I have 4 black cats. My oldest is 10 when we got him 9 years ago he had be...

    Candyn29**ages ago2 replies

  • Sweet Homeless BC Desperate

    I don't know if I'm supposed to post things like this here but I can't sit by an...

    lively buildingages ago0 replies

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