BBC Springwatch PRO 12:11pm, 22 May 2012
Hi everyone,

Remember last Springwatch when Martin Hughes-Games asked you to tell him about any strange nests you'd seen? He had such a huge and fantastic response, we thought we'd do it again this time around.

Last year the barmiest nest was situated in a loop of a roller coaster and the year before it was in a fireman's training centre engulfed in flames and foam every training session!

So if you've taken a photo or footage of any birds nesting in weird and wonderful places across the UK this spring, please add them to the group and tell us about it here.

It would help us massively if you tagged it 'strange nests'.

Sam :)
Fenwalker1 PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Fenwalker1 (member) 5 years ago
This is a video of this unusual nesting place for a Robin it is on the bank of a stream and quite a vertical bank too!

spotted this robin going in the grass and realised it was a nest, when he/she goes in you can hear cheeping. It is only this one feeding but today I spotted another one in the woods and through binnoculars saw an exchange of food then this one came and fed. That answered the question of how it found food so quickly. As you may be able to see it has no tail either so made it easy to see who was feeding the chicks. This has taken three days to actually get this complete footage as I kept missing bits!! Have done photos to will sort and upload those too sometime.
Ally_Jones 5 years ago
I have a pidgeon nesting in a large plant pot on my balcony...... the forst egg was laid on Tuesday (22nd May) and the second one this afternoon (24th May). The first egg was laid directly in the soil of the planter, but we moved it into a plastic tub, so that we could water the plant without getting it wet! The pigeons didn'd seem to mind this at all and happily sit on the egg in the tub!
voodrew47 5 years ago
this is the nest of a pair of pied wagtails built on the axle of a working forklift and they follow it around feeding there chicks every time it stops ! you can view it here !
Fints K 5 years ago
Hi everyone,

I found a Great Test nesting in a gate pillar near Braid Hill in Edinburgh. Have a look here..
Great Tit's strange nest by Fints K
belincs PRO 5 years ago
The nest is perched precariously on top of a bundle of garden canes, which are leaning against the wall in the corner of the barn.
Not a brilliant shot as it was taken through the bars of the door and the barn interior was so dark that I couldn't actually see what I was taking, hence the high ISO.
clvinnicombe Posted 5 years ago. Edited by clvinnicombe (member) 5 years ago
I saw a sign on a cigarette bin outside a pub asking people not to use it because birds were nesting in there. So I poked the corner of my mobile phone into the bin and got this photo. The poor chicks are getting a very smelly start in life!
jcwsymon 5 years ago
Must be a scottish thing: I found a Great Tit nesting in THIS gate post - or at least the concrete ball on top of it. West Perthshire.
flightybunny Posted 5 years ago. Edited by flightybunny (member) 5 years ago
mrm208 5 years ago
Here is something we found out our local rugby club (Aretians RFC in Patchway, Bristol)
The Valley Togger 5 years ago
We have a pair of Blue Tits nesting in the house....under the toilet in the bathroom - talk of smelly starts in life! We replaced the toilet a few years ago and had no need for the waste pipe sticking out of the wall...we didnt block it up and consequently the blue tits moved in.
Way S 5 years ago
May I just show a strange nest that I saw in New York. Unfortunately we did not see the bird.
clover_cakes 5 years ago
We saw a strange nest in Hull Road Park in York. Someone had dumped a toy car in the water, leaving it overturned, and a moorhen made a nest in it! Not a brilliantly clear photo as it was taken on a phone.
goldfinch_ Posted 5 years ago. Edited by goldfinch_ (member) 5 years ago
There are some blue tits in a really small artificial nest along with a big swarm of wasps in our garden!
*passion pics* 5 years ago
i spotted a brid nesting in a sun parsol at the week end i will upload the picture but the qaulity is not very good
EmilyDeSousa 5 years ago
At the weekend I noticed that a pair of Robins have found a very innovative nesting site in our barn – the starting handle hole on our old Massey Ferguson tractor!! If you look closely you can see two of the youngsters peeping out at the camera! Cute!

We won’t be able to use the tractor now until the youngsters have flown the nest, but what a clever nesting place!
Millsy2000 5 years ago

A blackbird has been sat here for 14 days - she must be a good mother as the security light is next to our front door and we have 6 kids and their friends coming and going at all times !
Dawdlingsnapper 5 years ago

Not barmy maybe, but birds that showed a great eye for colour.
bazza1988 5 years ago
Mum and baby ring dove with new egg ,nesting in our sky dish in late april. They still sleep in nest at night.Is this normal. The other egg didnt hatch
Millsy2000 5 years ago

Blackbird still here by our front door - hope she stays to hatch the eggs.
Just posted three pictures of 'strange nests'. Couldn't work out how to tag them but they are of a blackbird on a strimmer that was left propped in a woodshed,a robin in the woodshed shelving and a mistlethrush in the guttering. This woodshed is particularly noisy all day long!
bilbo_holland 5 years ago
Have a collared Dove on our bedroom windowsil for two days so far. All happy & doing well so far.
Gwheele3 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Gwheele3 (member) 5 years ago
These photos were taken at Mallaig station two weeks ago. The train is The Jacobite; from Fort William to Mallaig. The bird seems quite comfortable - the train was moved to the track next to the nest while we were in the pub.
karenjayne1 5 years ago
Seagull nest Spotted at Mallaig Train Station in the Highlands, Scotland by Karen-Jayne Sear of Essex, holidaying in Scotland today.
natural09 5 years ago
wasp nest in bird box......

wasp nest in bird box
BladeGBR 5 years ago
We have a mallard nesting on the back of our trawler in Fleetwood there is also a gull nesting in a tyre on the marina in Fleetwood.
voodrew47 5 years ago
rivervole PRO 5 years ago
We have a solitary bee which is making the most of the hosepipe ban and using our hose reel for its nests...
Peter O'Connor aka anemoneprojectors PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Peter O'Connor aka anemoneprojectors (member) 5 years ago
I have (or had) a Blue Tits' nest behind the toilet in my bathroom, where the birds would enter and exit via a hole in the exterior wall (the pipes behind the toilet are all boxed in so we can't get to them at all). I don't know if the young birds fledged or died (at least one died for sure, it was found on the ground outside). I don't have a photo to share though, sorry.

(Just saw that Alan Coles had the same experience!)
BBC Springwatch PRO 5 years ago
Hi everyone,

Thanks for posting all your strange nests. Keep them coming. It's amazing where birds will start to nest!

Sam :)
PhilipWilkinson2012 5 years ago
Whilst looking at plants at a local garden centre near Alford, Lincolnshire, my daughter, Isabel, saw the following baby birds nesting in a plant pot tray amongst other plants. I am sure they get wet when the sprinkers are turned on.

Is this the strangest nest 2012???
Natalie Rebecca Hall 5 years ago
A walk at Petworth house in Surrey today revealed an unusal Blue Tit nest in a gate post. They must get disturbed a lot by walkers!


You can see a couple of chicks


And a watchful parent!


At least they are safe from "Scary monsters" !
Deb493 5 years ago
Wren by Deb493

Here's a little wren nesting in the nose of my pig hanging basket. He's such a delight sitting on the fence singing his head off!!
T Bonser 5 years ago
Just uploaded 3 photos taken outside our local pub. Bluetits have decided to make their nest inside the cigarette box, luckily everyone is reading the sign on the box and all 4 babies are doing fine!!!!
alichapman1 5 years ago
i've uploaded photos of a collared Dove nesting on our satellite dish. here's a photo of Mum keeping her babies warm.
This bizarre nest site for an Oystercatcher is a new one on me after nearly 40 years of birding!
pablosandy Posted 5 years ago. Edited by pablosandy (member) 5 years ago
This is a photo of a Blue Tit that decided to nest alongside the River Thames. Its nest is hidden inside the Life Belt Station.

I was astonished to see that it was able to squeeze in such a small gap. Kind Regards

finn dunlop 5 years ago
Dear Springwatch.
Ref request for pics of unusual bird nests.
This is a tits nest built in a bread oven at Beech Court Gardens in Kent.The first pic shows the entire bread oven
Tit bread oven 001 by finn dunlop
, the 2nd with the door open showing the nest
Tit bread oven 002 by finn dunlop
. The actual nest is 7inches high and 12 inches long.The material used is moss,substantial twigs and wool.There are 2 fledlings remaining
Tit bread oven 003 by finn dunlop
.The entrance for the parents is the chimney at the rear . This is the third year it has been used.
Yours sincerely
Vyvyan Harmsworth
moira.bee 5 years ago
Hello Springwatch,

This was taken last week in Amsterdam... talk about recycling?
juneyf2012 5 years ago
Great tit chicks have nested and raised chicks in an external metal ashtray.
juneyf2012 5 years ago
Jess.S_and_Sam.C 5 years ago
When we went to a funeral, we were greated with this sign outside the front door of the crematorium. Unfortunatly we could not see the baby birds but we could most definitely hear them!!!
paula9beck PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by paula9beck (member) 5 years ago
We found Robin's nesting in our post box. Finley, our son (6), was very pleased to see that all 3 successfully fledged!!
unable to upload photo can anyone tell me how to do it, please?
Scottishval Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Scottishval (member) 5 years ago
This blue tit is nesting in a signpost in a carpark. I wonder what happens when it rains?!?

Strange nests: Blue tit on its nest in a signpost by Scottishval

The nest is in here:

Strange nests: There's a blue tit's nest inside... by Scottishval
Cube Ace . 5 years ago
On aproach to our town center .
Urban Wildlife
Meet Amber
roxy122012 5 years ago
We saw this nest inside the round house at Ryedale Folk Museum, goths nesting?
Ian Calderwood 5 years ago
I was walking along the Caldon Canal in Staffordshire at the weekend, when I heard noises coming from the top of a milepost. I think there were 2 chicks inside:
Bluetit Nest in a Canal Milepost by Ian Calderwood

An adult bird came back to the nest after I moved away:
Canal Milepost with an Adult Bluetit by Ian Calderwood
Debra Gordon 5 years ago
After the Easter holidays I went back to the primary school I work in to find this on my bird table ......... a very enterprising bird! Is it a blackbirds nest?
100_2370 by Debra Gordon
eck1998 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by eck1998 (member) 5 years ago
I found a nest on Inchcolm Island that had 2 eider eggs and 2 gull eggs. The eider was incubating but it was clearly a gulls nest
Jemery Horne 5 years ago
These are photographs of a nest in a paint tray in our shed. We haven't been able to identify the bird and her babies!
Birds nests 008 by Jemery Horne

Birds nests 005 by Jemery Horne
edward26987 5 years ago
there is one in our kitchen
Jemery Horne Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Jemery Horne (member) 5 years ago
As well as as an unidentified family living in a paint tray in our shed we also have a nest of blackbirds in our wood (and onion!) store. The blackbirds are about 10 days old we think. We're also lucky enough to have swallows back for the 2nd year to nest in our stables and have two greater spotted woodpeckers visiting our bird table several times a day.
Birds nests 004 by Jemery Horne

Birds nests 010 by Jemery Horne

Birds nests 009 by Jemery Horne
jcrockford6 PRO 5 years ago
Found a few pieces of nest material on the floor of our car port and looked up to see a Robin waiting to take more into the extractor outlet near the kitchen door. A few weeks later and here is the result!
Flora Bear Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Flora Bear (member) 5 years ago
Went to Swanage Railway today and saw Wagtails entering a nest in a hole in the side of a breakdown train wagon. A steam train arrives and departs every 40 minutes adjacent to wagon!!

I have posted 2 photo's to the group
AlisonSims1 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by AlisonSims1 (member) 5 years ago
Very busy parents feeding unknown number of young in this cigarette ash bin on wall of Kenbridge hotel in New Galloway. The parent in second photo is not clearing out nub ends!!
aSinisterRouge 5 years ago
Blue Tits nesting on the ground in an old lamp post near Gowerton in South Wales, thought it was quite strange as I didn't think blue tits would nest on the ground? What do you think Chris???

Richard Randall from Ystradgynlais, South Wales
rasdhoo 5 years ago
Not a bird nest I think!
My MOT mechanic found this when he lifted the bonnet. He says it belonged to a field mouse. Any other suggestions?
It was beautifully built and very comfortable since it was constructed from the sound insulation material under my (blue) bonnet (see other photo). She/he made a nice neat hole.
rasdhoo 5 years ago
Dave Hayward 5 years ago


Love these birds and are a pleasure to watch but we cant dry the washing lol
Val Gall 5 years ago
This blue tit nest is in the pipe containing lagging around outside tap.
The nest is about 8 inches down the pipe. Chicks not hatched yet but any day now!
Blue tits used this same nest last year
Derbyshire Harrier PRO 5 years ago
Magpie Nest
At Doncaster Railway Station in the catenary above the track by a busy platform.
ne1l34 5 years ago
This was taken a 2 years ago, but they came back this year... the basketball net is used too!
I Am The Pete 5 years ago
While not particularly barmy, what better place to nest that the back of a bird hide? :D


Everyone looks out the front, while you feed your chicks behind them. Genius.
Fenwalker1 PRO 5 years ago
Blackbird nest in a rubbish pile

This was out the back of the unit next to where I work. The male was spotted Thursday before last with food going into the rubbish. We carefully checked and I took a quick shot and saw all was Ok so we told the units owners and left them alone. When I returned to work I and a colleague checked and the chicks were gone so we removed the nest to stop them nesting there again. The rubbish had started to collapse. The owners used to burn rubbish here but luckily were told to stop by their insurers!
Kim Falconer 5 years ago

This nest, apparently goldfinch, was found under the bonnet of a friends work minibus! They had been wondering why the birds had been 'attacking' the bus :)
TowerLifeboatVisits 5 years ago
A pair of robins has nested in our bikeshed, and they now have four or five chicks. Not particularly photogenic by Springwatch standards, though there are photos at But the nest is on top of the cupboard where we keep our birdfood supplies - so instead of taking the food out to the bird table, only for the robins to bring it back inside to the nest, for now we are just putting the food in a pot on a shelf near the nest in the shed. Not the barmiest nest, but perhaps the canniest? Is this the only nest in the UK with room service?
KazHowland 5 years ago
Tesco Coot

Not really a weird place to nest but a brilliant nest non the less!
Mr and Mrs Coot of Greenland Dock, South East London, have excelled themselves this year with their towering nest of rubbish! Kaz x
LesleyClarke 5 years ago
When we visited Chesters Fort on Hadrian's Wall last Saturday the Roman Headquarters was out of bounds because this Oystercatcher was nesting on the wall.
Oystercatcher on Nest by LesleyClarke

Nesting Oystercatcher by LesleyClarke

When it moved we could see two eggs.
Oystercatcher Nest by LesleyClarke

Apparently it nested there last year as well. Not really a barmy nest as it's guarded by the wardens of English Heritage!
A Lake Posted 5 years ago. Edited by A Lake (member) 5 years ago
We have a pigeon that has nested between some old heating pipes at our school in North Shields (St Thomas More Academy)

Nothing unusual in that, but the pigeon has built its nest from discarded pens and pencils found around the school:

Barmy nest 1 by A Lake

Barmy nest 2 by A Lake

Barmy nest 3 by A Lake

I think the elastic band is there to hold it all together!

Barmy nest 4 by A Lake
skyfireomega1 5 years ago
not this year but last year i was on holiday in cornwall, i was visiting pendennis castle, there are these second world war guns and in one of the guns the was a great tit nesting in it as i saw it going into the gun, i told someone at the shop and they said lucky that the gun was not being used as it is a live firing gun which is used for special events, when i said which field gun the great tit was nesting in the person at the shop said thats a relief that gun does not get used. members of the tit family especialy bluetits nest in really obscure places, i guess the more obscure it is the better protected the eggs and the chicks are from preadators.
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