Owen H R PRO 5:32pm, 11 April 2012
There is a thread to identify insects and to identify birds but I know that I have a few flowers that I don't know what they are and i'm sure others do as well.:)
steb1 PRO 4 years ago
I agree that a flower or plant identification thread with a sticky would be useful.
bentheranger 4 years ago
Cracking idea!!
Fidgetromeo 4 years ago
Au13J PRO 4 years ago
Start an ID thread discussion and see if the admins will sticky it. Worst case they delete the thread.
Fenwalker1 PRO 4 years ago
They had this thread before shame they do not start each season with attaching new threads for each subject and stickying them, also they put info on some previous ones to say how to post to the thread .

We also need an ID amphibian / animal thread too!

So come on Springwatch team please will you do this! :-)
afterforty‽ PRO 4 years ago
I find this existing and active thread most useful for Id''ing plants
Owen H R PRO 4 years ago
A few people is wanting it, but still no sign of it being made...
Fenwalker1 PRO 4 years ago
Try emailing Springwatch direct
steb1 PRO 4 years ago
I just put a quick reminder of this on Martin's latest Blog entry on the Springwatch site. I don't know if it will remain there as it is obviously slightly off topic. But its just a quick plea for a bit more attention to matters vegetational.
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