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BBC Springwatch PRO 3:20pm, 11 May 2012
Hi everyone,

We thought we'd start a new thread for 2012 as last year's is pretty full.

Post your bird pictures here to get help identifying them.

Birds only here please!

Sam :)

P.S. If you have creepy crawlies or bugs you can't identify post them in the Bug ID thread.

P.P.S. If you're having trouble working out how to post a photo in the discussion click here.
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(301 to 400 of 543 replies)
dfg photography PRO 4 years ago
Is this a Coal tit? Thanks.
Coal Tit
dfg photography: Yes, it is !
dfg photography PRO 4 years ago
Thank you, jonnobird!
I Am The Pete 4 years ago
Unlikely, but anyone care to try to identify these chicks, possibly by the nest they were sat in? :) Unfortunately while sat in the hide the adults didn't come in to allow me to identify.

Nest was at the top of a bird hide.

TijssenNL 4 years ago
Thanks all for helping to identify great bird!
former-extog 4 years ago
I think they might be swallows but I'd definitely wait for someone else before accepting my id.
l-d 4 years ago
Juvenile Goldfinch by l-d

Juvenile Goldfinch by l-d

Juvenile Goldfinch by l-d

Saw this bird in the holly tree outside my window. Surrounded by sparrows.
Any idea? Such a gorgeous colouring on the tail so was fascinated by it :)
Steve Ward Nature Photography [deleted] Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Steve Ward Nature Photography (member) 4 years ago
Any Ideas

Any ideas ?
Fledgling Goldfinch.
I Am The Pete

Not Swallow, which build a cup nest from mud and feathers.

Go back and hang around some distance away, outside the hide and wait for adults to visit. If they are nesting in a public hide they are obviously used to people.
bees22 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by bees22 (member) 4 years ago
Is this a Female Sparrowhawk??? Taken 12 June, should be nesting?

P6120040 by bees22
bees22: Yes, a female Sparrowhawk - no reason why it can't be nesting - they don't sit on the nest 24 hours a day !
l-d 4 years ago
Thanks Mpgoodey! Couldn't seem to find it in my bird book, now I know it's because it isn't fully grown and hasn't got all the colours yet.
pyte 4 years ago
DSC_0945 by pyte

Chocolate chip cookie to those that know what this was, as i havn't a clue

Not the best picture in the world, was half asleep and in a rush to take the shot before it flew away. Was taken 4/03/12

pyte - Its a Sparrowhawk
johnkbatt 4 years ago
Is this a Robin??
Looks like a Robin to me that has a skin condition
or some hormonal imbalance. Very strange !
lauranicolaparkin 4 years ago
What is this bird that's always in my garden?! It looks like a blackbird but with bizarre colouring?

lovingwonderfulnature Posted 4 years ago. Edited by lovingwonderfulnature (member) 4 years ago
Hi Its a Male Blackbird, that has lost some of its black colouring which is called leucism.
steb1 PRO 4 years ago
@lauranicolaparkin It's a male blackbird. It's leucistic hence the patches of light feathers.
michele.hardie 4 years ago
This bird of prey was nesting in the cliff face, sorry it was very far away when i took the photograph! Not one I have seen before not sure if it will be clear enough for ID
DSCF8712 by michele.hardie
lovingwonderfulnature 4 years ago
Hi Its a peregine.
michele.hardie 4 years ago
Awe thats great, that is what I had hoped! Thanks!!
Any pointers what fledgling this is, it was in the bushes near Swansea beach if it helps
lovingwonderfulnature 4 years ago
Hi It looks like a robin.
Yes, a Robin it is.
Cheers both
brinrock Posted 4 years ago. Edited by brinrock (member) 4 years ago
Can you tell me if this is a house sparrow with its young?
Feed me please
Thank you Mark
FatWagtailPhotography PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by FatWagtailPhotography (member) 4 years ago
Binrock .. Yes your correct
nicky-mcc PRO 4 years ago
House Sparrow by nicky-mcc
nicky-mcc: That's a House Sparrow - possibly a juvenile but I suspect it's a post breeding female which would account for the very scruffy plumage.
nicky-mcc PRO 4 years ago
I thought that but looked so different to the rest of the house sparrows in garden .. thank you for the info
jim.eames PRO 4 years ago
Can anyone identify this please
Sedge Warbler by jim.eames
clalun1 4 years ago
What bird is this?
What bird is this as I saw it at a small lake near my home in the Rhondda Valley?
jonnobird (Catching up after Cyprus) Posted 4 years ago. Edited by jonnobird (Catching up after Cyprus) (member) 4 years ago
jim.eames: Despite your misgivings about the size, it's a Sedge Warbler

clalun 1: Your's is a Muscovy Duck - a non-native duck native to Mexico, Central, and South America commonly kept in captivity.
This is a 'live' link so the full info accompanies the image. A bullfinch fledgling or some other garden bird?....

Fledging - any guesses?
Thank you-though it wasn't raining, but I expect that it was wet because of the hedgerow behind my garden? :)
jonnobird (Catching up after Cyprus) Posted 4 years ago. Edited by jonnobird (Catching up after Cyprus) (member) 4 years ago
Eiona.R: It's female - the scruffy appearaance probably cused by post breeding.
Many thanks.
I should have scrolled up the page here before posting because I can see someone else captured a similar one.
Thanks again for the detailed clarification :)
bonyman1 4 years ago
I'm not sure what kind of Bunting this is, any ideas welcome!

What kind of Bunting? by bonyman1
Au13J PRO 4 years ago
Bonyman1 - Callum it is a Reed Bunting
RobertP67 4 years ago
Hi, is this a young blackcap?



RobertP67: Yes, a Blackcap
dave_a_davidson PRO 4 years ago
what bird is this, it is the same size as the canadian geese and ducks and there was only the one of them. shot in Derbyshire
viewer by dave_a_davidson
dave_a_davidson: Sorry, haven't a clue except to say it's not a native species but an 'exotic' goose which I don't recall having ever seen before. I presume it was taken at a wildfowl collection - if not, it's escaped from one !
No disrespect intended when I say this is a rather over exposed Cape Barren Goose. Normally appear somewhat darker.
dave_a_davidson PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by dave_a_davidson (member) 4 years ago
yes didnt think it was native at all. it was taken on our local duck pond and it was taken on my iphone just wanted to grab it while i could . i wonder where it came from to be in with our geese lol. thanks peeps.
dave_a_davidson PRO 4 years ago
also strange there are no rings on it's feet if it was in a collection. i shall have a walk down later to see if it is still there.
hawkeye108 PRO 4 years ago
anyone any ideas on this fellow
hawkeye108: That's a juvenile (and very pale) Blue Tit. May just be the lighting or possibly leucistic.
saundie100 4 years ago

please help, what is this...?,seen in north wales.
FatWagtailPhotography PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by FatWagtailPhotography (member) 4 years ago
saundie100 - Im pretty sure this is a Little Bittern in which case you should contact your local bird club/ county recorder as this is a rare bird in Britain.
child of herne 4 years ago
Saundie100 That definitely looks like a female Little Bittern which is a rarity anywhere in Britain. We have had one for a couple of weeks near Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire which has now probably departed, but was fairly easily twitchable at times. Such an elusive bird can be in an area for some time before being seen, and in late May, early June there were several rarities from North Africa and Iberia in Britain. Last year they did breed for the first time for many years.
hawkeye108 PRO 4 years ago
thankyou jonnobird , there were three of these youngsters all the same colour
hawkeye: That being the case, I suspect the paleness is just down to the fact that they have only just fledged.
Just curious to know how it managed to be in a garden in North Wales at the same time as being in Stocker's Lake (Hertfordshire) !!!!

petersrockypics PRO 4 years ago

I took this pic early morning,in cambridgeshire.I believe it is a young bird,would like to know which owl it is.
petersrockypics: That's a young Tawny Owl
petersrockypics PRO 4 years ago
Jonnobird,Many,many thanks.It's My one and only Owl pic,Chuffed to bits
it's a Tawny.
child of herne 4 years ago
Have just checked Herts Birdclub Website and the Stockers Lake Little Bittern was last seen on 17th so this Welsh bird is a different individual. Markings on front also look slightly different. However if weather conditions bring one, there is no reason that they could not bring more. Lovely photo, they are difficult enough to see in Southern Europe where they breed fairly commonly
mpgoodey pro (No flashing AWARDS PLEASE!) Posted 4 years ago. Edited by mpgoodey pro (No flashing AWARDS PLEASE!) (member) 4 years ago
For goodness sake its a windup!
the two photos are not just similar they are one in the same just look at a few of the Willow branches and leaves. I should think Mr Rowe would be mightily Peed off having his photo nicked I know I would.
Sadly this sort of thing happens a lot.
Ronald Morgan 4 years ago
Can anyone tell me what this bird is please,taken in the sand dunes in Aberdovey,North Wales
Meadow Pipit by Ronald Morgan
Ronald Morgan - That's a Meadow Pipit
saundie100 4 years ago
thankyou for little bittern identification,it looks like i have been duped, i will contact my friend to get the full story,sorry for any annoyance caused to anyone,Mick.
Jason Leslie 4 years ago
P1030184 by Jason Leslie

Please can you identify what this is for me. I saw it on the bank of the River Ribble approx 6 miles west of Preston a couple of days ago. I assumed it was a Grey Heron from the size of it, but the colours don't seem to match. Sorry about the pic quality/size of the bird, but my camera isn't that great and it was on the far riverbank.

Looks OK for a Grey Heron to me :-)
CalamityCam 2011 4 years ago
Initially thought this was a blue tit until I saw it's face!! Is it still some form of blue tit?

Can you help.....
CalamityCam: Yes, it's a Blue Tit - the scruffy appearance/loss of feathers on the head will be down to either some sort of mite infestation and/or the stresses of breeding.
Jason Leslie 4 years ago
Thanks mpgoodey. The reason I was skeptical about a Grey Heron was that my (very old) book shows a Grey Heron has a fully white neck, with only a black streak near the eye, whereas this bird seems to have a black neck with a white patch near the eye. The pic below is zoomed in a bit more and shows the neck and head colours a bit better, but its the best I can do.
Screen Shot 2012-06-20 at 18.07.02 by Jason Leslie
Definitely a grey heron.
nicky-mcc PRO 4 years ago
is this a redpoll if so which type seen in my Back garden in Northern Ireland
another pic is on my feed not the greatest as out kitchen window and a fair distance away
nicky-mcc: Yes it's a Redpoll ! As to type, a notoriously controversial subject - my best guess is that it's a Lesser Redpoll.
nicky-mcc PRO 4 years ago
Thanks Jonathan
Ronald Morgan Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Ronald Morgan (member) 4 years ago
Thanks for the identification the other day,i have one here that i took in a field of Gorse Bushes about 5 miles from the coast in Noth Wales.
Stonechat by Ronald Morgan
Ronald Morgan: That's a Stonechat
Ronald Morgan 4 years ago
Thanks Jonnobird.
child of herne 4 years ago
Sorry about second posting commenting on Little Bittern, I hadnt gone to the main Flickr site but only looked at picture on BBC site so hadnt looked at the link to the original photos. I had only seen pictues linked from Herts Bird Club to the Bedsbirdclub website which only showed the bird in reedy vegetation, and due to different posture it did look like a slightly different plumage.When I went to see the bird at Stockers it was raining and I never got really good views.
ianmoorcroft0705 4 years ago

I spotted this on the Chesterfield Canal and am at a loss to know what it is and none of my friends know either.
Derbyshire Harrier PRO 4 years ago
Ianmoorcroft that looks like a muscovy x
It's a muscovy duck. This will be an escapee from a private collection as they don't (well, never say never) occur naturally in the UK.
and if one were to ever waddle on-board a ship docked in South America then waddle off in Felixstowe it wouldn't look much like this :-)
Genuine wild birds being black.
Owen-P 4 years ago
Jackdaw Adult
Note the pale blue eyes.
belincs PRO 4 years ago
House Martin?

I think this is a House Martin but I'm not sure. Could someone identify it for me please.
Young Swallow
belincs PRO 4 years ago
Thank you.
brinrock Posted 4 years ago. Edited by brinrock (member) 4 years ago
Can someone tell me what this is? I wondered if it was a grey partridge


Thank you so much
brinrock: Yes, a juvenile Grey Partridge.
Cosper Wosper PRO 4 years ago
Warbler ID needed.

Warbler ID needed...Maybe a Garden Warbler

Taken at Westhay on the Somerset levels. :@)
Martin-W 4 years ago
Is this a garden wabler?
jonnobird (Catching up after Cyprus) Posted 4 years ago. Edited by jonnobird (Catching up after Cyprus) (member) 4 years ago
Cosper Wosper - That's a Garden Warbler

Martin - Your's is a juvenile Chiffchaff.
Martin-W 4 years ago
jonnonbird, Thank you for the I.D I was wondering if Garden warbler or Chiffchaff. I can see now Their is a a big difference between the two birds.
klm_uk0007 4 years ago
Would you be able to identify these birds. I know that they are juvenile but not sure whether they are swallows or house martins? I'm confused by the white band on the adult's tail. Thank you

Chicks 014
Chicks 013
lovingwonderfulnature 4 years ago
Hi They are swallows and great photos.
klm_uk0007 4 years ago
Thank you
Bogger3. Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Bogger3. (member) 4 years ago
Would you please confirm which Swan this is Bewick or Whooper thanks.
Berwick Swan 1 (1)
Blogger3: That's a Bewick's Swan (now known as Tundra Swan). Less yellow on the bill which does not project below the nostrils as it does on Whoopers.
Bogger3. 4 years ago
Thank's I thought it was but I was not sure.
Bogger3. 4 years ago
Can you tell me if this is a male or female Moorhen Thank's
Not sure that you can?
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