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Hi all,

Remember last Springwatch when Martin Hughes-Games asked you to tell him about any strange nests you'd seen? He had such a huge and fantastic response, we thought we'd do it again this time around.

So if you've taken a photo or footage of any birds nesting in weird and wonderful places across the UK this spring, please add them to the group and tell us about it here.

It would help us massively if you tagged it 'strange nests'.

from a previous thread :-)

BBC Springwatch says:

"Hi mpgoodey, good point - people should always be careful when wild animals are concerned. If anyone's got any concerns we recommend they read the Birdwatchers' Code:

The main point to remember here is 'Avoid disturbing birds and their habitats – the birds’ interests should always come first'.

Wildshots of Scotland 7 years ago
It is against the law to disturb a wild birds nest. At this time of year the Scottish Gamekeepers Association recommends all dogs to be kept on leads !!
"Mike Foster" PRO 7 years ago
The other thing to avoid if posting pictures of birds nesting is locating it geographically. Inadvertently showing people on the net the exact place a rare bird is nesting currently has been demonstrated to lead to egg/nestling theft, especially with raptors.

Use a telephoto lens and don't say where it actually is, if possible. If you have to approach a nest closely to take a photograph then ask yourself if you should be taking the photograph really.
Wildshots of Scotland 7 years ago
Why would anyone want to ruin a brood to get a photograph ?

Keep your dogs on leads and dont go mooching for nests leave well alone. Do not try to copy what you see on the TV !
BBC Springwatch PRO 7 years ago
Hunterswind and Mike are of course correct. Hopefully most of our group members are conscientious nature lovers anyway but it's good to be reminded that the animals come first.

We're really interested in images like this one from Husky Pupp
IMG_5978.CR2 by HuskyPupp

Anyone else captured incredible nest sites?

Sam :)
urbantigermalc Posted 7 years ago. Edited by urbantigermalc (member) 7 years ago
We have Robins nesting in our Greenhouse on a shelf.
There are 3 chicks hatched.
pentreberwsjw 7 years ago
Crows Nest by pentreberwsjw

It's usual to see a crows nest in a chimney, but they have choosen a chimney with a hole in the bottom of the pot it's hilarious to watch, the more they stuff in the more that falls out, more pics to follow as it get's bigger.....
urbantigermalc 7 years ago
got this pic of the chicks at 1 week old
Jaynie25 PRO 7 years ago
It just shows you, you can see nature everywhere. we were on our way up North to work and we stopped for a coffee at Durham services. We were sitting in the van watching a blackbird busy herself collecting twigs for her nest and I think only us noticed. When she was away, my husband Greg went to investigate as i've never seen a nest before. He ran over to me saying " you must come and see this! You won't believe it! And bring your camera!!! When i looked, I was shocked to see the blackbird had been weaving plastic gloves into the nest which had been blown over from the petrol station! Amazing!

Handy Nesting Material
johnfpd Posted 7 years ago. Edited by johnfpd (member) 7 years ago
Hi Jeremy

just posted some photos of blue tits nesting in a traffic light (at a motorway junction!) - well, them entering and exiting anyway. Might have broken a few traffic rules to get the photos, but didn't disturb the nest :-)

trafficlight5 by johnfpd


johnfpd 07881918184
mecarpman 7 years ago
Spotted this little one coming in and out of there nest in a life bouy case at my local fishing lakes.

blue tits nest in lifebuoy holder
johnfpd Posted 7 years ago. Edited by johnfpd (member) 7 years ago
hopefully a little more healthy than a motorway junction :-) - but it does look like a very tight squeeze...
Yeldham1 7 years ago
be a bugger if someone was drowning!
BBC Springwatch PRO 7 years ago
Incredible mecarpman! What a fantastic find.
Is there a sign to make sure they won't be disturbed?

Has anyone taken any videos of strange nests?
Remember these from last year?

Sam :)
johnfpd 7 years ago
Hi Sam,
Great video, especially the level crossing !
There's a swans' nest in Windsor Park (near the totem pole for those who know it) - not unusual, but has been fenced off by the wardens to hopefully stop them being disturbed (by people and by dogs!). Good to see the park wardens doing their bit to protect the swans - well done them.
goldie1967 7 years ago
Tourist attraction Mountfitchet Castle in Stansted, Essex have a pair of life-sized metal statue fallow deer made in memorial to all the fallow deer we have hand reared over the last 25 years. We currently have 5 fallow deer at the castle that roam freely along with all our other rescued animals (goats, chickens, sheep etc). Inside the large stags head statue a Blue tit has made her nest and has several babies chirping away as the mother comes and goes feeding them ( ) contact owner ; jeremy goldsmith

ducks 007 by goldie1967

ducks 008 by goldie1967

ducks 006 by goldie1967

ducks 001 by goldie1967
Junglefacejake 7 years ago
I've been seeing an increasingly common use of cigarette bins by small birds this year. I wonder if any other Springwatch fans are noticing this? As Chris and Kate have mentioned the need for more nestboxes, it seems that the smoking ban has thrown up a lovely coincidental assistance to the request!
ne1l34 7 years ago
Hello All,

Great thread and great new show too last night.
We've got these two Blue Tits in a basketball net in the garden, they are not shy at all.
I have lots of video of these two too, if anyone is interested in seeing them.

Peter E Bird 7 years ago
Here are pics of a blue tit that has nested in our ornamental garden pump:
Blue tit in ornamental garden pump(1) by Peter E Bird

Blue tit in ornamental garden pump(2) by Peter E Bird

Blue tit in ornamental garden pump(3) by Peter E Bird
Andy Macdonald Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Andy Macdonald (member) 7 years ago
Inside the wall cavity of my house - (video)
I hope the young don't grow too big !!!
Phil Reed 5 PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Phil Reed 5 (member) 7 years ago
Great Tit nest by Phil Reed 5

Great Tit nest by Phil Reed 5

Whilst visiting Brands Hatch over the Bank Holiday, I noticed this Great Tit coming out of a hole below a post supporting the barriers. The adults weren't daunted by either the spectators or the noise of the cars, and yes, the "eagle eyed" car spotters will recognise the red car as a Ford Falcon!
aimsye_2002 7 years ago
we noticed a pair of wrens flapping about in the garden an collecting nesting materials we watched closely an saw them go into our windchime! it gets battered by the wind an gets quite noisy too!

P1020804 by aimsye_2002

P1020794 by aimsye_2002

J and S photos [deleted] 7 years ago
Hi all, these are probably the worst pics that I'll ever take (hopefully) but we've just discovered that there's a wren nesting in the local B&Q inside one of the gazania flower stands. The flowers are very dead but the eggs are still there.

For minimum disturbance I've turned the flash off just in case I scared the bird but they've not come out great as a result!

jdawson554 [deleted] 7 years ago
This is from spring 2007 unfortunately, but it's got to be one of the strangest nests I've ever seen! A coot nesting under the fountain at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire.

A Soggy Nest by jdawson554
Counting Coots Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Counting Coots (member) 7 years ago
Last year I posted that there was a pair of Coots nesting in an upturned shopping trolley in the river Wandle in SW London. They are in exactly the same spot this year. Admittedly this is not new, but they get points for persistence!

My erratic updates on their nest can be found here...

shopping trolley coots

The link works now ;-)
Corhob 7 years ago
Collared dove Nest outside my house Dunham on the hill

Collared dove
zxious PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by zxious (member) 7 years ago

My dad filmed this yesterday I hope that this link works. Nathan. Yates.
ps posted it to photo pool by mistake. sorry.
melissa zillwood Posted 7 years ago. Edited by melissa zillwood (member) 7 years ago
Here is a picture of a great tit nesting in an air vent pipe for a sewerage pipe.
a great tit nesting in the vent pipe! by melissa zillwood
SusyC52 7 years ago
I went to clear out the mangers on my back wall and look what I found
danielcarway 7 years ago

This wren has been spending the last week or so building a nest inside a ceramic tealight candle-holder thingy. Most of the holes in the globe are now stuffed with gras, moss and the leftover brushings from our dog's coat! Pics not that great as I had to take them from inside the double-glazed patio doors for fear of scaring it off.
lakeslover2010 PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by lakeslover2010 (member) 7 years ago
I Stress this was 2005 before I am ticked off !
and am loading it just to prove how near Blackbirds can nest to your front door.
It was an amazing four weeks watching from start to finish. we videoed it through the glass ,using the back door to go in and out and leave them in peace
We watched the food coming in, the fledglings exercising wings ready to fly , but missed them actually going as they went early morning.An experience to cherish.

Blackbirds nest in porch
nabil.abbas 7 years ago
Mistle thrush seen last month nesting in a traffic light on a busy dual carriageway in central Doncaster:

Traffic light thrush 2 by nabil.abbas

Traffic light thrush 1 by nabil.abbas

Interestingly, this behaviour has also been seen in Leeds. Is it restricted to the cunning Yorkshire thrush, or does it happen elsewhere?
PontyCyclops PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by PontyCyclops (member) 7 years ago
We have a woodpigeon nesting in the pilot plant area (an area not in use anymore) just outside the lab where I work.

We have a perfect viewing platform to watch her. In fact, I quickly checked on her today. Don't worry, we are on a gantry well away from the nest, as she doesn't seem peturbed by us. The close up picture was taken with a 300mm lens from quite a distance away!

These scrawny little hatchlings shown below, now look like proper little woodpigeons in just over a week! It's quite remarkable!

Woodpigeon and Chick

Pilot Plant Methanol Column - Highlighted
Counting Coots 7 years ago
Nest update - after three years of trying the Coots that nest on the shopping trolley in the River Wandle have actually hatched some young. Happpy days!

click here for pictures and everything!
Counting Coots 7 years ago
...and here they are!

shopping trolley chicks by Counting Coots
EveFreya1 PRO 7 years ago
I spotted some birds nesting in a broken street lamp on the side of a very busy roundabout...

Bird nest by EveFreya1

Bird nest by EveFreya1

MisterG777 6 years ago
Not all strange nesting attempts are successful. This collared dove's attempt was doomed to fail within hours. The bags get taken down from the front of the shop at the end of each day. (Opposite where I work). Shame!

bag_lodger_01 by MisterG777

bag_lodger_02 by MisterG777

bag_lodger_03 by MisterG777
skylark79 6 years ago
DSC00094 by skylark79

DSC00093 by skylark79

Pied wagtails nesting between two beer casks!!!!
mojo_photos 6 years ago

These Great Tits made their nest in the donation box at Eagle Heights in Kent! Notice how the sign says Blue Titis and someone has corrected this to Great! lol
jenniferzz1 6 years ago
Yellow Wagtail nest-on downstream side of lock gate on Grand union Canal at Rickmansworth. parent on top of lock gate.
CaraFreckles 6 years ago
We have a very messy and precarious nest on our satelite dish. I think they are wood pigeons? They aren't interfering with the signal so luckily we can still pick up Springwatch.

Collared Dove Nest 2 by CaraFreckles

Collared Dove Nest 1 by CaraFreckles

Full story here
Click Whir Photos 6 years ago
Spotted this family of Blue Tits nesting in a restored transformer at the Amberly Museum in Sussex. It's situated in a very busy public area, but it's obviously an ideal and secure spot!

Blue Tit Transformer Nest

Blue Tit Transformer Nest 2
MaisieHexagon PRO 6 years ago
The warden of the local wildlife hospital took us into a shed that usually houses nets used for pond dipping. One had recently not been used, and has been adopted by Mrs Blackbird for her nest!

Unusual blackbird nest!
meynsole 6 years ago
Here's a scan from our local paper about a pied wagtails's nest.
Wagtail nest by meynsole
drspinola 6 years ago
A family of birds has set up home in a steam locomotive on the Welsh Highland Railway near Caernarfon

Garratt K1 is currently home to a family of birds by drspinola

k1 by drspinola
PantherArt PRO 6 years ago
Wren/Wasp nest

Wren/Wasp nest

This was originally a wrens nest which was abandoned. Since then however the wasps have moved in a made a small nest of their own (white part). This has since been abandoned as well.
DavidMarsh 6 years ago
My addition to strange nests. across the way on the 7th Floor from the office window some Crows or Rooks have made a nest.

Birds in nest

Building in context

Birds in nest 2
astronut2007 PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by astronut2007 (member) 6 years ago
How about this Osprey nest built on top of a high voltage electricity pylon!
Not sure if there's a thread from this year relating to this subject so apologies if this shouldn't be here.

This lampost next to a set of local ponds has become the nesting place for a pair of Blue Tits this year. Heard the young calling for food whilst there yesterday. Seems that the lampost is a popular nesting place for this species, but this was only the second time I had seen a pair raising young from one :-)
The Lampost - The Urban Nestbox (Blue Tit)
afterforty‽ PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by afterforty‽ (member) 5 years ago
It is a very old thread, but well worth resurrecting!

I've also got Blue tits nesting in a street lamp; but 'mine' are inside the near-ground-level control box - about 50 cm above ground-level - it has a broken (and repaired) door:
Fenwalker1 PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Fenwalker1 (member) 5 years ago
This is a video of this unusual nesting place for a Robin

potted this robin going in the grass and realised it was a nest, when he/she goes in you can hear cheeping. It is only this one feeding but today I spotted another one in the woods and through binnoculars saw an exchange of food then this one came and fed. That answered the question of how it found food so quickly. As you may be able to see it has no tail either so made it easy to see who was feeding the chicks. This has taken three days to actually get this complete footage as I kept missing bits!! Have done photos to will sort and upload those too sometime.
BBC Springwatch PRO 5 years ago
Hi everyone,

Please post your strange nests in the new 2012 thread.

Sam :)
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