In my garden

chrisLX200 10:59am, 8 November 2012

This bird had killed a pigeon in my back garden. It didn't seem to care much that we were watching it!
chrisLX200 5 years ago

It flew onto my shed roof carrying half the pigeon.
Fenwalker1 PRO 5 years ago
I had one yesterday, its a Sparrowhawk

If you need ID please use the sticky threads at the top of the list :-)
lbrownless 5 years ago
Are Buzzards common in Essex? We have have two possibly three that have been around our garden for a few weeks now; could they be nesting? We have noticed the rabbits are not around too! last year we noticed a bird of prey a number of times, are they migratery?
afterforty‽ PRO 5 years ago
10 seconds with google would answer all your questions:
child of herne 5 years ago
Common Buzzard now breeds in every mainland British county, due to much reduced persecution and less use of persistent pesticides. Unfortunately there are still local problems with misguided people poisoning or shooting them but they are a resilient species that can raise up to four young a year, and are tolerant of disturbed habitats so have increased greatly over the last few years. In many parts of Britain they are now the most frequently seen Raptor.
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