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BBC Springwatch PRO 11:38am, 1 September 2010
Hi everyone,

Following the success of our Springwatch and Summerwatch group discussions, lets have another ID forum.

Post your autumn bird pictures here to get help identifying them.

Birds only here please!

Sam :)

P.S. If you have creepy crawly pictures you can't identify, post them in the Bug ID thread.
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BBC Springwatch PRO 6 years ago
None at all? Really?!

Sam :s
jo92photos PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by jo92photos (member) 6 years ago

I saw a family of four on the River Kennet today.
Handsome birds but what are they?
Tom_1903 6 years ago
That's an Egyptian Goose, becoming quite common now.
jo92photos PRO 6 years ago
Thanks for the swift reply Tom
Took this in Chester Today, Thought it was a Raven but unsure now, perhaps it's just a crow, but it looked quite a bit bigger.

Raven... I think?
wenxue2222 PRO 6 years ago
Looks like a carrion crow to me. We get a lot of them round here by a block of nearby flats. They are pretty big. Very intelligent too.
child of herne 6 years ago
This does look like a Carrion Crow. Ravens are huge, almost Buzzard sized and have a very heavy bill and a shaggy throat. The also have a longer more pointed tail when you see them in flight. Generally they are very wary and difficult to approach. but are doing well, they are breeding in Bedfordshire now.
BBC Springwatch PRO 6 years ago
In case it helps, have a look at the carrion crow and raven pages on the BBC Wildlife Finder.

Sam :)
Please could someone ID this please.
A bird of prey bigger than a kestrel but smaller than a buzzard.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what bird this is, please?
Cosper Wosper PRO 6 years ago
Hi Penny, I'd say this was a Buzzard, I see from the Exif file data it was taken 120 seconds before a shot that you've IDed as a Buzzard, maybe the same bird turned around so you could get a better shot.. :@)
Ok Cosper, thank you very much.
Fenwalker1 PRO 6 years ago

Can anyone identify these birds please. They were flying in a flock over a manmade fishing lake in Suffolk catching insects. This is as close as I could get to get a shot!
Tom_1903 6 years ago
That is a nice flock of Linnets. It's quite common to see finches in small flocks.
ukstormchaser (A.k.a The Bug Whisperer) Posted 6 years ago. Edited by ukstormchaser (A.k.a The Bug Whisperer) (member) 6 years ago
One I took at the start of September. Terrible pic I know, but I think it might be a Hobby. Taken in Milton Keynes.
Fenwalker1 PRO 6 years ago
Thanks tom1903
child of herne 6 years ago
The photo by ukstormchaser is a Hobby, they are an increasing species in Britain. Have seen several in Bedfordshire during the month, although they have probably nearly all left for Africa by now. They are superb fliers, being capable of catching Swallows and even Swifts in flight, and also take a lot of Dragonflies which they eat in flight. Photo is not very easy to see but suggestion of red-brown trousers suggests an adult bird. They will return in early May when they can often be seen catching insects over water in small flocks.
AGOODAY 6 years ago
This bird was on the beach, up in Northumberland a few week ago...

Sanderling by AGOODAY

Not sure what it is!
Thanks so much, child of herne. That's another bird of prey I can tick of from the list of them to see :-)

I believe that's a Wader. No doubt about it, but I'm not sure what species.
jel 1969 PRO 6 years ago

Your photo of a wader is a Sanderling as you thought.
Derbyshire Harrier PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Derbyshire Harrier (member) 6 years ago
Good morning. Can anybody confirm this is a sanderling please?

Can anybody also please confirm whether or not these are turnstones?

former-extog 6 years ago
You are right on the 2nd photo. They are turnstones.

The first bird might be a juvenile plover, either ringed or little ringed. You need an expert for that one I think.
buckbeak888 6 years ago
I know this isnt a bird, its some kind of weird goose/duck cross! Anyone have any idea what it is?

Strange looking duck/goose
wenxue2222 PRO 6 years ago
Looks like a domestic duck to me - a farm duck
buckbeak888 6 years ago
I wondered if it was a mallard duck/goose cross as it was waddling around with a group of white geese.
Midnight82 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Midnight82 (member) 6 years ago
I think that's a mallard - there are a few varieties - I'm not sure but it could be a cross between a domestic duck (possibly Aylesbury hybrid).
wenxue2222 PRO 6 years ago
If the 'white geese' were quite small they might not have been geese at all (there are few white geese that should be wandering round in the wild in the UK - a few Ross's Geese maybe) but they may have been Pekin Ducks - white farm ducks. Where did you see this duck?
mpgoodey pro (No flashing AWARDS PLEASE!) Posted 6 years ago. Edited by mpgoodey pro (No flashing AWARDS PLEASE!) (member) 6 years ago
Looks like a Domestic Mallard x Indian Runner. Very short legs very upright stance.

Cosper Wosper PRO 6 years ago
Looks like a Juvenile Ringed Plover to me. :@)
Derbyshire Harrier PRO 6 years ago
Thank you Cosper Wosper and Former-extog
AGOODAY 6 years ago
thanks jel1969!
Derbyshire Harrier PRO 6 years ago
I saw this bird at Durness, my first thoughts were that it may be a juvenile gannet, but it didn't seem to look quite right.
Can any one please confirm?

west275 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by west275 (member) 6 years ago
This bird keeps appearing in my garden in Sunbury-on-Thames briefly (hence appalling photos, sorry). Looks like a sparrow but with pure white wings.

White wing sparrow (4) by west275

White wing sparrow by west275
ukstormchaser (A.k.a The Bug Whisperer) Posted 6 years ago. Edited by ukstormchaser (A.k.a The Bug Whisperer) (member) 6 years ago
DerbyshireHarrier- I think you have a young Comorant there but I'm not 100% sure. Perhaps a young Gannet, like you said.

West275 - Yeah, definately a House Sparrow. Bet that one sticks out like a sore thumb when it's in a large group of others!
child of herne 6 years ago
Derbyshire Harrier. Your photo is almost certainly a young Gannet. Head ant tail both pointed giving a cigar shape to the body, wings very long and narrow with a bend thus not an albatross type bird. Cormorant would have shorter wings and tail and a distinct neck. Durness a giood site for this as could be from Shetland or Sula Sgeir.
buckbeak888 6 years ago
I saw the bird at Roath Park, Cardiff wenxue2222

They did look like white geese, but obviously I am no expert.

I see the similarity between it and the Indian Runner!
ChrisWorks 6 years ago
im just wondering what type of owl this is? after i cought a shot of it on my mates farm.
Erniebobble PRO 6 years ago
Can anyone recommend areas of Britain that are especially favoured by owls? I would love to hear them calling at night and particularly want to see them in the wild (or my garden if I ever have one!) rather than, for instance, in a reserve.
Thanks a lot, EB/TB.

I have already posted this Q on the Unsprung ideas pg but thought someone on this pg might be particularly able to advise - and how surprised and pleased was I when I logged in to post my Q and found the beautiful photo above just loaded as the last feature ... very auspicious!! Thank you.
PS - Where is your friend's farm ChrisW ...?? (wonderful photo - I think from your member pic that I need to get some proper equipment ...!)
Derbyshire Harrier PRO 6 years ago
Thanks Child of Herne and Uk Stormchaser
redlollipop2000 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by redlollipop2000 (member) 6 years ago
Sorry, I'm unable to ID any of the bird photos already here but I have a query of my own - unfortunately no photo. On Sat 2 Oct at about 12. noon a few hundred yards north of J10 M6 Walsall, as we were driving home hubby noticed 4 very large dark birds circling over the M6. At first I thought they were crows (silly me) he said they were too large, more like buzzards but he wouldn't have expected to see 4 together (can't be kestral or sparrow hawk as they come into our garden occasionally and these were far larger than either of those) . On Mon 4 Oct at about 3.15pm and about 2 miles away we saw what looked like a single one of the same bird type circling over the road of a residential street. It was fairly high but as hubby drove under it I was able to look upwards through the windscreen of the car and was clearly able to see the underside wing pattern. My best description is that it had a light brown border, with light creamy yellow filling wifh 3 triangular shapes of either very dark brown or black. I've searched through a fair amount of bird photos on the web but can't find anything clear enough for an ID. Help would be much appreciated thanks.
child of herne 6 years ago
The Owl phoyographed by ChrisWorks looks like an Eagle Owl which is probably an escape although a few pairs are breedin, but of captive origin. They are popular birds with aviculturalists and falconers as are easily bred in captivity. If it was an Eagle Owl , they are massive, bigger than a Buzzard. The other possibility is the much smallur Long-eared Owl, wnich stands about 14 inches high but this bird seems to have a very heavy bill and a solid build suggesting Eagle Owl. Long eared is generally nocturnal and wary, except when it has just arrived as a migrant.
Fiona Crofts PRO 6 years ago
Hi, wondered if anyone can help me with this. Is this a Chiffchaff or Willow Warbler or something else???? Thanks

Willow Warbler or Chiff Chaff DSC_2368
Adam Sutton PRO 6 years ago
Any ideas on this one? It was seen a couple of weeks ago on Dartford marshes in Kent...

IMG_6130 by Adam Sutton
Beaker, the supercilium looks distinctly yellow to me. The wings aren't showing very well, but maybe a yellow browed warbler?
former-extog 6 years ago
Beaker, Sedge warbler is a possibility but I struggle with warblers and I agree the supercillium isn't as white as I would expect. Don't know the Yellow browed so can't comment on that suggestion.

Adam Sutton, I'm pretty sure that's a Stonechat.
Fiona Crofts PRO 6 years ago
Thank you for responses former-extog & kernuak. I have recently been told by a local bird club that they believe it to be a chiffchaff!
former-extog 6 years ago
I can see where they are coming from with chiffchaff but the supercillium (stripe above the eye) looks very long to me and the legs look very pale (could be a trick of the camera I suppose). It does though seem to have the right cresent on the cheek. As I say I'm no expert and I suppose it's a warning of how difficult bird id from photographs can be.
Derbyshire Harrier PRO 6 years ago
Can anybody please confirm this as a Meadow Pipit?
snap happy Terri Posted 6 years ago. Edited by snap happy Terri (member) 6 years ago
help with my goose id please.
are these greylag or pinkfoot or am I way off?
migrant geese by snap happy Terri
child of herne 6 years ago
The Geese photographed by snap happy Teri are Greylags, large pale geese with a large orange bill. Pink feet are smaller and darker headed with a relatively small bill, and are rare in SE England away from the big wintering sites in East Anglia. Greylags in the South are generally from local feral populations rather than migrants.
The passerine photographed by Derbyshire Harrier is a small finch, possibly a linnet, or just possibly a Bunting as it has a conical, seed-eating bill. Brambling is a good possibility as it looks as if it has orange on the breast and yellow on the bill, whilst the tail does not have obvious white outer feathers. Meadow pipit would have a longer, thinner bill for eating insects and is a very streaked looking bird. If this is a Brambling it has probably only just arrived from Scandinavia.
Derbyshire Harrier
Female Reed Bunting.
snap happy Terri 6 years ago
Thank you child of herne
Derbyshire Harrier PRO 6 years ago
Thank you Mpgoodey and Child of Herne
sallytoft PRO 6 years ago
I thought I would share this picture as I've never seen anything like it before. I'm fairly sure it's a blackbird although it has a white tail and white markings on its wings and body!

I took the photo yesterday morning in Barton-under-Needwood, Staffs. Sorry about the poor quality of the image, I took it from quite a distance through net curtains.
Alex Berryman 6 years ago
are you sure that it is a blackbird? I have never heard of a black and white blackbird.
sallytoft PRO 6 years ago
It was the right shape and size for a blackbird, with a completely black head and bright yellow beak. I think it may be a partial albino, which apparently is common in blackbirds, although I've never come across one before.
Tom_1903 6 years ago
Melanistic (black and white) blackbirds aren't really rare, I've seen a few (none as white as this though). Everything is right for blackbird (except the colour) so it seems that is what it is.
child of herne 6 years ago
Derbyshire Harrier, I now agree this is a female Reed Bunting, Yesterday I was using a library computer which gave an orange cast to the photo, suggesting Brambling, but using a different machine this shows all the characteristics of Reed Bunting.
Adrian ... 6 years ago
Hi, can anyone tell me what this one is? A bunch of them flying around on Chobham common in Surrey last week.

 by Adrian ...

i think it is a female stonechat. this picture looks similar
Adrian ... 6 years ago
Great Wildlife, thanks for your reply. I couldnt view the link possibly because you have to register but looked at other images on the web and agree, looks very similar. A lovely little bird and sat up nicely for a photo, took a few but this was probably the best.
Perspicador PRO 6 years ago
[ www.flickr.com/photos/perspicadorable/5037116135/]

Any ideas? Bird of prey, but what?
former-extog 6 years ago

It looks more like a corvid than a raptor to me. With a tail like that I would say probably Raven but I'd be interested in other ideas.
Yes i'd go Raven
SueG91 6 years ago
Can anyone tell me what was visiting our garden? A grouse I guess, but which one?

SueG91 Looks like a female pheasant
SueG91 6 years ago
Thank You!
CORPY PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by CORPY (member) 6 years ago

Bird ID & it's lunch ID ?
CORPY. the bird is a Whinchat. afraid I cant help with lunch. :-)
LeeCookPhotography 6 years ago
Anyone help with this bird at Richmond Park last weekend?

0232 by LeeCookPhotography

There were a pair in the ponds being harassed by dogs OFF of leads

That's an Egyptian goose.
Adamhawtin 6 years ago

Looks like a tiger moth caterpillar.
Took this at start of September, tried to id this little fella but failed, can anyone help.....He was in hedgerow alongside a railway line
Blackcap1000 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Blackcap1000 (member) 6 years ago
it's a lesser whitethroat :-)
Thanks for that, new one for me
dansiv 6 years ago
Just saw this circling over our house and took pictures. They are very small images and I have cropped them.
I though it was a Buzzard, but not sure because of it's black tail...


Dansiv - Sparrowhawk. Female I think :)
Alex Berryman 6 years ago
looks like a male to me.... but definitely a sparrowhawk.
dansiv 6 years ago
Thanks for the ID.
nottinghamrick 6 years ago
Hi, can you let me and my son know what this is, we think it may be a grey plover,

cheer Rick

21 by nottinghamrick
nottinghamrick 6 years ago
We think it's a young one, but what is it?
Midnight82 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Midnight82 (member) 6 years ago
Looks like an aylesbury hybrid to me but I was not sure about the grey feathers.
Andy's Scene 6 years ago


My first thought when I saw this bird high in the tree, was that it could be a Sparrow Hawk... No idea why I looked up, but snapped away none-the-less!
Midnight82 6 years ago
looks like a woodpigeon
I Wood agree.
Oh dear that was bad even for me. :-)
I know size is hard to judge from a photo. But structure wise your bird looks much more like a Goose than any hybrid Duck.
Andy's Scene Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Andy's Scene (member) 6 years ago
Hmmm, I'll take your word for it :)

I just thought, from my perspective, was that it seemed bigger... I have other shots of it showing the tail length and tips of wings if interested, although all poor quality and no head view.

Thanks for the ID though!

Perhaps I should go to spec-saver's! :P

And I should! just checked out some pictures... erf!
tinaD2006 PRO 6 years ago
Swallow fledglings by tinaD2006

Hi there, i was told these cuties were swift fledglings. Can anyone confirm this please!
Midnight82 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Midnight82 (member) 6 years ago
thank you mpgoodey. If it helps I also got this shot of the other birds similar to it with some mallards


tina - they look like young swallows
tinaD2006 PRO 6 years ago
Thankyou Midnight82 .. i really must learn more about identifying these similar birds, though i have just learnt they are totally different families
Spuddrs 6 years ago
Tina - Yes, you have a bunch of young swallows, probably just out of the nest and waiting for more food!
tinaD2006 PRO 6 years ago
Thanks Steve, these were perched in a farm stable taking absolutely no notice of me or the horse. They just sat tight waiting for their meal. It was great to watch their parents swerving past me on their way in and out
Midnight82 6 years ago
White Cheeked Pintail by Midnight82

Is this a female red crested pochard? - I have seen them before but this one seemed slightly different.
mpgoodey pro (No flashing AWARDS PLEASE!) Posted 6 years ago. Edited by mpgoodey pro (No flashing AWARDS PLEASE!) (member) 6 years ago
No White cheeked Pintail (Anas bahamensis)

pippasnapper Posted 6 years ago. Edited by pippasnapper (member) 6 years ago
Whats this!? by pippasnapper

Any ideas what this bird may be? It keeps hitting the windows of our parents house and we are wondering if it might be an owl?

Wingspan looks to be 26".
adam.nosal Posted 6 years ago. Edited by adam.nosal (member) 6 years ago
Bird in Bird Box???? by adam.nosal

This bird has been visiting our video box for almost a week. It only comes in at night. Can anyone tell us what it could be and why it may be using the nest box so late in the year?

Thank you
Midnight82 6 years ago
thank you for id
Perspicador PRO 6 years ago
Hi there
I am seeking confirmation after the wildlife 'safari on Mull - is this a Male Hen Harrier? Any other suggestions?

ID2 by Perspicador
Derbyshire Harrier PRO 6 years ago
To be honest it looks like a hooded crow
Perspicador PRO 6 years ago
Also have an idea this is more than meets the eye. Pattern under the wing though not clearr is telling me 'young eagle' ?

ID1 by Perspicador
Perspicador PRO 6 years ago
We have just seen something very similar on the autumnwatch programme. the size and agility of these birds makes it impossible for them to be corvids!
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