john ( back in the Shire) 1:43pm, 24 October 2009
just seen my first herefordshire Red Kite,anyone else seen any this side of theWelsh border
"Mike Foster" PRO 8 years ago
I'm itching to see one in Lancashire. Hopefully this year's Yorkshire brood will feel the pressure to spread their wings and seek out new hunting grounds. I've yet to see one outside Wales.
Bucks nature tog PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Bucks nature tog (member) 8 years ago
The SEKG (Southern England Kite Group) website is interesting and show where they are spread across the South and South East and the chicks from this area are those released in Yorkshire and Scotland and I believe Northern Ireland as well now:-

Also, have a look at:-

This website is owned and run by a lady called Helen Olive and she is heavily involved in the reintroduction of kites into the Chilterns and has been raising chicks for release in Aberdeen this year.
PSJ Picdump PRO 8 years ago
When I used to live near Ivinghoe Beacon we had a few red kites in the area. One in particular we nicknamed "Leighton" cause when we first saw him we thought he was a buzzard.
PSJ Picdump PRO 8 years ago
john ( back in the Shire) Posted 8 years ago. Edited by john ( back in the Shire) (member) 8 years ago
Leyton Buzzards ,as in saturday night beneath the plastic palm trees ?? old school.I guess this kite is from mid wales
Cheers did not see any tag and most likley a visitor from wales nice site info thanks a lot
LHG Creative Photography PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by LHG Creative Photography (member) 8 years ago
Theres loads in gloucestershire. My mum has a roost near the river where she lives, its been used for about four years now, and I was following a hunting group of four who were scouting just above the woods at tewkesbury only a few days ago, so I think you can safetly say these are not vagrant birds, theyve hopped the welsh border by at least 65 miles. I'll get some pics up next time I see them. The last ones were too high up and silhoutted.
Pedro_007 8 years ago
I live in Stokenchurch Bucks we have lots in our village they are so tame now they sit in my neighbours tree and whistle for ages they settle on roof tops last week one was outside my house sat on a telegraph wire with a crow I got my camera but was too late but I do have photos of them settled in my garden
Chris@184 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Chris@184 (member) 8 years ago
If I remember correctly, a pair of Welsh born Kites were first to breed in Herefordshire.

The English populations are doing well and easily seen when travelling.
The last I saw was over the M1, around Luton a couple of weeks ago.
I saw lots around Corby when out photographing Purple Emperor butterflies in spring
They do wander as juveniles, and I saw one from my lounge window in May, here in Mansfield, Notts.

It is easy and it isn't
You need to look for them, and you need to know what they look like.
They're gorgeous
Good luck :-)
breeding in Herefordshire must of been a secret! ,never seen Kites this side of the blacks before.A positive sighting made our local newspaper earlier on this year. I hope the expansion continues .A long time ago I was just as excieted to see a Buzzard !!,Now its comon to see six riding thermals obove our house.
phill666 8 years ago
Thyeve been breeding them and have a release scheme at Harewood house west yorks for the last few years quite a few up here now.
Bucks nature tog PRO 8 years ago
See here regarding reporting red kites sightings in Shropshire kites intro.htm
Chris@184 8 years ago
That's interesting
I've only been to Shropshire once 17/6/2006 on a dragonfly day out with a friend.
Looking for White-faced Darters, at Whixall Moss we saw 3 Red Kites, and also a Montagu's Harrier, which we reported to the county recorder. We phoned him direct from site and found that the Monty's was a first for the county. Luckily it was still there next day and seen by the local birdwatchers :-)
By the way we also saw a flock of 6 Hobby's, also looking for dragonflies, and a Peregrine
peter donald1 6 years ago
I have just seen 11 red kites circling over South Reading is there a name for a flock of kites
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