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This group is now closed.

After speaking to our group members, we have opened the BBC Springwatch group year round to have one big home for your wonderful photographs of British Wildlife.

We hope to see you there!


  • STICKY  We're after a picture for the BBC Bristol building!

    Hello Autumnwatchers! There's a new office opening at the BBC Natural History ...

    BBC Springwatch63 months ago219 replies

  • STICKY  2015 Bird Identification

    We thought we'd start a new thread for this year's bird IDs, as the old one was ...

    BBC Springwatch63 months ago32 replies

  • STICKY  Autumnwatch 2015 - Now open for business!

    Hey Autumnwatchers! We're back, and looking at the closing months of the year, a...

    BBC Springwatch64 months ago33 replies

  • How to upload pictures

    How do I upload my photos

    marinbiker 19617 days ago0 replies

  • Chichester - bird hide?

    I'm after some local knowledge please. I will be going to Chichester next Friday...

    Stewart Black49 months ago7 replies

  • Butterfllies in flight

    Hi Yesterday I saw a red admiral butterfly flying about, but it didn't stopp...

    AnimalLover31651 months ago0 replies

  • unable to upload pictures

    We seem to be missing the button to upload pictures???

    aardvark19612000 (ken cork)52 months ago13 replies

  • Hedgehog photo in day

    This hedgehog has been seen throughout the day in various locations around Kimbe...

    reecekellock52 months ago0 replies

  • is it not Autumn?

    The group doesnt seem to have opened this year. Has it died?

    conall..52 months ago6 replies

  • Bird blasted through window in storm

    Was in kitchen getting lunch yesterday when heard crash upstairs. Found my bedro...

    sharonfuller13363 months ago2 replies

  • Out of season

    Hi I thought i'd start this thread where we could share our photos or experience...

    lovingwonderfulnature63 months ago0 replies

  • A silent W?

    Hi Sounding silly here by asking this but i always thought it whooper swans but ...

    lovingwonderfulnature63 months ago4 replies

  • otter

    Oct in a boat yard little otter paid us a visit many times that week .

    shiny profit63 months ago0 replies

  • James Bond Films.

    Is that Chris's theme for this series? We've had Quantum of Solace and Goldeney...

    PSJ Picdump64 months ago2 replies

  • Videoing foxes made easy!!

    kevpixx64 months ago0 replies

  • Swans

    I love used by the swans they are beautiful. I see them down on oulton broads an...

    chrissy_brett64 months ago1 replies

  • pink magpie

    filmed this magpie in july this year in north Donegal bay Ireland,has anybody se...

    lescaddoo64 months ago0 replies

  • Swifts

    Thankyou autumnwatch for showing last night what happened to the family of swift...

    Tango122164 months ago0 replies

  • pine martins

    hi i had the privilege to have a mother and two young visit me for a few weeks e...

    johnpinemartin64 months ago0 replies

  • Point'n'Shoot

    Is it possible to join such an esteemed group of AutumnWatch photographers as a ...

    burke.david3064 months ago4 replies

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